Would You Wear It – Unique Details

Would You Wear It - Unique Details

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!  Welcome to a different Would You Wear It with unique details.

This is my mid-week pop-up Would You Wear It, so I decided to mix it up a bit.

Today, I am featuring pieces with unique details to find out what you think of the details and if you would or would not wear them.

Of course, you can offer suggestions of how they might be styled in different ways.

Please look at the black sweater above and tell us what you think of the shoulder treatment.

Would You Wear It - Unique Details


The next item is a scarf with pockets.

Please explain for the other readers in constructive thought why you would or would not wear this unique item.

Would You Wear It - Unique details

Rhinestones down the side of pants is the next unique detail for your consideration.

Would You Wear It - Unique Details

Finally, would you wear long, leather feather earrings….and if so, how would you wear them?

There you go four items with unique details.  So, tell us, ladies………


Here is a slideshow featuring these pieces if you want more information….(I had to find something similar to the earrings)…


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Now, please share with us if you WOULD WEAR IT with the four unique details….I so curious to see what you say…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. The item I like is the lacy top that is almost obliterated by the very large crossbody bag. Had they not displayed it that way, I think that top would be very interesting to see. I don’t care for the little to wings on the black top, and the focus seems to be pulled away by the infinity scarf. The scarf is fine for keeping warm, but I think these be accessories in this particular display detract from the tops. But the little wings are a “no” for me, as is that pink scarf with the pockets. I’ve seen those sometimes in stores and really don’t care for that look at all. I prefer the pulled together looks that appear effortless, even with scarves. They make gloves to keep hands warm, and to my eye there’s something a little ‘off’ about incorporating “gloves” into a scarf. I also would not wear the pants with the little sparkles down the legs. I would have loved that years ago, and do appreciate some bling, but these days I’m going more for a refined, clean look.

    1. I agree with Karen. The lace top is so pretty. What store? I also like the check scarf and purse. The wing detail on the black top is not for me.

    2. I agree on all points with Karen. Also love the lace top but it needs to be the star of the show, not covered by something else!

  2. the black sweater is a no , I realize those of us with big hips are suppose to try and balance it out with a shoulder style, but I just don’t think id be comfortable with that much material.
    I do like the lace top beside it, and in fact had something like it in the 80s that I wore for dressy occasions.
    the scarf with pockets is a no for me….the point is lost on me…is just your neck and hands cold ?
    love the jeans, would wear definitely .
    the earrings yes….maybe not those exactly, but I have a lot of dangly chandelier type earrings in the arsenal. an ode to the 70s maybe…

  3. Since I have a similar white lace top ad velvet pants,I definitely would wear that one. the back sweater in anther color perhaps, but not the scarf too overwheming for me and would be way too warm for NE Florida temps. But n a tall person it could be very dramatic!

  4. The Edwardian looking top is lovely, but a tad too fussy for me……..even paired with denim. Again, the sweater has a sort of Edwardian vibe with the shoulder detail and would not be a look I’d adopt. The infinity scarf would make me feel claustrophobic!! The pink pocket scarf I would like and could even see wearing it in the house while reading to keep my neck warm and glasses and phone, etc. handy. It would even be perfect to wear out on a walk—again, to keep that phone handy and maybe gloves and tissues that you always need when the cold wind blows thru’. Plus I think it would keep the heat over the chest without a lot of fussiness.

  5. I agree with others that the wings on the black top are not a detail I like. I most often wear a third piece over a blouse so the wing detail would be covered . I do not care for the “scarf with pockets”? I like the rhinestones for wearing to a dressy event, but would worry about cleaning the pants as I would not want to put them in a washing machine. I rarely wear dangling earrings although I like to see them on others. My head is small, and my hair is very short so earrings like this would overtake my head and look, I think.

  6. I’m with Karen. I’m loving the lacy top – so Downton Abbey! I’d accessorize with a small vintage (maybe beaded) handbag or velvet clutch, not the heavy crossbody thing. You asked about the other pieces, however. The sweater with the ruffled shoulders is too fussy for me and lacks a timeless quality.. As for the quilted scarf with pockets, I prefer two pieces – a scarf and a pair of gloves. The jeans are something I’d definitely wear with a black sweater or silky blouse for date night or a party, and I’d also switch things up with a tee and flats or athleisure slip-ons for fun. The earrings just aren’t me. I’m not a fan of big earrings or ones that create vertical lines around my face.

