Would You Wear It – Color!

Would You Wear It

Happy Friday, ladies!  It has been such a fun week on the blog, so let’s keep it going and look at Would You Wear It – Color!

Saturday’s are the days I join forces with my friend, Jennifer, and we bring to you two different displays to consider.

We ask that you look them over and tell us with an explanation if you would or would not wear what you see.

The comments are always read and enjoyed by others.

We are one day away from the First Official Day of Spring, so let’s enjoy the time with a little color explosion…


Would You Wear It

This lively group of mannequins immediately captured my attention as I rode up the escalator at Nordstrom.

Of course, you do not have to comment on them all…and if you would like to offer styling suggestions, please do…that is always fun to read.

Would you Wear It


So, please give this your best fashion consumer eye….and tell us……….


More Bold Color in this slideshow, plus a couple of the dresses found in the display….


Would you wear it

We have colored lights in our backyard at night.  During the full moon this week, I shot this photo and I just love it.

I may frame it….and isn’t it perfect for a color inspiration shot?  Look for those colorful moments all around you. 


After you comment on this WOULD YOU WEAR IT display, remember to visit A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s.  

Then later, if you are retired or it is on your radar, you may want to check out my new video with Tips to have Confident Style during Retirement.

Leigh Ann and I will celebrate the first day of spring tomorrow with a shopping trip…so come along with us and have some fun.  

As always, thank you for being here and make sure that you……


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I see some pretty, cheerful colours here but the clothes are not for me. There’s too much material and flounce, and the patterns are too bright and busy for my taste. There’s a black top with flowers on it in the slide show which l might like as a scarf but generally, I like a cute classic style. I would feel awkward and self conscious in these clothes.

  2. As much as I love colour, sadly I don’t think any of these would suit me (as a Deep Autumn) 🙁

    I might be able to pull off the shirt on the very left, but it would require a top underneath for a modesty (why don’t retailers add buttons all the way up to the top on their summer blouses? Grrr lol). But I think wearing an underlayer wouldn’t make sense for such a lightweight blouse for me & my humid, subtropical climate. So back it goes 😉

  3. I do enjoy wearing color sometimes, depends on the occasion. I’m kind of liking the dress in front. I think that would be perfect at a resort or if I lived in a huge house in the tropics and had pool parties (the kind where you don’t swim!) or had a grand, really huge patio with tropical plants and gorgeous landscaping! The rest just aren’t my style. Like Sue, I prefer a classic style, just saw that one dress as something fun for the right occasion. I think the shapeless mannequins detract from a lot of displays and they give the appearance of being very difficult to dress.

  4. I would stop and look at that display also….I love the prints on the two dresses, would buy immediately is they were ruanas…but dresses are too much for me anymore. the yellow dress is just a flat no, im not sure what they were going for on the hemline. the blouse is a no, not fond of the print or the style…I would try on the jeans. oh and the full moon I had a chance to see it the last two mornings when I walked…really pretty!

  5. Love your colored lights as captured through this tree! Beautiful!
    As another woman has said, I love these fabrics and colors (blouse on black jean and the long dress in front) but the clothes don’t appeal to me, nor would they fit my smallish frame. There is just too much billowing and excess fabric. I see these clothing a better fit on a taller, willowy woman.
    The yellow dress is not me. The color is just wrong with my coloring. I could see this short dress worn by a high schooler or college age gal.
    Color -yes but clothing- not for me.

    The yellow dress is just nit be. I look horrid in mist yellows bear Ny hair and face.

  6. Though I am leaning to infuse my spring and summer wardrobe with some (saturated) colour, a ‘no’ to all pieces as also being selective in my choices since prefer classic and more tailored cuts in design. -Brenda-

  7. Hmmm, looks like it might be a Farm Rio display. I’ve already had my eye on the red top, but I’d wear it with washed denim. (I have a FR sundress on order for our upcoming vacation, thanks to your intro to the brand <3.). As for the dresses, no, black doesn't belong in flowing beach-y dresses IMO. Have a great Saturday!

