Romantic Style, treats and gifts

Romantic style, treats and gifts

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to a discussion of how I wear romantic style plus treats and gifts.

You might remember that my online stylist, Annie Castano, recommended bohemian/romantic style for me at the beginning of last summer.

I am still tweaking and working on the style part of each look, but here is an outfit where I found a nice balance for romantic style.


Romantic Style treats and gifts

When I realized that most of my wardrobe needed to change due to my color change, I knew it was going to be quite a costly task.

But, JC Penney’s has been one of the brands where I could find quality pieces in my new colors for very affordable pricing. 

This a.n.a mock neck long sleeve blouse has given me a touch of romance in a lovely color called Cherry Mahogany. 

The neckline shows just a touch of the eyelet to place the romantic style at the top!

Romantic style treats and gifts

I paired the blouse with an older Chico’s silk purple jacket (it really is the perfect length!) that I have owned for years, but prior to my color change, I would not have paired these two pieces together.

The pants from JCP are the best $20 I have ever spent…my cost per wear is so low on these a.n.a. women’s high rise skinny pants in tan acid wash, because I love them for the fit, comfort and color.

Of course, you know me, I wanted to add a touch of fun, so I tossed on my new Vince Camuto Scarf from Nordstrom Rack.

If you look here at JCP and click on Black Friday deals…you will find some incredible pieces for as low as $14!

Finally on the outfit, I am super into my new flats shoes from Rockport…they are still on sale for 40% off with the code MERRY.

These are the Women’s Cob Hill Laci Twin Gore Slip On.  I love the style and Rockport shoes have always been my favorite comfort brand.  I have many of their styles.

These are leather and come in many colors.  I am lovin’ my gold metallic version. I needed a new cute flat which would allow me lots of walking with no problems.

Here are a few more highlights from these brands….


Romantic Style Treats and Gifts

I told you yesterday that I would share what I brought home from the road trip for Mr. B.

He loves, loves, loves candied jalapeños.  This brand was recommended by a Boerne deli owner, as well as, the customers.

He enjoyed them on crackers with cream cheese.  They would be perfect for parties or for gifts!

Here is the Jalapeno Gold website….for those who might also like sweet with fire.

Romantic Style Treats and gifts

Or locals can head out to the Boerne Epicure Gourmet Market…and while you are there grab one of their delicious sandwiches and eat outside.


Romantic Style Treats and Gifts

Since I began writing about gift ideas last week, I have already been invited to two ornament exchanges.

I was very impressed with the beautiful ornaments at Pottery Barn…I picked up one there for one of the exchanges.  The Etched Mercury Glass ornaments are lovely.

Romantic Style, treats and gifts

And ornaments are excellent hostess gifts for the household that loves Christmas.  Keep them in mind.

Does anyone else like a touch of romance in your style?  If so, what are your ideas for styling?  Please share and thank you so much for being here…you are greatly appreciated! See you tomorrow for the mid-week Would You Wear It!


By Pamela Lutrell



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  1. Thank you Pam for doing a call out to Romantic style interpreters. I really appreciate seeing your choices. This is a journey for me. I’m currently seeking jackets with a softer line than traditional blazers – I love the cocoon silhouette, but also enjoy pea and swing style coats. And I am moving away from shirts to softer blouses.. Would love to know what others find work for them.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kath. I have always been attracted to swing coats! Now I know why…have a lovely day.

  3. I love the eyelet details on your shirt! Understated romance, which is a great way to have some romance in your look without going all out on frills and tiers. This is a perfect way to do it. Your combination of colors is spot on because the tones are similar and work well together. Like you, I like a touch of romance and will look for sheer sleeves, burnout velvet and eyelet touches like you show here. Sometimes you find necklines and seams that contribute to a romantic suggestion, like princess seams, portrait necklines, etc. Candied jalapenos sound terrific! I’m going to have to check that link. I am always putting hot sauce on my food, so this combination of spicy and sweet sounds wonderful! This would make a great appetizer just the way you show it! My nearby JCPenney closed so I have to go a little distance to the closest one, but it’s worth it! They have great sales and amazing prices in general.

