Closet Dive: A navy fall outfit

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Welcome to my discussion titled Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit.

Recently, I was able to put this navy fall outfit together from a deep dive into my closet which was made possible by a good friend. 

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

You are looking at my nicely organized closet shelves which a week ago were, honestly……a mess!

I know I have weeded through my wardrobe several times since changing my work life to home, but I have remained jumbled and disorganized….still second guessing what to keep and what goes.

When I am busy and allow things to pile up, then I get like a deer in the headlights…too frozen to go forward.

That is why we all need a friend like Leigh Ann…someone who loves organization, order, and has a vision for how a wardrobe closet should look.

She is the friend who can walk in and say, “You don’t need this. Keep this. This doesn’t flatter you. This is the wrong color.”

So, a considerable stack of nice clothes went to be sold on Ebay and another stack is going to Goodwill San Antonio. 

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

For the first time in a long time, I could see everything hanging neatly in an organized manner and had room to even dress in the closet.

So, when a friend asked me to lunch, my eye fell upon a navy Talbot’s sweater set that was forgotten and out of view. 

Navy still works for my wardrobe, so I paired it with Talbot’s jeggings; a scarf of blue, cream, orange and gray; and ballet flats. 

I haven’t worn this light cardigan and V-neck sweater in ages…because I could not see it!

Well, now I can also see that there are some beautiful navy options on the market this year…here are a few for your enjoyment….

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

Add an orange & gold bracelet from Chico’s past, and this navy outfit was good to go!

Now, here are some fun accessories to help pull a navy fall outfit together:

Closet Dive: a navy fall outfit

Then you can be off to lunch too!  I like wearing navy more now that I have said farewell to black for the most part.

And I want to say an official THANK YOU SO MUCH TO Leigh Ann…I needed this really bad and it has inspired me going forward.  Plus it is fun to closet dive and find new looks.

She is such a blessing!

Does anyone else need a friend to help with organization…I just get so overwhelmed…does that resonate with anyone?

Please share and thank you so much for being here!  Now, everyone……….


By Pamela Lutrell

Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. That’s a beautiful sweater set. Navy is such a great option and can easily replace black. It’s wonderful to have an organized closet. I’m afraid I’m a Leigh Ann with some OCD thrown in, so my closet is categorized! When I finally get to move, I’m getting twice the closet space and believe it or not, have already sketched out where everything will go, in what section, in what order. Just makes putting things together so much easier. I have an entire notebook full of organization plans for each room, which is probably a little over the top. You are fortunate to have a closet big enough to get dressed inside of! That would be fun!

    1. Good for you, Karen, on your organization plans! It is possible to change when older so I think I am getting better at this…so far I have kept the new kitchen all in its place after a year..,I plan to do the same now that the closet is in better shape.

  2. Very beautiful! And the scarf makes it interesting and original (and goes very well with the colors of the room). It is very interesting to see how an accessory changes the tone and the mood of the whole set. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you, Catherine! I love accessories so much and completely agree with you that it can change the whole tone of the look.

  3. Beautiful Pam! Navy is my all time favorite color (many blues are my go-to colors) but Navy is the champ! You look great!
    Oh how I dared allow a friend tackle my two major closets and an armoire. Im afraid they’d die of fright! The closets are messy and disorganized- it’s terrible. I have no patience right now to tackle them myself. Alas, someday.

  4. my closet is a mess..ive considered professional help, but its kinda expensive…(might keep me from buying more clothes, lol)
    every time I go in there and think im taking it all out , I get overwhelmed. can’t make up my mind how to sort….by color, by type, by length….right now, I have a black section, a white section, a sleeveless section, a jacket section, a pants section…and every section has too much stuff in it…its a gorgeous big closet, the main reason I fell in love with this townhouse when I was looking for a place to buy…but every time I walk into it, I question my mental stability a little…..

    1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Sheryl! I completely understand. I get that way too. Here’s hoping you get help to tackle it like I received.

    2. I agree with Sheryl that it can be overwhelming at times. I am looking toward retirement and working to declutter my wardrobe. I am no longer buying clothes or shoes for work. And I am trying to reduce the amount of work clothing in my closet.

      I have found it is a bit less daunting if you do one category at a time, like coats or shoes or handbags. I had lots of blazers, some of which I would wear infrequently. I wore these and wrote down what bothered me about it. This helped me figure out which blazers I wanted to keep and why. And I sold the others on Poshmark.

