Summer preparations with thrift shopping

summer preparations

It’s Memorial Day!  Let’s discuss how we can fulfill summer preparations with thrift shopping.

Tomorrow I will begin Budget Saving Tuesday, and certainly thrift shopping is a great way to help us save with summer preparations.

Of course, everything I am featuring today is from thrift shopping at Goodwill San Antonio.

It Is always fun to stop by the many locations.

And I stop by often…some trips yield many finds, and sometimes I walk out without a purchase.

That is why it benefits me to stop by often.


summer preparations

Often during the summer vacations, we have more opportunities to spend with kids and grandchildren.

I love to have new and extra books around.  Going to the racks for children’s books is one of the first things I do upon entering a location.

I look through the books to read for safe content, and to check for condition of the book…no ripped pages, no pages unreadable from markers etc.

summer preparations

Toys are another way to be properly prepared for summer visitors.

Before I leave with a game, I will go through it in store to check for all the pieces.

Then if I take home toys such as this one, I give them a good washing off with disinfectant.

Some of these toys become quite popular with my grandchildren and I paid very little for them.


summer preparations

Perhaps this summer, you are looking to add some home decor or even re-purpose items with a touch of creativity.

summer preparations

Thrift shopping is always a great way to save money and promote sustainability.

I love to think creatively when I go in of some new ways to look at items and how they can be used.

summer preparations

I think this rising inflation is going to turn me into more of a DIYer than I ever have been.

I always see pieces which challenge me to think of how I would use them and I take time to look for special pieces that may have slipped by the radar of others.

Remember, to ask about special savings days where ever you thrift. 


summer preparations

As a woman who wears colors in the Vibrant Autumn Palette, there is not much around in the summer.

But, last week I discovered this treasure…and I love the top.  It is a brand called Prologue.

This is a brand typically found in Walmart, Target, or other low price point retailers.

However, I did not know that and I loved this top so much that I really thought it to be a higher end piece.

It is in great condition and fit so well.  It does not fit a summer preparation, but does fit in my wardrobe and I will wear it in cooler weather.


summer preparations

When I am making summer preparations for holidays, I always stop by Goodwill San Antonio.

That little heart in the middle is on my porch today, and I will use it again for July 4.

I love to decorate for holidays.  Today is one we must commemorate to thank and recognize all of those who have served and given their lives to protect us.

Decorating for holidays is part of the legacy I leave to my grandchildren about recognizing important events.

I know some of you have indicated you do not have access to thrift shops, but for those who do, I encourage you to visit often for your summer preparations.

Thanks for being here today for summer preparations using thrift stores…if you are in the U.S., enjoy the holiday…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am compensated with gift cards to Goodwill San Antonio in order to show you what I find.

By Pamela Lutrell

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summer preparations




  1. What a beautiful outfit you are wearing here! Definitely perfect for fall and who would ever know it’s a lower-priced brand? I really like the top and the rich color! You have inspired me to do some thrift shopping. Our Goodwill is not the best for this, but there are a few thrift stores close by that are specifically for home goods. I haven’t been to a few of them in years, but you have encouraged me to try again! Definitely like the ‘budget saving Tuesday ‘ theme! Sounds like fun! And yes, we do need to remember our veterans (actually more often than we do!) It’s good to see a lot of flags flying. We owe them our gratitude!

  2. I hope you go, Karen…it can so much fun. Let us know if you find a treasure! We drove down a long country road yesterday all lined with American flags…it was uplifting, yet made me tear up a little. Thanks for starting my day!

  3. Happy Memorial Day, Pam. As an autumn, I would have snapped up that top in a second! Thank you for sharing the brand. Our Goodwill is not too snazzy, but you have given me the impetus to stop into another one a bit further away, as well as visit a consignment shop that would be doable. Thank you for the reminder. Looking forward to this week’s blogs!

  4. Absolutely love that color! Maybe in November the weather will cooperate? Thank you for your reminder to pray yesterday. Never before has it been so important. Thank you, Pam. For such a time as this . . .

  5. I Love thrifting! There are those days of nothing, but then the fun days of new finds. I have found things to alter or adjust in small ways to make them my own, and that makes the outcome unique. I usually travel to the book section with a list of authors that I like and also a list of the books we have read by them, then check for anything new that catches my eye. You look gorgeous in your new find, and off season treasures are wonderful because it is good to find them at the time, and then when you pull them out for the fall, it is something new all over again.
    Bless those wonderful brave men and women today and everyday.

  6. One of my former students wrote a book a few years ago about the “the throw-away” society that we have become, including the development of certain stores that feature trendy clothing inexpensively produced overseas. If we pay little for our clothing, we do not feel as bad if we throw it away or stop wearing when it is no longer in style. She also discussed the amount of water and oil that is required to produce the cloth used to make many garments, well as the cheap labor used. She wrote her book while living in the garment area of New York City. It made such an impression on me, and like you, I feel that stores like Goodwill help the environment as well as one’s pocketbook.

  7. You look great, and while I know you love purple, spice might be your signature color. It just lights you right up. I used to look for books for my classroom at thrift stores. My students with reading issues needed books that were interesting but not too juvenile in illustrations, etc. You might want to consider putting your finds in the freezer for a few days, to kill any lurking pests.

  8. Thank you, Linda….spice, burnt orange and their different versions are my new signature favorites. I assure you I wash and disinfect well! Thanks!

  9. What an amazing find! You look gorgeous. Strange but our Goodwill stores don’t have the management yours do. It’s a bit haphazard and never much that is wearable. Even their jewelry selections (costume jewelry) is rather empty. Once upon a time I could find some cute pieces but no longer.
    We prayed yesterday for all the families who are suffering losses. Hard to wrap my head around so many issues.

  10. It is hard…thank you for praying! Our community is what makes Goodwill here so successful. They are very generous with donations!

  11. Pam, I just looked on Amazon for her book, and realize she has written a second book of which I was not aware. Her name is Elizabeth L.Cline, and you can see her two books available on Amazon. The one I read is “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion”, but I plan to read “ The Conscious Closet:The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good”.

  12. I haven’t been thrift shopping in forever but I needed a pair of white cropped pants for the summer, so I thought I would give it a shot. I found a great pair of white crops from Soft Surroundings for 19.99, and even better, my GW offers a senior discount to 55 and over. So I got a nice pair of quality crops for $15. Well worth the hunt!

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