Casual Fall Outfit: Changing My Stripes

Casual Fall Outfit: Changing My Stripes

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Welcome outside with me to look at a casual fall outfit: changing my stripes!

So happy to have you join me & my dog, Tux outside to discuss more changes in my reinvented wardrobe for casual fall outfits.

Casual Fall Outfit: Changing my stripes

Unlike tigers…I needed to change my stripes when I changed all of my colors.

The striped tops I previously owned were black. Though I do not wear them often, stripes make for fun casual style.

Today’s look includes a long sleeved striped top I found on sale at Loft during the summer.  Though this one is gone, Loft striped tops are cute and on sale now.

Currently at LOFT use the code FALLFEST to save 40% off your purchase!

The Johnny Was Bandana was also on sale at the time I purchased it for $10….I like using it to pull together the top and the jeans.

I love all of this with the JJill High Rise Straight Leg Jeans….also currently on sale.

This khaki-colored stripe is perfect for my new wardrobe….in fact I have my eye out for an orange-stripe!

Casual Fall Outfit: Changing My Stripes

I keep mentioning these shoes, but I do love them and they are perfect for the reinvented me!!

The Kalinda Sneaker at DSW by Crown Vintage…..

Casual Fall Outfit: Changing My Stripes

Stripes are changed and I am ready to walk Tux!!

Here are some similar pieces you might like:

Casual Fall Outfit: Changing my Stripes

Just a reminder to make sure any changes you make are with a smile and a great attitude…I agree with this image consultant that it makes such a difference.

I am loving my changed stripes!!  Time to walk Tux…share any thoughts or questions you may have…and always…


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your puppy! While I love classic navy and white Breton stripes, I think it’s fun to have other colors too. I like the color you picked and the shirt looks great with your fabulous Johnny Was scarf! I would not have thought to combine a striped shirt with a scarf, but really like the look and will be doing that!

  2. I agree with Karen…I really like your scarf with your striped shirt. I am always more comfortable with a scarf around my neck, partly because I have what appears to me to be a long, now wrinkly neck, and I get cold easily when others are not. I am also liking those colorful sneakers. I need sneakers that tie on rather than slip on in order to keep them on my feet, and I am drawn to yours with their different colors and textures. I’m sure you and Tux look mighty sporty as you walk in your neighborhood.

    1. Thanks Celia! I like these bandanas look with the stripes a lot and of course, I am so excited that I found these sneakers…they are so much fun!

  3. Good morning! Love your outfit today. Another shining example of wearing the colors that are you! The bandana elevates your outfit. Enjoy seeing Tux too. Where’s his bandana? Just a question…do you wear no-show socks with your sneakers? I have trouble finding ones that don’t slip down at the ankle, so would enjoy knowing what brands you or others recommend.

    1. Hi Deanna,
      The foot socks are from Target. My friend Leigh Ann introduced me to them and I really like them. Tux has a little bandana …I should have thought to put it on!

  4. Keep an eye on LL Bean Breton striped tops. They have different color ways. A couple years ago I found one that was terra cotta with cream.

  5. You look terrific and so relaxed, happy. I love striped long sleeve tops in cooler weather, especially under a vest and with a scarf. Now I just need a cute dog like Tux! 😉

  6. You look fantastic in that sweater and scarf combination, and of course the best accessory being Tux. I have a navy and white stripe and just recently got a grey and silver stripe for fun. The terracotta and cream sound like a perfect idea for you. By the way, loved listening to you and Susan and thank you for making it available for the rest of us.

  7. Ha! I wore a striped tee and scarf yesterday with jeans and a khaki utility jacket for a shopping trip. Right on trend, I guess, even though every last piece has been in my closet for years.

  8. Pamela, I saw Deanna’s question above about what you wear with your sneakers, and thought I would tell her, and you, about my most successful non-slip socks to wear with sneakers, booties, etc.. My left heel is much smaller due to the polio in that leg years ago, and I have bought many different brands, trying to find some that will stay up on my smaller heel. I recently discovered “Sheec”” brand which come in several different no-show types, and a variety of sizes. I am currently using their “ SoleHugger Active-X High-cut No-show Non-slip” socks in a small size, and so pleased that they do stay up. I have not tried other styles from this brand, but wanted to try to pass this brand on to others.

  9. What a fun outfit for walking your sweet pup & a day at home. As Karen mentioned, I wouldn’t have thought to put a print scarf with the striped top, but it looks terrific.

  10. I love a striped tee and have been wearing them since my teenage years, well before I knew they were called a Breton stripe. For many years, we have been told that horizontal stripes add width, but I (who was always trying to look thin) took a good look one day and decided, on me at least, a narrow stripe didn’t do that. I must have a dozen in my closet, and often wear them with a patterned scarf. My favorites are the Authentic Talbots tees, which come in an extra thick cotton and wear like iron. To be honest, I kind of hate to see anything I truly love have a “moment,” because you see yourself coming and going. But these have a permanent place in my closet.

    1. I am not sure either, Dorothy. I know it is going out because I get my test one. Let me look at it for you. Thanks for letting me know.

  11. I very rarely comment but must tell you how beautiful you are in that first picture! Your hair and the change in colors/style has been stunning. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring the rest of us to seek our true selves.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Roberta! It is so appreciated! I do hope by sharing I can encourage other women to have more joy during the second half of life! Thank you for your comment!

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