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Happy Wednesday, ladies.  Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50.

If you are just stopping by for the first time, this is the day when I bring you lifestyle news from around the globe.

News…that I look over to see what might be of interest to you.  A few of the stories may be about news happening to the younger set, but news you may find of interest.

I do my best to keep today’s news interesting and light and provide a “politics” free zone.

So grab a warm beverage and comfy space….(and don’t those rosemary scones look tempting?)…anyway…sit down and let’s read today’s news….


Today's News

Good Morning America, Old Navy commits to not raise prices on denim amid rising inflation

Pure Wow: 6 fashion trends we’re ready to say goodbye to this fall

Vogue: The non-shoe is the statement shoe for fall

Good Morning America, Jennifer Lopez turns 53, launches JLO Body

CNBC: Amazon launches same-day delivery from some brick-and-mortar retail brands



Today's News

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Family Handyman: Should you water your plants with a banana peel?

Better Homes & Gardens: The best patio lighting ideas to brighten your outdoor space

Southern LivingHow to clean dirty oven racks so they will look brand new


Today's News

Best Life: This popular grocery chain is closing stores starting August 13

Cooking Light: 14 healthy snacks and meals that travel well

Eating Well I’m a dietician on a budget and these are my favorite high protein dinners

Southern LivingWhipping cream cake:  The vintage dessert the Internet can’t stop baking

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Today's News

Parade: Destinations that are a coastal grandmother’s dream

Travel Awaits: The most popular meteor shower of the year takes place this month, this is the best time to see them

Travel Awaits: How Boomers are blazing their own retirement paths

Inc.: New research: A good night’s rest is vital for heart health


Today's News

Today’s news at my house is a bad news/good news situation.

My long thick hair has come with challenges my whole life and one is occasionally stopping up shower drains.

Always in the past, it has been easy to unclog the drain ourselves…however, recently we faced a clog that would not move.

So, we called in a plumber who shoved the “snake” in so hard that he broke the P-trap.

Prior to this, I had no idea what I P-Trap was…I have linked to the best explanation I can find.

I might have guessed in the past that a p-trap had something to do with a toilet…not a shower or sink drain.

It turned out that the P-trap is a pretty big deal and VERY costly.  However, since the plumber broke it and not us, we received money to cover it.

That was when several people said…as long as you have that money you should upgrade your master bath…it needs updating badly.

If we ever faced selling the home, we would have needed to do work in the bath anyway…so I say all of that to share today’s news at my house.

Bad news:  Major unexpected project at a difficult  economic time. Good News:  I will have a new bathroom!

We are about to begin a big project so everything in the bath and in our closets had to come out over the weekend and now live in the front room!

I will take “before and after pictures”, and share anything I learn along the way as I did when we remodeled our kitchen.

Today’s New Headline:  Listen closely if you are told a P-trap is broken!  We needed to cease using that shower immediately.

I kind of felt bad that my hair started the whole thing!  

Thanks for stopping by for Today’s News…let us know what you think of any of these Today’s news stories…please comment on as many as you like….and make sure that as you go through the day to always….


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Today's News



  1. My sympathies about the bathroom. The end result will be fun, and that’s where to focus! I remember doing this in the house that I sold…it was a DIY with my friend. Tore out floors and replaced all the plumbing, even the main drain stack. It took us over a month, but worth every minute spent!
    That fashion article about trends we’re leaving behind…holy cow. Makes me grateful that I live in a more backward place…I honestly never saw anyone dress like what they showed in that article. And that new shoe style??? I guess I’m not “with the times”, but I’ll still seek out pretty and feminine (which will probably get harder to find).
    I was just recalling the other day about how, about this time of the year, the Glamour fall/college issue used to come out. Do you remember that? It was so much fun to read that issue and see all the beautiful clothes and try to copy the styles! Even as a young mom I really looked forward to that!

  2. Wow, thanks for the memory. I use to run for the fall issues of Vogue and Harper’s. I wish I had saved a couple. I loved looking at all of the fashions. Now that fashion magazines have become political rags and the industry beyond extreme, I rarely think about them. Those are good memories. Thanks Karen!

