Dillard’s Event & What I Wore

What I wore

Happy Tuesday, all!  March is marching right along, and today I would like to share with you about a Dillard’s Event and What I Wore!

I am still building and loving my Vibrant Autumn Color Palette!  It really is so me…I do not know why I ever strayed.

But now…I am back to stay!


What I Wore

I was invited out last week to Dillard’s at The Shops at La Cantera for an event…more about that in a minute.

What I wore to the event was completely out of my closet.

In the past, I would retire these lovely denim pants in a rust-red when the cold season ended.  I wore them most often in the fall.

But now…well, they will be worn all year long!  Originally I found them at Soft Surroundings and they have some bronze studs on the sides of the ankle area.

The top was a sale purchase at JCPenney’s and when it arrived it was a little tight…but now, it fits!! I paid $13 for it on sale and it is one of my new favorites.

This top is the Worthington line, and another time I will show you the cute sleeve embellishments.

JC Penney sales are worth your time!!

The jacket, of course you have seen me in many times, is my Twill Field Jacket from Talbot’s in a khaki color. 

My cost per wear on this jacket continues to drop lower…I have worn it often. 

This day was one of our typical Texas spring days…cold in the morning, thirty degrees warmer in the afternoon!

I topped it off with my older accessories…necklace of bronze and cream; bronze ballet flats; and cream and bronze stacking bracelets.


What I wore

Though I was there for an event, I wanted to try on a few Items while there.

This is the Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Linen Ticking Stripe Stand Collar Long Sleeve Coordinating Jacket – Whew! That is a mouthful.

I actually like this jacket a great deal…but the color is not in my palette and the price is out of my range…but it is a great jacket.

What I wore

I also liked this Vintage Wash Printed Floral Button Front Point Collar 3/4 Roll-Tab Sleeve Tunic by John Mark.

it is versatile in that it looks great as a top and also can be worn as a topper.  I really like the collars John Mark does with bendable staves in them…they stay up if you want them that way!

I tried on several of the John Mark tops but this was my favorite one….here are a few more below….

This one will be a future WHAT I WORE because I took it home with me…really like it for spring and it is a great addition to my new wardrobe.


What I Wore

I was invited to review a new accessories collection at Dillard’s….and since I “luv” accessories I was happy to join in.

This collection by Brooke Webb and is for Anna & Ava.  Brooke is super cute and has brought us so many fun items at the perfect time in San Antonio.

What I Wore

That I wore that day was one of her autumn-colored kimonos…she has so many cute kimonos in this collection.

This one is the Brooke Webb of KBStyled Emory Abstract Print Kimono.

I also like the Brooke Webb of KBStyled Elle Abstract Print Kimono.

And the Brooke Webb of KBStyled Reese Tropical Patchwork Print Kimono.

What I wore

What I wore

San Antonio ladies, her accessories are perfect for Fiesta!  You can find them in Dillard’s accessories at The Shops at La Cantera.


What I wore

While I was there, this gorgeous kimono by Echo caught my eye….perfect for Fiesta or by the pool.

Echo has some beauties in every color combination!

What I wore

Dillard’s carries several lovely fascinators in the accessory department.

Fascinators are worn particularly during Fiesta for luncheons and fashion shows. 

Natasha Fascinators are so pretty…and you will find them at Dillard’s.

I hope you enjoyed spending some time at Dillard’s with me today!  They are covered head-to-toe In beautiful spring colors and it is a fun place to be.

Does anyone here own a fascinator?  Thanks for stopping by!


By Pamela Lutrell

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What I wore


  1. I really like those shorter, colorful kimonos, I don’t wear heels much anymore, and the longer ones on me, always are improved by a higher heel. I really like a dangly chandelier earring also, those look very long, though.

  2. They are long, but I know some ladies like that. Her kimonos are well designed, Sheryl….Shorter and more fit.

  3. Dillard’s is one of my favorite places to shop because of the ease of finding the department you want and how spotless and well organized they are. The Dillard’s near me has a friendly, helpful sales staff as well, making for an all around enjoyable shopping experience. It’s a bit of marketing genius to introduce the collection you reviewed at Fiesta time. The first thing I thought when I saw her display was how timely it is. I do like those jeans you’re wearing too! I love the fit of Soft Surroundings pants and jeans… just something about them, but I have never had an issue with fit in that store. Those are a beautiful color. I like the Eileen Fisher jacket…my sister tried that one on too and had difficulty leaving it behind, but another thing about Dillard’s is they actually put Eileen Fisher items on sale and we’ve found some nice things for great prices that way. John Mark was a new brand to me awhile ago, but I actually purchased a John Mark winter jacket at 70% off, at Dillard’s, and I do like the items you featured in the slideshow. Some of those will get a second look because they speak to my boho side!! I’m enjoying all the beautiful colors in your posts, glad that Fiesta lasts for weeks so we can see more!

  4. Thanks for that new-to-me brand, John Mark. When you showed the blouse, I thought, she should take that one home … and you did! Very flattering and versatile. I usually wear knits, but tried on a blue and white linen striped shirt at Talbots yesterday, and thought it would be cool for summer. It wasn’t technically in my palette though I thought it looked good (maybe being linen, the white wasn’t stark). The price stopped me. It’s hard for me to spend on summer clothes. The season is short, I don’t “like” summer clothes, and I feel they don’t last.

  5. I have not been to our closest Dillards in several years but have been planning a trip down to Tallahassee to have an expert help me with proper bra size and fit, and to look for some shoes. Now I really need to go investigate this new brand, John Mark, since I like several of the blouses you had in the slideshow. And I’m always on the lookout for more kimonos/ruanas. I have looked at Eileen Fisher garments for years and just have not felt I could spend that much for a fairly simple top or bottom, but I am drawn to their organic cotton and linen clothing. You’ve given us such colorful pieces to admire today. I really liked the blouse you brought home with you…very versatile as a blouse or third piece for warmer weather.

  6. Hi Celia, like Karen mentioned, Dillard’s often has Eileen Fisher in their sales and it is a good place to pick up her pieces for less. Glad to here you are getting that fitting…it is so important for us to do that.

  7. You look really beautiful in your shopping outfit! Live the tee ( blouse?) and I love the necklace you’re wearing too. It all just fits!
    And the floral top that you took home! So versatile! Pretty!
    Of all the pieces shown I have a definite favorite I just love those colorful shorter Ruanas. With your Fiesta coming up- everyone should own one!

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