  4. I am another that wears a romantic touch most days. Not with frills and ruffles, just softer lines and rounder details. I do not wear jean jackets or leather moto jackets, just too masculine on me. Blouses rather than collared shirts and soft patterns not tiny florals or plaid. Shoes and boots can edge too masculine on me very easily and skirts or dresses are a staple in my closet. A scarf in a soft drape is something I throw on most times to go out to add an extra softness as well. I have found in our cold winters that it is a challeng to find outerwear that has a feminine romantic touch but it is possible and when I find that perfect item I usually pounce on it whether it is needed at that exact moment or not. Feminine romantic is not always in the stores so a watchful eye is necessary. Thrifting is often helpful as well and when I find a soft cashmere sweater in my colours I am in heaven. As Kath said, a swing coat in a soft fabric and the right colour is a done deal. Thanks for introducing the softer side today.

  5. Hi Karen…if you like hot sauce, you would love the jalapenos! I am so glad I returned to JCP after a few years…what you get for the prices is really amazing. I am pleased with my recent purchases.
    I am searching for just the right holiday top with a touch of romance…the search goes on!

  6. I agree with you Diane, that the romantic style is not often in store or it is so over the top that I am not interested. I would look silly in all over lace!
    Thanks for joining in….

  7. This past year I have been softening my overall look. Not sure I am aiming for a romantic touch, but certainly a lighter and more calming esthetic. It began with our return to the cottage in town. After living in a cedar lodge on our small ranch, I was ready to lighten and brighten my environment. The return and restoration of our home and garden made me want the same for myself. My clothing palette is moving in a neutral (stone, khaki, cream, white) direction with the soft fluid blouses I have long favored now in neutral and spring colors. I favor cardigans always for their soft look and cozy feel. I love a good vest and scarf with low boots for going out and about fall through winter, which is hardly romantic, but I often choose a floral or pastel colored pattern scarf to counter the outdoors-girl vibe.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Connie. I love how you look at your new life and surroundings as a way to revisit your style and make the tweaks that work for you. It can be so uplifting! Have fun with it!

  9. Oh, and I was going to say about anyone squeamish over the idea of eating candied jalapeños, to dice them up and mix together with cream cheese like Mr. B enjoyed, or what is really tasty is add them to goat cheese and then mix in diced dried apricot or cranberries. This is a delicious topping for grilled baguette.

  10. Count me in as one who loves the candied jalapeños (though around here it is called hot pepper jelly, even if in texture it’s more like Mr.B’s) with cream cheese on crackers. What you are wearing did not look, at first glance, to be romantic. But in studying it, I see that. Sometimes we can be too literal in our interpretations of both fashion and home decor. I think this was really interesting today! And I love the look on you. I too have been wearing warm rusts, spice tones, and terracottas with purple and like it a lot. It’s not something you see every day, but it completely works.

  11. Thanks Linda. My color changes have me mixing colors to wear that I did not do in the past…and I am really enjoying it. The whole wardrobe now just works together in such a fun way. I have shared with you ways that I making boho and romantic work for me…but I am always a work in progress!

  12. I used to be more of a romantic style when younger. Not so much into ruffles now. But I do love a floral scarf or a floral skirt. I even have a very romantic black peasant skirt with some touches of sequins that I like to pair with a denim jacket. I get the compliments when I wear it, and no one knows it is 20 years old! That cracker looks yummy. I find that soft goat cheese works nice, too.

  13. Thanks Kathy….the peasant skirt with touches of sequins sounds lovely and I can visualize it with a denim jacket!

  14. I like the touch of eyelet & tucks on the blouse. It adds a feminine touch without being over the top & fussy. The color combination is interest & perfect for you.

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