  3. Oh boy, a renovation! I wish you strength. And patience. But you will be so tickled with final result.
    Hats off to old navy, their prices and inventory helped me out back in the day.
    The trends they’d like to see end, I agree with this time.
    The unshoe is pretty cool.
    Have to giggle, J lo would have to be bottling actual pure magic for our behinds to look like hers.
    But ya know, There’s young ones who will buy the idea. Heaven help them and their credit rating.

  4. Sorry about the bathroom drain issues. I remember unclogging shower and sink drains and not believing what was sitting in there. Yes, focus on the end result. Fun!
    My gosh, trends to say goodbye to…thank goodness! That translucent dress. We just attended a wedding where half of the guests were from England. Such beautiful, unique dresses and all modest. I, too, am remembering my love affair with the back-to-school issues, but my go to was Seventeen magazine. My girlfriend and I would lie on the beach, pore over each page, and visit the fabric shops. We are still at it, 55 years later- shopping, sharing posts, discussing our seasons. True friendship. Thanks for the informative Wednesday posts. They are fun to read, some with excitement, others with relief! You give us a nice variety of articles!

  5. So glad you enjoy them and impressed you and your childhood bff still enjoy fashion together!

  6. We are also having a bathroom renovation starting next week! I’m both dreading it and excited for the end result. The contractor we are using does it all except the final flooring so we found somebody to do that. (Luxury vinyl tiles).
    The 6 trends article was the one that caught my eye, but after reading it I realized I don’t embrace any of these trends (?) so saying goodbye will be easy.
    I don’t follow JLo or order much online anymore (I know I know) —too many returns!
    Have a good week Pamela!

  7. Hi Paulette…let’s touch base at the end and see how it went for both of us!

  8. I’m glad to see that ON is giving parents a break. I went to the Canadian website, but couldn’t find anything about that denim price guarantee. However, school uniforms were 50 percent off today.

    As I recall, it can be impossible to find boys’ pants of any kind in secondhand stores in size 8. This is the age/size when little boys play hard and wreck the knees. Even in friends circles, that size never gets handed down.

    Speaking of secondhand stores, one in my area now has an online store. They pick the best donated women’s items and sell clothing bundles at a reasonable price. All you do is request a size and sleeve length, for example, in tops. A bundle of four tops is mailed out. Perfect for those who don’t enjoy searching the racks. Everything in the bundles is in good condition, so no duds in the duds!

    Good luck with the reno!

  9. Thanks Binky! I learned this morning that more of our local consignment shops are regularly being vandalized and the high end designer pieces stolen. One of my favorites has been hit three times in the last couple of months. Most of the small business people will be forced to close. I know it is great to have some online and we can support there, but I am sad to see this happen to those who love owning store fronts. Your comment reminder me of this news story this morning.

  10. Wishing you a smooth and easy renovation. We are doing a two bathroom reno at the moment. My hope is that you have another functioning bathroom in your house. We were going gung ho until we ran into cabinet delay issues. Luckily we had kept one cabinet during the demolition and have been able to make one bathroom functional until the supply chain gets unclogged. Love the new big shower though that replaced the large whirlpool bath that was never used!
    Bookmarked the ‘ I’m a dietician on a budget and these are my favorite high protein dinners’. Looking forward to trying a number of those dishes. We just finished a seniors course which stressed that we need more protein, as our ability to process it decreases, as you age.

  11. Thank goodness we do have other bathrooms. I hope we do not run into supply chain issues but these days it takes patience and we need to be prepared for it. Thanks for sharing and on the protein!!

  12. What a great thought at the end. I’m going to have to write that one on my chalkboard. 😁

  13. We must have the same type of hair, Pam. I know too well how easily those drains clog up. I’m sure your new bathroom will be wonderful and it’s good you are focused on the positive!!! Can’t wait to see the before and after photos. I used to always run out and purchase Vogue every August, but haven’t done so since they featured one of the Kardashians on the cover … too many other beautiful, smart and saavy women overlooked. The article about trends was interesting … most of those trends I’ve not heard of and wouldn’t have embraced. At any rate, fashion sure is interesting!

  14. Good luck with the renovation! A few years ago, we removed the tub in my husband’s bath & converted it to a walk-in shower. It was a good move on our part as husband now has mobility issues. I’m glad those fashion trends are leaving, & I think I will pass on the shoe trend. I don’t think they would supply the support my old feet need. Karen Anderson certainly brought back some great memories with the Glamour college issue. It was one of my favorites.

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