Would You Wear It – Fall Tiered Skirt (and a pie!)

Would You Wear It - Fall Tiered Skirt (and a pie)

Hi everyone!  I have lots of mid-week fun for you today…beginning with Would You Wear It – Fall Tiered Skirt….yes, the pie comes later!

This is the day that I ask you to look over this display and explain to us why you would or would not wear what you see.

Be kind, and constructive with your analysis…please do not say just Yes, or No.  Help other women with an explanation.


Would you Wear It - Fall Tiered Skirt (and a pie0

Of course, comment on the entire outfit, but the focus today is a fall colored tiered skirt.

So, look this display over, ladies, and tell us……………………………………………


Today’s display is from Dillard’s and click the link for more in the Antonio Melani department.

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I posted one of my chicken pies on Instagram last weekend, and was asked for the recipe.  I have posted it before…but have tweaked it just a little…so here it is.

Would You wear it fall tiered skirt and a pie

I first posted my recipe in 2012, in this Chicken Pie Post.You can tell things have changed a bit since then on the blog!.

What I do differently is simply toss two large stalks of rosemary into the stock from my big pot of rosemary in the backyard,  Then I bake it with Rosemary on top…and you can smell it in the kitchen…so nice.

These are great pies to take to families who need a little love…a new baby…new in the neighborhood..just back from the hospital…they are always a hit. 


Would You Wear It Fall tiered Skirt and a pie

I told you I would show little touches of home decor that I did not share last week.  This is a second floor balcony off my husband’s office.

So I made sure there was a pumpkin to adorn the table.  It is a perfect place in the morning or evening for a quite hideaway.  

Make sure you tell us Would You Wear the fall tiered skirt….and rejoice…it is that FALL time of year….so…


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Well, the skirt is definitely not something I would wear. I don’t care for tiers and these are very pronounced. Don’t really care for the shirt either, because of the fabric. It appears kind of shiny, almost like a satin finish. The colors are okay here, but I would not wear this look. I do like and would wear the belt. When I saw the pie I immediately thought “fruit” and have just been thinking about apple pie season and how I need to get some apples and make a pie. Then you said chicken! I know chicken pie, chicken pot pie, varieties of chicken in a pie are really popular. I just can’t do it personally. I think this goes back to grade school where “chicken pot pie” was in the menu at least once a week and it was dreadful! That loose white sauce and frozen mixed vegetables…. I’ve never been able to eat one since. Now granted, using real ingredients makes a difference as opposed to frozen vegetables, but it’s funny how a strong memory can make such an impact! My sister served one once that was more if a casserole in a crust and it was okay. Yours looks delicious, so I’ll just go buy my apples and make a pie! I do love rosemary and that was something they never used in grade school!!

    1. This is no where near that old frozen chicken pot pie! You would be surprised how good this is, and the leftover stock makes excellent soup!
      Thanks for starting us off today, Karen!

      1. I believe I need to give yours a try. I need a replacement memory and making one with real stock and real vegetables would make all the difference. I’m going to give it a try Pam!!

      2. While the outfit colors look nice together, I would not wear the tiered skirt. Love the belt, though. My husband loves chicken pot pie. You have inspired me to make him one!

  2. This tiered skirt would have been in my wheelhouse some 20-30 yrs ago but not now (not wearing skirts or dresses). However the rust hue and avocado blouse are NOT my colors. Would love to see both in a burgundy/berry or saturated blue hue for my skin coloring. A simple peasant style top would be my choice but would be OK with the blous styled as shown. A belt in same color or no belt, depending on skirt band would help the vertical aspect for 5’4″ me. Add dangle earrings and shoes in a coordinating color and you have a Bo-Ho vibe for the holiday season.

  3. i know i say this alot…when i was younger, but even then i would have wanted those ruffles to be on the diagonal and not straight across….
    i would want a blouse that was one of the colors in the skirt, and a simple cut because the skirt has so much going on. the blouse pictured is pretty, i would like to wear it tucked into dark rinse bootcuts and some cognac or black booties.

  4. The skirt is a look I somehow cannot embrace. All those tiers might add something to my hips etc, but I don’t care for the look, so would walk by that skirt. The blouse/shirt is a color I’ve never tried on or worn but might try it on to possibly wear belted ( or tucked) with a nice pair of pebble/natural jeans and a cute bootie,
    Your pie looks and sounds yummy…..thank you for sharing!

  5. I do not care for the tiered shirt although if it were in a darker color like navy or black, I would be interested in at least trying it on to see how it would look with boots. I do like the blouse, but again, would need it in a blue, purple, or perhaps white color. The belt is so large that I feel it would draw attention to one’s waist. Therefore, since my waist is not small as I’d like , I would not feel comfortable wearing it. I make a chicken pot pie very similar to your recipe, but it is crust less as my husband is diabetic. Your little balcony must be a delightful place to sit and listen to the birds, and enjoy being outside.

