Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Welcome to my discussion titled Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit.

Recently, I was able to put this navy fall outfit together from a deep dive into my closet which was made possible by a good friend. 

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

You are looking at my nicely organized closet shelves which a week ago were, honestly……a mess!

I know I have weeded through my wardrobe several times since changing my work life to home, but I have remained jumbled and disorganized….still second guessing what to keep and what goes.

When I am busy and allow things to pile up, then I get like a deer in the headlights…too frozen to go forward.

That is why we all need a friend like Leigh Ann…someone who loves organization, order, and has a vision for how a wardrobe closet should look.

She is the friend who can walk in and say, “You don’t need this. Keep this. This doesn’t flatter you. This is the wrong color.”

So, a considerable stack of nice clothes went to be sold on Ebay and another stack is going to Goodwill San Antonio. 

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

For the first time in a long time, I could see everything hanging neatly in an organized manner and had room to even dress in the closet.

So, when a friend asked me to lunch, my eye fell upon a navy Talbot’s sweater set that was forgotten and out of view. 

Navy still works for my wardrobe, so I paired it with Talbot’s jeggings; a scarf of blue, cream, orange and gray; and ballet flats. 

I haven’t worn this light cardigan and V-neck sweater in ages…because I could not see it!

Well, now I can also see that there are some beautiful navy options on the market this year…here are a few for your enjoyment….

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

Add an orange & gold bracelet from Chico’s past, and this navy outfit was good to go!

Now, here are some fun accessories to help pull a navy fall outfit together:

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

Then you can be off to lunch too!  I like wearing navy more now that I have said farewell to black for the most part.

And I want to say an official THANK YOU SO MUCH TO Leigh Ann…I needed this really bad and it has inspired me going forward.  Plus it is fun to closet dive and find new looks.

She is such a blessing!

Does anyone else need a friend to help with organization…I just get so overwhelmed…does that resonate with anyone?

Please share and thank you so much for being here!  Now, everyone……….


By Pamela Lutrell

Over 50 Feeling 40

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