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Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50!

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I look for informative, positive news that will help and inspire you in your daily living.

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Today's News

I know the young lady in this picture is not in our target audience…I just really like the picture!!

Let’s begin with another model…though this one is over 70!  Just a reminder, you can do anything you set your mind to!

From a site called Acorns “74 -year -old became a model in retirement”

Across the pond in The Guardian, I discovered “People who transformed their style in their 50s, 60s and 70s.”

In the beauty area, MGB Lifestyle shared “An esthetician to the stars shares 3 tips she tells all of her clients.”


Today's News

I have inflation on my brain, so that influenced a couple of my choices this week…I know gardening and maybe even a little farming is on my mind!

From Country Living, “How to become a chicken lady and raise happy chickens.”

Better Homes & Gardens shares, “15 easy ways to save energy at home and spend less.”

Veranda Magazine takes us “Strolling through the romantic meadows of this Connecticut garden.”


Today's News

We started the week here sharing salmon recipes, so I think I will begin this section with another….

From Eating Well, “Ina Garten’s salmon with melting cherry tomatoes.”

Well + Good has for us a “High Fiber Smoothie Formula.”

mbglifestyle reports “Bobbi Brown’s go-to collagen hot chocolate recipe.”

On a more serious note but hopefully helpful one, Verywell shares “How your food choices can lower your risk of depression according to a study.”


Today's News

As the weather begins to warm up for some of us, just think one word….MOVE!  Get out and about and MOVE…it helps us all.

However, there are ways to use COLD to our advantage……

From Mind Body Green, “6 ways to strategically stress your body and supercharge longevity.”

Eat This Not That shares, “The best exercises to prevent bone loss after 60.”

For the dog owners, Southern Living shares, “Dog-friendly beaches for sandy paws in the South.”

Well, that is it for Today’s news for women over 50…hope you found something here that was helpful and please comment on any or all.


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By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I like the first picture too! All the red caught my attention immediately! I love her hat! Such an interesting article about Carolyn Doelling. I found her attitude to be refreshing and admire her determination. I know many women who tie it have tied their self-worth to their career. I may have been one of them in my own long-standing corporate career before I moved on to the job at the hospital. It was a dramatic change and really drove the point home that the focus is truly on others. I think that made my transition to retirement easier; still took a long time, but easier because you can always find ways to continue focusing on and helping others. It sounds like Carolyn is having a great time, and that’s important. Good for her for enjoying her second act! The skin article where she stated that some products aren’t for her, also good. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve invested in that do zero for my skin, based on what I read or see. I ended up using a line of products from my natural food store that work for me. She is very helpful with the reminder that good skin starts from the inside out. There are no miracles in a jar. Help, but not miracles!

  2. I agree, Karen… good skincare is an inside-out determination to be healthy…from hydration, to healthy eating, to natural products. That is why I love the Chamonix products. They join with everything else to help me see results of looking my best at 68! I need to spend more time at our natural food store and look over the products other than the food. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I can tell you from experience that Ina Garden’s salmon with melting cherry tomatoes is wonderful. You’ll want to put the wonderful tomato sauce on bruschetta too, it’s that good. The cooking method works every time to produce meltingly yummy salmon.
    Just a heads up!

  4. I too enjoyed the articles about the individuals who refocused their wardrobes as they aged. I love bright colors, and like others, tend to wear more of them in warmer months while resorting to darker colors in cooler months. However, I do try to interject some brightness with scarves, vests, sweaters or jewelry. I even investigated the clothing, in particular the colorful overalls from Lucy and Yak, mentioned in one of the articles. I think they would be fun to wear especially in a color other than a neutral. Why not! At my 75, people may laugh,but I’m okay with that! I noticed you referred to the Ina Garten salmon recipe which is the same one I copied and saved Monday night while looking for salmon recipes. She also has a panko-crusted salmon recipe which I plan to try. Lots of interesting articles today as always.

  5. These look like great articles, as always. I will look at them closely later. I did skim through the one about changing your style. I got a kick out of the man with kilts. My husband is of Scottish descent. We spent a Christmas at an inn in Loch Ness one year and most of the men wore them. We we traveled to Edinburgh afterwards, and my husband thought about buying one. I wish now that I had encouraged him!

  6. You wear what is uniquely you, Celia…don’t worry about what others think! Bring on that color!

  7. Thanks Pam! I enjoyed the article about people who changed their style as they got older. Loved the quote “Life is a celebration”. I also think that I will take the esthetician’s advice to find a good skin person. I’ve never wanted to spend money on my skin, hair, or nails, choosing to do it myself. But now that I’m over 70 I’m going to start taking better care. Hope it’s not too late!

  8. It is not too late!! Do everything you can to help you feel and look your best!!

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