How I wore Chico’s to Jazz TX

How I wore Chico's to Jazz TX

Here we go, on the downside, sliding right into Christmas Day on Saturday!  Today, I want to start Christmas week by sharing with you how I wore Chico’s to JAZZ TX.

First, allow me to explain that JAZZ TX is a place in San Antonio…not a town.

More about that later….


How I wore Chico's to Jazz TX

We were attending a Christmastime Jazz performance, but I thought this kimono with a touch of velvet would be lovely for the occasion.

This is the Travelers Velvet Peacock Kimono…and the colors are luscious and perfect for me. 

A statement garment like this has the same benefit of a scarf…allowing a mix of lovely colors to be the focus of an outfit.

I like to have options of my colors with a black trim in order to continue to wear my black leggings….it would also look great with my skinny jeans and jeggings.

I picked up the orange with a long tunic silk tank by Eileen Fisher, and topped it with a gold necklace.  If the weather had been cooler, I easily could have worn this with a long-sleeved top underneath.

I really felt perfect for the occasion!

Chico’s still has some lovely kimonos/ruanas/toppers for your special events coming up in the new year:


By the way, did you see this announcement that Chico’s has teamed up with Walmart for same day!  The business world is certainly changing….


How I wore Chico's to JAZZ TX

JAZZ TX is a true gem in the Historic Pearl area of San Antonio.

We arrived to find a mid-week, Wednesday surprise…and it was hopping!

How I wore Chicos to Jazz TX

There was a Christmas market opened throughout the area that we did not know was there.

You are looking at the famous Hotel Emma on the other side of the market.

How I Wore Chico's to JAZZ TX

The Pearl is known for its excellent Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, but apparently the vendors are allowed to have their booths on Wednesdays during the holidays.

Sadly, we just found out about it and this coming Wednesday will be the last one in mid-week.  But, all of the fun and food trucks are there on Saturdays.

how I wore Chico's to JAZZ TX

There is an area of eateries in The Pearl called “The Bottling Department”.

JAZZ TX is in the basement underneath The Bottling Department…quaint, cozy, classy…the perfect size eatery and live music venue.

How I wore Chico's to JAZZ TX

It is an intimate setting for the live music where the audience is practically on stage…and that is what I love the most….you feel as though this show is just for you.

The food was delicious…which we enjoyed before the fun began.

How I wore Chico's to JAZZ TX

Then, the audience clapped, sang and thoroughly enjoyed a performance by Johnny P and the Wise Men which included Christmas classics, 80s hits, Bobby Darin and a touch of Glenn Miller on the side.

Note: They are really named Johnny P and the Wise Guys, but for Christmas…they go with Wise Men.


How I Wore Chico's to JAZZ TX

My favorite number was the piano medley of songs from a Charlie Brown Christmas…I guess the little tree should have given it away before hand!

The pianist for the night was so good…my only wish is that we had been sitting behind him where I could watch his hands fly across the keyboard.

How I wore Chicos to JAZZ TX

Such a wonderful evening and we have already purchased our tickets to return to celebrate Mr. B’s birthday and hear an orchestra that is said to be incredible.

How I wore Chico's to JAZZ TX

Fashion Note: The lady at the table next to us had the prettiest hook for her handbag. 

I usually carry a clutch to places like this one, but these hooks are a great idea to keep your purse off the floor.

There are several to look at on Amazon. Search handbag hooks.

I have a week full of holiday celebration for you including more of what I wore to events, recipes, and a special mid-week Would You Wear It with Jennifer…I hope you can join in for all of it…and that these posts help you to….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. So glad you felt perfect for the occasion. . You look great. You really “own” the outfit, and I love how its vibrancy complements who you are. Enjoy the festivities and best wishes for the season .

  2. Your ruana is so pretty as are so many of the ruanas and wraps that Chico’s sells. I have several myself and enjoy wearing them, most often to fancier events I attended prior to COVID’s appearance. Your comment about the JAZZ TX event reminded me of attending the Carole King play “ Beautiful” in NYC and the audience of older people like me singing along with so many of her songs. Sunday on CBS morning show they had a segment on the man who wrote the music for “ Charlie Brown Christmas” which is so recognizable to those of us who have heard it most of our lives. I’d love to visit San Antonio after seeing you visit so many interesting places and events…maybe some day.

  3. And I will meet you for lunch when that day arrives, Celia!! The Carole King musical is in my top five favorites…I loved it!! Now I will be singing One Fine Day all day long!!

  4. I love light kimonos as this one and own several now. Of course I would not dream one minute to put on one of them now: it is freezing here in Paris, I am under several wool tops and sweaters:) But this is a nice combination of colors for a milder climate (sigh, waiting for Spring). Bag hooks are very useful, not only to protect your bag from the dirt on the ground, but also against theft (as without them we tend to let the bag unattended behind us on the chair). I wish you a happy Christmas, Pam!

  5. And to you, Catherine. Stay warm…I am sure Paris is still amazing in the cold. We are predicted to have a very warm Christmas Day near 80…I prefer it more seasonal, but at least the grandchildren can play outside. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas week!

  6. A perfect outfit for a perfect evening and so glad you had a wonderful time. On that note; do want to extend wishes to you and your family as well as your readers; a season filled with JOY, HOPE, HAPPINESS and LOVE. -Brenda-

    (Am heading to Orlando Fl (Disney) tomorrow to join the rest of our family who arrived yesterday so am looking forward to that, not to mention will be escaping our 10°F current temperature.)

  7. Oh, you’ve really churned up my desire to visit your lovely San Antonio! The Hotel Emma is gorgeous, and I would be in heaven on earth enjoying several evenings at your jazz club. I will be revisiting both websites later for a deep-dive session of armchair travel! 😊 Thank you so much for the gift you deliver each morning, Pam. Yours is always the final e-mail I open, in the tradition of saving the best for last. 💖

  8. I too look for tops or third pieces in warmer colors but with a touch of black to tie in my black leggings. It makes the black seem intentional while keeping my best colors by my face. I kept black dress pants too, but I never reach for them anymore. The kimono you wore is perfect for your pared down bohemian style, and you put it together beautifully.

  9. Thank you, Linda! I like my black leggings so much that it made sense to look for garments in my colors which work with them!

  10. What a great event! I noticed the Charlie Brown tree immediately! Your outfit was perfect and it sounds like a fun place to be during the Christmas season!!

  11. I love my handbag hook but I do have a caveat. Not all tables work with the hooks. Thank you for your blogs; they’re frustrating because I am losing weight – 25 lbs to go. But so looking forward for a new wardrobe by next you; thanks to you keeping me up to date with fashion and sales. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

  12. It sounds like a fun evening. Your outfit looks like it fit right in for a night of making good memories.

  13. Maybe ….your best outfit ever! Chic, fashionable, slimming, comfortable – showing the world who you are!

    Merry Christmas!

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