Chico’s fall outfit in powerful purple

Chico's Fall outfit in powerful purple


Happy Thursday, ladies.  Welcome to a look at a Chico’s fall outfit in powerful purple.

Purple is a powerful color and one that most of us can wear.

So, I was excited to recently receive this Elongated Faux-Suede Moto Jacket in Plum Shadow. 


Chico's fall outfit in powerful purple

What a wonderful way to say FALL in an outfit!

It is true that when I wear purple I feel like I am telling the world I am strong and vibrant…and this fabulous jacket works in so many ways.


Chico's fall outfit in powerful purple

Today, I have styled it with my Chico’s jeggings, my orange suede shoes, and topped it with a scarf that embodies all of the outfit colors.

The jacket is not heavy, and perfect for a warmer fall climate like I have, or for layering in a colder climate.

Since, I am a curvy lady, I like the elongated version of the moto jacket.


Chico's fall outfit in powerful purple

I showed you this jacket earlier in another powerful fall color called rich mahogany, but I have to say I am loving this purple/plum shadow for something different in my autumn wardrobe.

Chico's fall outfit in powerful purple

Right now, everyone is talking about the power of color with our clothing…especially to lift spirits after a difficult two years.

The first episode of Project Runway divided the competing designers into warm and cool teams to create colorful collections!  Woo Hoo! The warm team one…just bias on my part!

The second episode is on tonight…I always enjoy seeing what they create.

Back to Chico’s fall outfit.  They have always offered us gorgeous purple options and I still own many…so glad to have purple in my palette.

Here are more beautiful items in the fall collection:

Today, is day two of Chico’s 5 Days of Fall featuring different specials each day.  Today,  Zenergy items are 25% off.

Do you have a favorite color to wear which immediately exudes confidence and strength for you?  Please share if you do…thanks for joining me and Chico’s today for a fall outfit in powerful purple!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product to review for this post, but the words are my own.


Fall at Over 50 Feeling 40





  1. What a beautiful jacket, and I like how the scarf ties everything together. I believe there is a purple for everyone, as you pointed out. For me, it’s the deep purple like the one you are wearing in your “purple power” box. I also like the mahogany jacket you showed here and in a previous post… that’s such a beautiful, rich color, but I can see why you went with the purple for a pop of color. I was thinking about your question about a favorite color that exudes confidence and strength. I immediately thought “navy blue” then thought you meant something beyond neutrals! I’d probably go with cobalt blue and would wear it in a fitted dress (not tight!!!) with delicate jewelry and black pumps. Red is another one. I do like your red shoes for something unexpected and creative with your purple jacket. It’s really a great look!

  2. love, love, love that jacket…ive had my eye on it, and if I hadn’t gone so hog wild last year with the jackets I would pull the trigger on that one…but im hoping for a coupon or sale to come along and if my size is still there I will win…..I did last year get that pretty blue tweed with matching bag you featured here, also got the celestial denim and the cream faux leather Moto….none of which have made it out of the South Florida closet yet….but this one makes my heart pitty patter too, lol. I use to love red and black for my feel fierce colors, now I can’t really point out any one color that makes me feel that way, its more the total outfit, if I think I hit the combos just right, I walk taller.

    1. Hi Sheryl, this is a garment that makes the heart flutter! It is beautiful! And really lightweight. I feel like in South Texas I will wear it often! 💜

  3. Oh, my, you are wearing that jacket that I love, but have not actually purchased! A few weeks ago it was 20% off and with a $25 coupon I almost took the step, but still hesitated at the price. However, it’s still on my mind, and your modeling it so beautifully has brought me back to seriously thinking about it. Chico’s Blooming Dahlia color of several items is such a gorgeous color that I am watching closely although I really do not need more clothes! But to buy items in a cool palette when they are available is certainly a smart thing to do as you remind us.

    1. Hi Celia, if I see my colors now in something that excites me…I get them! They may not return for awhile!

  4. Pam, I love this purple jacket on you, especially with your orange loafers. (I also have a pair of orange loafers which I painted with Angelus leather paint. They were the “wrong”red.) The elongated style is very attractive to my eye. When you ask what colors make one feel powerful, as a deep autumn, I feel great in teal coats and jackets, with a pop of color at the neck. I am also gravitating to mustard and terracotta this season.

  5. I get confused about purple for a deep autumn. I find the deep, rich eggplant/fig to be my new, most effective color, and I often wear it with camel, cognac, or olive. I don’t have much of it yet, but I love it! I have tons of burgundy/wine (not maroon, not that brown) in my closet though, and it was my staple color for years. Many colorists are saying it’s a color that is too cool for autumns, and so I was wondering about your plum, which looks a little cooler than your usual. Annie’s palette that you shared with us shows a heathered purple, more similar in tone to my eggplant than my burgundy (or your jacket). I am wondering if the red in these purples warms them, the same as the green in the blue (marine navy) warms that? -Is- purple tricky for an autumn? Thoughts?

    1. Hi Linda, Chico’s sent this jacket to me to review. It is not my best color for my autumn colors, but it is so pretty for the “cooler” ladies that I wanted to show it and also show the mahogany color which works best for you and me. I don’t want to confuse everyone but I did promise to show colors for other palettes as well! I love and wear that deep eggplant purple!

  6. Hi Pam, Thanks for clarifying the color of purple Autumns can wear. I am using your blog to buy clothes for my Autumn coloring. You have given me a lot of great ideas.

  7. I look best in the lighter purple range-lilac & lavender. My power color would be royal blue or red. When I wear either of those colors, I feel ready for anything.

  8. That brown jacket looks fantastic on you. My power color is anything heathered. I just feel pretty and soft in a heathered fabric. Last year I bought a gorgeous Talbot’s heathered lilac tailored jacket just after winter, so never had a chance to wear it but am looking forward to that now. I also am crushing on the gorgeous tangerine, pink, and aqua puffer vests with faux fur trim shown in the recent Talbot’s catalog.

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