  8. The bright colors are certainly eye catching. Given my short stature, I would have difficulty wearing the two dresses unless they came in petite options. I do like the top on the left but it is too low cut for my comfort zone. I would probably admire and pass on the items in the display. But it’s nice to see color. It pumps you up so thank you for sharing. I do love the picture of your back yard lights! Hopefully soon we can all enjoy our outdoors! Great post as always.

  9. I like the bright, flowing Farm Rio dresses and tops, but I’d have no place to wear them, and they are expensive to me. Also, as others point out, if one is short, their abundance of material would be overwhelming. However, there were some tops and ruanas in the slideshow that are more reasonably priced that I do like very much. Your photo of the tree in your back yard is definitely frame-worthy. The colors and shadows are just beautiful, and the light of the full Worm Moon adds to the glow. The colors are definitely yours!

  10. Lol! I saw the front dress on another blog. Even in larger sizes, if one has more than just a sternum, it won’t fit. Oh, & its open in the back. So you can’t wear a bra with it.

    It looks like several buttons on the black dress aren’t done up, so even the mannequin has too much poitrine for it.

    The yellow dress would have to be worn as a tunic. And the other blouse has ruffles on it. My chest doesn’t need the extra embellishment.

    The clothes with their colors & prints may be eye catching, but the cut & sizing are for a different figure than mine.

  11. The minute I saw this picture, I went, Farm Rio. I’m not sure I want clothes that are like a billboard for the brand (yes, I know Lilly Pulitzer is pretty distinctive, and Gucci, but I don’t own those either). While some of these prints are beautiful, I would feel the clothes were wearing me, not the other way around. Too much … too much print, too much contrast, too much color, too much fabric for my 5’5” frame. For the yellow dress at a strange length, for those who could wear that color, they could try Pam’s topper trick and turn it into a light third layer, perhaps over a flowered tank.

  12. Was it called the Frida Kahlo collection? I would wear the blouse on the right, with white.

  13. Those necklines alone would be an issue. Where are the “girls” supposed to hide? First the indignity of the being flattened like pancakes during the yearly mammogram, combined with their past duties of feeding two infants, now they are expected to be happy that they are being put on display in all their 66 year old less-than-glorious condition? Not to mention that it now takes a bra constructed like a suspension bridge to hoist them up somewhere north of my knees.

    No, for the sake of my aging bosoms, I wouldn’t wear it. I owe them that much after a lifetime of abuse. They deserve a dignified, reclusive old age.

  14. Not for me. The prints are too bold. The dresses? are too long & shapeless for me. The blouse has too much going on with the sleeves. Yellow dress is not my color or my style.

  15. I might try the blouse and jeans on the left but would need a cami of some color underneath. I think white jeans would be more attractive than the dark ones shown. I love the Ukranian yellow of the dress on the right and it could look cool with Ukranian blue leggings and scarf. The cut screams youth to me so I wouldn’t wear it. I think the billowing sleeves (esp. in crop tops) that are showing up now are going to lose the over 50 market in a heartbeat. I’m interested to know what you think, Pam?

  16. I am usually game for trying and wearing less conventional clothes, but these are a bit too much of too many things at once. Colorful print in a sleeveless maxidress with a more round or v.neck? Sure. Colorful print, billowy sleeves, plunging neckline, and maxi length with lots of fabric bunched up? I don’t think so. Yellow dress: not my color… but that’s not the main problem. The hemline looks like it was sewn haphazardly. Probably a trend, but not me. The shape of the black kaftan is nice but the tiger peeking out at knee length makes it a “no.” The blouse is just too fussy for me. I guess I am not a FARM Rio fan. (BTW, I live in Uruguay, just south and to the west of Brazil. These pieces would not sell well here lol).

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