  6. First, I really love your little balcony, and enjoy a little hideaway too. Now, as for the skirt, it would need that first layer removed, then I would like it in a blue or plum colour instead. I guess that means I would be looking for a different skirt. I like Sheryl’s idea of the layers being on the diagonal. That would be very flattering.

  7. I would pass on the skirt style with those pronounced tiers. I don’t think it would be a flattering fit if you carry any weight in your middle! The color combination is wonderful for fall:)

  8. You may have anticipated questions about the furniture on the balcony! Can you tell us the source? The pumpkin is the perfect touch!
    No, I would not wear the tiered skirt. On a skinny girl, this would look great! It would not suit my body at all.
    Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Hi Nancy, One day last spring I walked through my nearby Marshall’s and there sat this little set by Nautical. Mr. B wanted chairs where he could sit and play his guitar. These fit the need so I grabbed the set. He really likes it and it is perfect for a small space!
      I am not familiar with this site, but this is the exact set we have: https://www.displays2go.com/P-52547/3-Piece-Wicker-Bistro-Set-Stackable-Nesting-Design?gclid=Cj0KCQjws4aKBhDPARIsAIWH0JX2pSCvPbdDV1usDN1wru6vZ1N2LOeslMgjqiNR-K3ZAKOok3AB7AIaAj-SEALw_wcB

  9. No, I could not wear today’s look. I think it would be lovely on a young, thin lady who looks good in anything.

    The Chicken Pie looks delicious. My mother had a simple recipe that was her dish to take for a funeral, illness, or new baby. She topped it with homemade biscuits and it was wonderful. That has always been a favorite of mine, both the pie and the memories.

  10. I love the blouse and have something similar, in a neutral green that heavily leans bronze. It’s a fabulous color that goes with literally everything. I’m not sure this display is the exact color, but if it is, it’s sophisticated and versatile. The belt is gorgeous and is my favorite color for leather, but with my tummy issues, I don’t wear belts. The skirt is a no-go for me. I don’t wear small prints or overly feminine styles, because although they are lovely on others, my style is more streamlined, veering somewhat from straight classic during my working years to more sporty in retirement. It would, of course, add too much visual volume to my figure in any case. I do like that it is “styled” a little and not just thoughtlessly thrown over a mannequin. That alone would at least get me to stop.

  11. Thanks for the chicken pie recipe. I also grow rosemary, and finally have my new oven in the almost done kitchen (9 months, one week, but my husband has done a beautiful job). As to the outfit, I like the styling ideas from the other readers regarding the blouse and would love to see it tucked into dark denim jeans , belted, booties and a gorgeous scarf. The skirt wouldn’t be flattering with my hips. I do like a little ruffle action at or near a hemline, as those skirts draw attention to calves, ankles, cute shoes.

  12. I find it jarring to mix the peasant skirt look with a corporate blouse. Back in the day, peasant skirts were worn with T-shirts or peasant blouses.

    I do wear tiered skirts, but the tiers are too pronounced in this one for my liking.

    Since you are discovering boho style, this is a valuable lesson. Embrace the softness and flow. Mixing styles can be tricky, and it doesn’t always work out. This is a case in point.

  13. I am not a fan of tiered skirts, so it would be a no for me. I would wear the shirt in a different color but not buttoned up to the neck.
    Your chicken pot pie looks & sounds wonderful, & with the rosemary, I’m sure it smells amazing.
    Your deck looks like a great place to relax & enjoy the morning or evening air. The pumpkin adds a nice fall touch.

  14. My first impression was that I do like this skirt. The color is lovely and print is delicate which matches the pleats. Great for fall!

    However, this is a big no for me. I think the person wearing this would need to be very thin and have slim hips … I don’t qualify for either.

    Although I like the color of the blouse I don’t care for the shiny fabric, and I don’t care for it paired with the skirt. I think if the skirt and blouse were the same color it would look fantastic.

    I’ve never made chicken pot pie, so I’ll have to try the recipe. I might have to leave out the rosemary as my husband is not a fan. It looks delicious!!

    1. I just recently added rosemary! My family ate it for years without and loved it! It truly is comfort food! Enjoy!

  15. Afraid I wouldn’t give the skirt a second glance. I’ve never been into frilly “girly” clothes or delicate prints & tiers like this are way too fussy for my taste (I love long swirly skirts but nothing this structured). I do like the blouse a lot but in a colour more flattering to Winters (a deep rich copper, for instance) & would wear it tucked into jeans along with that fabulous leather belt, another button open, collar popped up & a necklace or 3 & maybe a casual jacket or blazer & leather boots matching the belt to complete the look.

    As for the pie . . . mmm! I can’t remember the last time I made chicken pie & we both love it. I make killer pastry (rarely these days as we avoid carbs but we indulge now & again & this sounds like an excellent excuse!) & I LOVE the idea of incorporating rosemary. I prefer diced chicken to shredded but aside from that we do a similar recipe. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. The chicken pot pie looks delicious! But the tiered skirt is definitely not my style: the tiers, the length, the contract in color from the blouse (which I would wear), the wide belt…

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