What I wore and what I cooked last week

What I wore and what I cooked

March is officially here!  On the blog today, things still look like winter as I show you what I wore and what I cooked last week.

I only went out a few times last week because it was freezing here, and wimpy me stayed inside.

But it provided opportunities to wear some of my winter clothing that is not worn often.


What I wore

Last fall, I sent away the majority of my sweaters, because many were black.

I replaced them with sweaters in my new Vibrant Autumn Color palette.  The one in the photo at the top of the page is a lovely burnt orange from JCPenney’s.

The second one is a lovely deep purple cashmere from Talbots.

As I have written recently, I am also enjoying making navy blue one of my core neutrals….while I also search for more items in marine blue.

What I wore

My jeans are my favorite jeggings (olive and navy) and are from Chico’s.

The Chico’s Plush Shacket in the second picture is so warm…and I am glad to have it.  It is still on sale and also in pink. 

Both of these looks show how I love to pop more of my colors in accessories!  So much fun.

Each of these looks was to run needed errands…the second one was for dog food and I had to go get his food…bless his heart!

Because it is March, here are some spring items hitting the stores:


What I cooked

Mr. B went on a Gulf Coast fishing trip recently and returned with red fish and drum.

This meal featured baked drum and roasted veggies.

For the veggies, I put the uncooked brussel sprouts in my food processor and kind of pulverized them.  (Otherwise, he might shove them aside!)

Then I stirred this with broccoli,  petite potatoes, sliced onion, minced garlic, EVOO,  1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, one teaspoon Italian seasonings, and 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt.

I roasted these at 450 for about 30 minutes or until they had the roasted color I wanted.

What I cooked

I placed the filets on a baking sheet.

First, I poured over them one teaspoon of melted butter mixed with fresh lemon juice.  Next I salted each with garlic salt and lemon pepper.

Next I layered in this order: a minced garlic clove; onion slices;  red bell pepper strips; a teaspoon each of sliced olives;  sliced brown Kumato tomatoes from Mexico; shredded carrot.

I baked these at 450 for 25 minutes.  

What I wore

These are just out of the oven…and they were so, so delicious.

They made a perfect pair with the roasted veggies….and Mr. B loved it!

What I cooked

These tomatoes are fabulous…if you have a chance to try them, I highly recommend.

And, I am still enjoying my Nakano Chef’s knife.  So happy to have it in my kitchen.  If you are interested and use the code PLUTRELL, you will get 20% off.

This meal was just amazing…I loved how all of the flavors worked together to support one another….so good if you like fish and I imagine the same process would work with any fish.

I want to thank all of you who understood my intentions with yesterday’s post.  Tomorrow is one of the Today’s News posts with headlines and I promise all are lighthearted.

I do not post often on serious topics, so I hope you know that when I do, I believe the messages to be important. 

It was nothing more than a post about our strength and critical roles over age 50 during challenging times.

Thank you for being here…I will see you tomorrow…and I hope you join me as we….


By Pamela Lutrell

Thank you to those who support this blog through SHOPPING with the SHOPPING LINKS.

Also, a reader requested I place prominently my page at Blair.  It is PAM’S PAGE AT BLAIR. I am so glad several of you are happy with the Blair purchases you made! 

Happy March!


  1. I really like these two outfits, and didn’t realize it was cold in Texas! I was interested in the shacket because I donated my transitional jacket without having a replacement (!!!), but I see it’s not lined. I’m always cold and don’t think I’d be warm enough when it’s 40 degrees and gloomy. Today is one of those days and it’s a dog day and I’m sitting here wondering what I’m going to wear for a jacket, so it will have to be layers. Lesson learned about giving things away too soon! Your dinner looks wonderful! Roasted vegetables are such a treat, and how nice to know they are also good for us! And fresh caught fish, yum! I have never had drum, but have seen it in the markets in the south. Is it a mild fish? The way you fixed it sound delicious. I’ll have to keep an eye out for those tomatoes. I loved seeing the pretty spring dresses in the slideshow!

    1. Hi Karen! The shacket is heavy for where I am but not heavy enough for where you are except it would be a nice transitional piece when the extreme cold loses some grip. The drum was very mild and combined so well with the garlic, lemon and butter. Super good! Stay warm today. With all of the sales, it is a good time to look for coats!

  2. I too bought the dark purple cashmere sweater from Talbot’s on a day when they were 50% off, but since staying home so much still, have not worn it but a time or two. I loved the color, and was happy to get my size on the 50% off day when I usually wait until they have their winter clearance sales when my size is often gone. I have noticed an attention to decorative sleeves in many Spring items, and you showed several in your slideshow. I too am not familiar with those tomatoes but will be on the lookout for them. I am trying to cook more fish, and your recipe certainly looks interesting and delicious…lots of good, colorful vegetables!

    1. The fish is so good and color is healthy! This purple sweater has beautiful sleeves too with several tiny pearl buttons.

  3. You look fabulous in your outfits. I have a couple of Talbots pieces in that scrumptious purple, and find it very versatile. I too am focusing on navy as my core neutral. While I look for the elusive marine navy, I do wonder, if ever found, whether it will play nicely with the classic navy color I’ve already incorporated. As a blue autumn, I really need a dark neutral like navy at my core. I’ve been gravitating to a warm tan/luggage color for leathers and accessories. Many thanks for helping us, whatever our palettes, along on this enjoyable journey. And the roasted vegetables look delish. I imagine shredding the Brussels sprouts made them extra crispy. One of the tricks to surviving a cold spell is to get the oven going!

  4. I had to look up drum fish as I have never heard of it. I love that you layer your veggies the way you layer your clothes! I, too, use indigo as a neutral and I am adding in other blues with more intensity, like a rich royal blue or more saturated lighter blues. I need new knives so will try your link. I think your blog yesterday speaks to the fact that you are a whole person. We are more than what we wear – clothed in strength and dignity works for me.

  5. Love the flowy Calvin Klein White Dress. Beautiful Spring like! It is 74 in Napa today. Warm and inviting to be outside. The jewel tone of purple sweater is so rich
    looking! Hard for me on West Coast to think of “coats” with our current temperatures. Be well and stay warm!!! Spring will come shortly for you, Leigh Ann and ladies in colder areas!

    1. It was short lived…the sun has been shining for two days…March 1 feels like Spring and Leigh Ann was just here helping me with projects. Napa would be lovely…thanks Kathy.

  6. I loved the St. John’s Bay mint plaid top in the slideshow. Such soft spring colors! One of our local weather forecasters did a feature on what to expect for spring. We are expected to have a “back loaded” winter in early spring. Our December was usually warm with no snow, & while this week is expected to be warm & pleasant, he warned us not to rush to put away winter wear just yet. That top would add a touch of spring under a cardigan or jacket.

  7. Absolutely love your two outfits- hopefully they kept you warm. Pam, It must be really challenging to live in a lovely moderate winter climate area, and then- a strong cold front moves on and wow! I’ve adapted to these Northeast winters and until this one, they’ve actually not been that awful. This winter has been colder! Much colder! We’ve had a true blizzard then ice storms followed by brutal cold. Extreme I’d say. But March gives us
    hope! Spring is coming!

    1. We are such weather wimps down here, Paulette. Just a little cold drives us crazy and one ice storm shuts everything down!

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