Would You Wear It – Warm & Soft

Would You Wear It - Warm & Soft

Happy Wednesday, ladies! Let’s talk Would You Wear It – Warm & Soft!

There are a few new followers so just in case…let me review what happens here on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

On Wednesdays, I bring to you a fashion display to see what you think. On Saturdays, I team up with A Well Styled Life to bring you two displays from across the country.

We ask that you explain your Would You Wear It answers and tell us why you would or would not wear what you see.

Just pretend the outfits were available to you…you don’t have to tell us if you would or would not buy it…just Would You Wear It? if given the opportunity.



Would You Wear It

Please keep your answers constructive and thoughtful.  There is no reason to label the clothing and insult a designer, retailer, or other women who may feel differently from you.

We learn from one another when we are constructive with our reasons for looking over these displays.

Please place your careful, fashion stylist eye on the Eileen Fisher display above and tell us……


This display is from Dillard’s, and here are some of the treasurers currently on sale ….


Would You Wear It

YES! Absolutely and the way I will wear warm & soft now is with this gorgeous wrap gifted to me at Christmas by a special friend!

And in autumn colors no less!  Cannot wait to style it…there is a cold front on the way next week! I will be ready!

Christmas Day was in the 80s, humid, and the family football game was a hot and sweaty one!


Warm & Soft

After my daughter returned to her home this week, she sent a text to say that the Christmas gift she was most excited about was her DIKOO teacup!

I use mine every day…so I understand and knew she would like it. 

I love to get reports back of what gifts they really liked!

FROM YESTERDAY:  I enjoyed reading and learning from your comments…thanks to all who participated! There will be another probing question tomorrow!

Now, please tell us about WOULD YOU WEAR IT today and remember to explain your answer!  I hope you have a day where you will…….


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Yes, I would wear the outfit. The peach sweater would definitely brighten my complexion but not be harsh. The fabric appears soft and drapes well.

  2. While I do like warm and cozy during the winter, this looks like a throw blanket rather than a clothing item to me. It would work for me when I’m bundled up on the sofa, but not to wear out. Actually, if I can’t wear something under a coat or jacket, it doesn’t work except for around the house because of the climate here. It’s a pretty wrap for sure, so I guess I would say I’d use it around the house!

  3. Definitely yes! I would perhaps hesitate about the colors: the light blue is probably better than the peach one for me. But except for this, I like it very much. The thin wrap can be used as a warm scarf to go outside during the winter and as a light jacket in spring (or even summer, with this light color, to avoid problems with AC). It is simple and subtle. I would go for a jade bracelet to keep the soft colors and the simple lines, but with a bit of boldness.

  4. I recently bought a wrap very similar but with a cable knit. I only use it at home when chilly. I am only 5’4″ and feel like I look lost in it. I haven’t worn it in public not sure I will. I must say that equestrian wrap you received as a gift is stunning. I can’t wait to see you style it.

  5. I think I saw either a black or navy wrap folded on the table so I would be drawn to those or if there was a blue one like the top on the right. However, those lighter colors are not for me both because of my coloring, but also because of their getting dirty easily. Your gifted wrap is certainly pretty and your gift giver must surely have been aware of your color changes this year. I look forward to your wearing it for us.

  6. The pastel apricot might or might not work for my complexion, as most pastels wash me out. I would try it, because it’s a pretty color, and with the slightly darker pants hits a sweet spot for me: elevated loungewear. It’s hard for loungewear to look elegant, but this does. I would wear it with the cardigan on display, but dislike wraps. I do like the look of those very soft, solid color scarves shown with the display. I’m finding solid colored scarves, which are harder to find, are a great way to get “my” colors up near my face. Pam, the wrap you were gifted looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing you style it.

  7. I do like it, but I wouldn’t wear it. Practicality being main reason. First, the length would shorten and widen me. Then if you’re driving, shopping, at a restaurant, seems like it would take constant adjustments.

  8. No. Ever since I let my hair go gray I feel washed out by pastel colors. Even if I do wear them sometimes, I try to have a darker color jacket or scarf to offset the colors. They do look very cozy though and I wish I could pull it off.

  9. Your gifted wrap is lovely and I would add it to today’s mannikin! The outfit is okay, but for me would need some more color or texture. From my own closet, i would add more a topper in charcoal grey. I see the stores are trying to get us hyped up for spring, but here in Washington state, we are buried under snow and ice.

  10. I would wear the sweater & pants on cold day when I am running errands. They are simple classic pieces, & the peach color of the sweater is nice. The neck might be a bit high for my short neck though. The wrap is something that I would only use at home as it is not particularly practical for using when I am out & about. I use something similar when I am at my computer or writing at my desk & I feel a bit chilly.

  11. Yes I would definitely wear this pretty outfit- to dinner, , to a house party this winter or any low key celebration. Very pretty pieces, and would be very easy to accessorize. Love it.

  12. I love this outfit, especially the sweater. I can see many possibilities for mixing and matching things I have. I think the pink and light tan would be great with brown or a soft green trouser or jeans. I love wraps and have a few, but rarely wear them out. It’s just not practical under a coat. I see wraps on line from almost every clothing site, but can’t think of ever seeing them worn out and about. But I live in a small coastal tourist area. On the occasion we’ve been invited to a friend’s house or had folks over, a wrap is ideal! But with covid, that’s a rare indulgence.

  13. I love the soft colors here — and I am particularly fond of the ‘oatmeal’ shade. Very pretty.

    I’m not sure if I’d wear the wrap outside of the house. It would be too cumbersome at work or when shopping. But it looks very cozy and would be wonderful to wrap up in while reading a favorite book this winter.

    Your new wrap is so you — the perfect colors for you! What a lovely gift!

  14. Oh yes, yes, a hundred times yes, I would wear that outfit!

    As your neighbor to the north (Oklahoma), it was also very warm here on Christmas day as well. Practically shorts weather!

  15. I love, love it! I live in Arizona so I don’t need a coat very often. I keep something similar in my car so that if it is chilly, I put it on and off I go. I do wrap it beautifully with one end draped over my shoulder. Looks great!

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