Would You Wear It – Fall Jackets

Would You Wear It - Fall Jackets

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  Welcome to our mid-week pop-up discussion of Would You Wear It – Fall Jackets.

This is the day I show you a fashion display from the retail world and ask you what you think….would you wear it or not?

Would You Wear It - Fall Jackets

As cooler weather sets in, the fall jacket…or third piece…can be very important for a successful outfit.

Tell the readers if these two would or would not work for you…and explain why with constructive thought.

I am not asking if you would buy them…only asking if you would or would not wear what you see on the display if given the opportunity.

And, it is not just about fall jackets, but about the total looks in the display.  Would you re-style the look and how?

Would You Wear It - Fall Jackets

So, please, give these two mannequins your scrutiny….and tell us, ladies……..


This display is from JJill.   Find JJILL FALL JACKETS HERE.

And here are some additional fall jackets for your pleasure….

Would You Wear It - Fall Jackets

Please tell us what you think of the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display…then go out and enjoy some fabulous fall color…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. I like everything about the brown jacket except the pockets with the buttons. I’d have to pass on that for that reason. I’m really picky about buttons on chest pockets and just don’t care for that look. I like and do wear skirts, and I love paisley, but this skirt is not working for me. Maybe it’s the length because the color is fine. I’m not tall, and prefer fitted skirts because things like this can look frumpy quickly, on me. I think a taller woman would look great in this. I like the blue jacket and would wear that if it fit my proportions, which would translate to a petite size, due to it being longer. The jeans are really cute with the cuff. I really do like that jacket that is probably a shirt, but still a third piece. The brown jacket, minus the chest buttons, would look good with the cuffed jeans. Pretty mums in your photo! Definitely enjoying the colors of autumn!

  2. I love the brown jacket. I love the skirt pattern & length but ruffles on skirts aren’t my thing. The blue jacket is too relaxed for me as I like to wear jackets with pants & skirts. I would not cuff my jeans in that style but I know it’s fashionable.

  3. I don’t care for the light denim and longer jacket and don’t care for the cuffed jean look for me. Neither piece would I wear. I iprefer shorter jean jackets and straight slim leg
    jeans. They just look better on me. I’m thin and only 5 ft 3.5 so rather short too.
    The dress with brown jacket is a great look for a taller woman and I’d say yes to this short jacket and since I’m not a “dress” person a weak no to the dress. If I were 5 ft 7 or tallerthen I might see myself in more dresses.

  4. I really like the skirt, I don’t wear them anymore, but if I did, I would wear that one.
    the jackets are a little plain, especially the blue one….they might work with some eye catching jewelry or a pretty scarf.

  5. I tried on this outfit and it fit well and the colors are nice but the jacket is a velour type of fabric which seems dated to me because I lived through that era. Is it popular again? I like the look but find it hard to pull off with my thick waist at my age. I am a size 14. So this is cute but not for me.

  6. I like both outfits. I don’t mind chest pockets, although I know many women do. I couldn’t easily wear the dusty blue color but like that utility shape over the cuffed jeans. I’m loving the exposed sock look I’m seeing on the internet, and would try an argyle with this plainer look. The brown jacket is gorgeous. I never bother with a skirt, but I do like this one, and would style it with brown riding boots. I would be more likely to wear the brown jacket with jeans or elevated joggers and lug loafers. I would also likely put a deeper colored top under it … navy, chocolate, red or eggplant. I look best in deep, rich colors, and they make an outfit more interesting.

  7. I really like the brown jacket. Love the colour of the skirt.
    I would wear it with a smart pair of brown pants and a colourful top.

  8. The blue outfit doesn’t inspire me. I prefer clothing with a little more structure. I really like the caramel colored jacket and paisley skirt, however. I would wear the outfit as presented with some retro sneakers for a casual transitional outfit in early fall. For cooler weather, I would swap out the t-shirt for a dark brown sweater or turtleneck and add some riding boots. Unfortunately, since I retired I don’t have much call for skirts anymore, but I still love the look.

  9. I would not wear either of the outfits as the left one is too casual for my look and the right one is too dressy for my needs right now. Neither are in my colour palette either. If going to purchase a fall coat from JJILL I would choose the Pure Jill Cozy Teddy Patch-Pocket Jacket in the bue/grey. I think it could work either as casual or for my more present social events.

  10. The brown-ish jean jacket is cute. I would wear it, but not with the skirt. The skirt has a good pattern and color, but it would be too short for me. I don’t look good in this length A-line skirt because I am 5’10 and the length of clothing is important. The skirt would hit at a weird place. I would wear a white tee under the jacket, or perhaps a darker tee like one other commenter said. I would not wear the blue jacket because it is shapeless and looks frumpy. Not a fan of the large cuff on the jeans either, which is a personal preference. Perhaps they would look good on someone else.

  11. Do like the shade of the blue shacket however not so much its relaxed cut for my body type nor do I care for the addition of the upper pockets. As to the jeans a definite ‘no’ as too Beverly Hill’s Hillbilly for my taste with the turned-up cuff. Re the fawn colored jacket; again like its color but similar to the other would much prefer no chest pockets (or in this instance without the flap) otherwise I’d probably consider it. Last but not least; I might be interested in the tops and the skirt which might be ideal for travel, but a ‘yes’ to them would depend upon fit.

  12. I like the style of the tan jacket & have a denim jacket that is very similar, so I know it is a flattering look for me. The color is one that may or may not work for me, so I would need to see it in person to know for sure. There is something about the blue jacket that doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t know whether it’s the double pockets or the oversize look of it. I might like it better if it had some seaming because I do like the color. Neither the jeans or the skirt would work for me for various reasons.

  13. I am afraid that there is nothing here for me. I avoid pockets on tops because of their widening effects. The shacket is too light in colour and too baggy to be flattering on me. Upturned jean cuffs would shorten my legs that are relatively short already. Regarding the brown outfit, it would not suit my winter colouring. The skirt is pretty but not my style, and I would not try the brown jacket because of the straight hem at the bottom that would create a horizontal line across my hips, accentuating my widest part.

    I must add that these clothes analyses are very useful. They help remind me to shop mindfully and not to waste time and money on clothes that I admire on others but that won’t work for me. Thank you.

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