  7. This is a fun proposal! As several other ladies here, I would wear the lacy top. The black one with wings, I would try it, but in another color, I do not wear black near my face ; probably, it would in any case look too “something” to be nice on me (too old, too young, too classic, too trendy, I am not sure with that piece until I have tried it).
    I have already scarfs with pockets, one in silk, one in wool, the second one being a bit larger than this one and very comfortable at home to be warm. But I would not wear this pink one, mostly because I do not wear this sort of fabric at all, I find it too bulky. I would defintely wear the pants with the rhinestones (probably not buy them, though, as I wonder if the stones can remain in place long enough). The earrings are lovely, but I do not have holes in my ears, thus I would try and wear them as a brooch on a simple sweater.

  8. Definitely a no on the black top with the wingy trim on the shoulders. Same as Karen, I prefer a cleaner, more classic look. I tend to stay away from things that will look dated in a year or two, because I’m slowly working towards a more sustainable wardrobe. It sound boring I guess, but I prefer things that I can wear for a long time. I knit and am learning to sew, focusing on high quality yarns and fabrics as the stand-out feature. So all of the clothing pieces would be on my nope list as too trendy/cutesy, but the earrings are a fun and less expensive way to update a more classic outfit.

  9. My shoulders are wide enough as is, so the extra detail on the sweater makes that piece a No. The pocket scarf intrigued me instantly as a possible gift for my mother because she is always cold. For myself, No. I prefer separate pieces whether matching or simply coordinated. The rhinestone pants are a Maybe for me. I could see wearing them with a simple white blouse and my small diamond stud earrings, kitten heel black pumps. Okay, change the Maybe to a Yes! 😁 I think I just talked myself into it!! Regarding the leather/feather earrings, that is a No. I remember first noticing earrings like these on Joanna Gaines, the HGTV designer. She looks good in the earrings, but also has that long hair and casual bohemian vibe going. I’m more conservative in my jewelry choices. Happy Wednesday!

  10. I could not wear the black winged sweater but only because my shoulders are big enough already. However, I think it could be cute on smaller shoulders and smaller frame.
    I saw this scarf with pockets at Chicos this past weekend. Seriously, my mind was so confused I turned to my friend and said “why would Chicos sell pot holders?” Then I felt them, more confusion, too thin for a pot holder. 💡 A scarf that looks like a pot holder is not for me.

  11. At first glance, I loved the outfit on the right with the black top, rust colored velvet jeans and warm toned checkerboard scarf…then you pointed out the shoulder detail! That is a hard no for me. I have broad shoulders to begin with, and anything that makes them look even wider is not a look I embrace. Nothing else you featured in today’s post speaks to me. I am drawn to classic cuts and styles, and tend to shy away from anything that is too showy.

  12. I have a beaded version of those long, feathered earrings, which I make in various designs and colors. I wear them everywhere, though I forgo a necklace because they are almost 4 inches long. I get complimented on them all the time, even this morning at the dentist. I have trouble with heavy earrings, and my bob hairstyle covers all of my ear, so I need a standout earring that is very lightweight. These and fringed earrings are having a moment, and I’m enjoying it! I have a friend who texted me yesterday that she never knew you could have fun clothes. That’s how I feel. I used to worry constantly about appropriateness, and though my overall style tends to be a bit classic, it is less so as I age.

  13. Like several others, I like the lace top but wouldn’t cover it up with a large crossbody bag. The black top with the wings reminds of something I saw an 80’s music video, & I’m not interested in going back there. I really don’t get the point of the scarf with pockets. The black pants with the rhinestones get a maybe. With the right top, they could work. I have a short neck, so the long dangly feather earrings get a no. They would likely drive me crazy.

  14. Well it appears I’m in the minority, but I would wear the black sweater with the ruffles over each shoulder. I have always loved this look since first wearing it in the late 1970s. I would exchange the infinity scarf for chunky earrings or large hoops. I also like the white lace blouse—which reminds me of the late 1970s early 1980s. I appreciate the way designers have modernized these classic looks which originated in the 1800s or early 1900s. It is interesting to see each how different eras reinterpret classic styles. Thanks for posting this. I personally love the unique details.

  15. I think the scarf with pockets would be an option if I were sitting somewhere and wanted a phone or something handy (as opposed to digging through a purse or coat pockets). Otherwise, I find it very clunky looking.

    Love the rhinestone trim pants — very fun especially for the holidays. My question is how does one care for these pants without losing the rhinestones?

  16. I love all of these – the lacy top, the scarf with pockets, the black sweater with shoulder accents, the rhinstone pants, they are all delectable!

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