      1. I have sold so many of my work clothes. At first the transition to a new life was overwhelming but not dressing for my new life is fun!

  5. A couple of tips that have kept me way more organized: first, I do not do hyper organization, because I can’t keep up with it. This just means I group sleeveless tanks together, for example, vs color coding them. Second, I have a rule with myself that I have to hang up every piece and put my accessories in their proper places before I’m “allowed” to wear anything else. I have one hook that holds clothes that need steaming or repair, and when that’s full, I’ve run out of excuses. I don’t put anything back in my closet that is not ready to wear off the hanger. I’ve tried making my closet beautiful, but it never lasts, and at least this way it’s always functional. Pam, I’d love a series of posts focusing on one core neutral that isn’t black. I’m still debating between navy, chocolate and cognac in my wardrobe for that anchor that black used to be.

    1. Great idea, Linda on one clear neutral! I am making myself hang things up properly and put them away without throwing them down. I promise to be honest if I stop.

  6. Happy Fall, Pam! I love orange, and usually just pair it with jeans. Thanks for this … very cute and usable outfit idea.

    Maybe Leigh Ann could do a guest blog for us? Anything that will help me get more organized is information I can use!!

    1. I will see if she would do that! Maybe I could interview her and write it up for her. And Happy Fall to you, Jane!

  7. Your closet looks so organized, i’m so jealous. Since the middle of 2019 when I lost my job, my closet has looked so disorganized. Not knowing if I’m going to find another job or just stay at home. 2021 and I’m still at home because of the issues of the world. I have tried to go though my closet but its do I get rid of or do I not. I wish I had friend/s to help.

    1. I understand, Dianne. I came home March 2020…was laid off in July…made the decision to be a full time blogger and have gone through 5 major wardrobe purges. Just start small and get rid of a few things..that motivated me to begin to look at it closer. I also had to decide what I wanted to say with my style in my new stage of life. That was the catalyst that led to the biggest purge.

        1. You are welcome Pamela. We just celebrated our Thanksgiving here in Canada and my eleven year grand daughter actually introduced us adults to it. She even provided small prizes for the winners. For the younger children who cannot read, they can always pair up with a parent even, so not to feel excluded. We programmed it into the T.V. and played using our cell phones etc.

  8. Super inspiration on all three accounts, Pamela. (Deep diving your closet and organizing it as well plus adding accessories to bump up an outfit. ) Also enjoy the links you provide as keeps me updated to what’s in style. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Changing the subject but knowing that you will be celebrating Thanksgiving next month and may be entertaining the family am wondering if you are aware of a technical application called KAHOOT! ?
    Briefly it is a game offering several levels of competition that can be played on a cell phone, ipad etc. and is ‘free’. (A search on YouTube will explain it more.) Just thought I’d share it in event you or your readers are interested , as a fun way to encourage group participation of adults and children alike … ☺.

  9. First time commenting! Yes, I definitely need a friend like Leigh Ann. My closet is not a huge mess but I know it’s filled with stuff that doesn’t flatter me but I’m not great at knowing what does. I hadn’t thought of switching to navy from black but I think it might be a nice option for my coloring and blonde hair! I remember an author back in the 80s saying blonde women should wear navy because it looked better and was less harsh. Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing your blog. I’m really enjoying it as I’ve turned 50 this year and suddenly feel like I have no idea what I’m doing! 🙂

  10. Hi Pam,
    You and Leigh Ann are so cute together, I can tell
    you are the best of buds. To have one another is such a gift.
    Pam I have a friend named Danny Halford from my home town San Francisco, that puts on FREE piano concerts, show musical tunes. Danny has one coming up this Saturday and Sunday. They start at 10:30am AZ time. I believe you are three hours ahead of Arizona.
    Are you interested in being added to his piano concert. He tells a story before each song, he puts his whole heart into his concerts.
    If you are not always available it’s fine, but at least you get invited to something up lifting.

  11. Like Leigh Ann, I enjoy organizing any space. I’m sure she was happy to be asked to help. I have been to homes where I wanted so badly to organize something for the owner, but of course, it was not my place to do so. I like your navy look. Your accessories make it your own, There were several great pieces in your slide show today.

    1. Thanks Becky…I am so thankful for ladies like you and Leigh Ann to help the rest of us! I for one need it!

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