Ross Dress for Less for fall

Ross for fall

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Slightly cooler breezes are blowing here and have me smiling today!  So, let’s discuss Ross Dress for Less for Fall.

Last week, Leigh Ann and I drove by a store we have not frequented in a long time.  We decided then to check out Ross for fall.

There are many new locations of Ross in our area, but for this post I only went to two.

We both were Ross shoppers in the past, but in the last two years ceased to have it on our targets.

So let’s look at Ross for fall and see what we discovered plus our takeaway opinions.


Ross for fall

In looking at Ross for fall,  it is good remember it is similar to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

I have always preferred the other two with Marshall’s being my favorite.  Ross does not seem to require the care put into displays, cleanliness, and dressing rooms that Marshall’s in our area does.

That is evident in the dirty mirror in the top image.

It may not be true, but my perception has always been that they get the bottom of the barrel merchandise. 

However, we still saw some very nice pieces at Ross for fall.

Ross for fall

Leigh Ann found a pair of excellent Michael Kors $125 dark denim jeans for $17.  

We are wearing pieces from a brand called Marc New York by Andrew Marc. You can find his designs at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Dillards and Macys.

If the jacket I have on had been larger, it would have come home with me…the design of that jacket is so flattering and lovely and it is only $35.

Ross for fall

Both locations I visited over the weekend had very heavy garments at Ross for fall.

Whenever, it is cooler here, I will stop by to see what they have.  I just could not bring myself to try items on when it was so hot outside and the dressing rooms not the best.

Ross for fall

Ross for fall

However, I saw several nice designer garments with lots of interesting details that would be fun to consider.

The Southwestern cardigan was gorgeous if you are into that style…for the cool palette ladies It would look lovely with a white blouse.

After looking at Ross for fall, I did decide I will return there to see what is on the racks occasionally.

But, I like to go in “quiet times” because Ross still only has one checker.  I understand getting help is a challenge right now, but Marshalls has a full load of checkers.


Ross for fall

Ross for fall included some cute fall decorations for the home.

I almost purchased these pillows….they were so cute…but talked myself out of them.

Ross for fall

Ross for fall

While I saw some nice items at Ross for fall, I would still prefer Marshall’s for home decor or even HomeGoods.

It just seems like the selections are Ross are not the same…again, displays make a difference.

Nevertheless, regular Ross shoppers will find at Ross for fall some nice decor.


Ross for Fall

Ross for fall

Before the pandemic, I often stopped by Ross to shop the shoes, purses and toys.

Ross for fall always included great toys for gifts and the holidays…however, all three of these departments are depleted.

In fact, the shoes at Marshall’s stores are the same…way lower than they previously had been.  

These stores were go to retailers for me to find shoes and boots…no longer is that the case.

Marshall’s selections of purses exceeds Ross for fall.

My assessment of Ross for fall at this point is that I will stop by occasionally to see what they have for clothing.

However, unless they beef up the other departments, I will not be shopping there as often.

I just wanted to give you an honest review and proper assessment of what we discovered. 

I may try one of their newer locations in town to see if there is improvement in some of these areas.

I did not see enough positives to draw me away from Marshall’s as my first choice for affordable designer shopping. 

Location is important in my fast paced world and that is why I do not go to TJ Maxx except on rare occasions…they are out of my wheelhouse.

OK….any Ross shoppers here?  Please feel free to tell us more positives about Ross in your area if you know them.  Do you go there often?  If so, please tell us why.

I will add that Ross is usually an easy in easy out location with not alot of fuss like you find with a mall. I could see stopping there for a quick look if need a special outfit at Ross for fall.

I understand that all of us are making adjustments in today’s economy and I do believe this fall and holiday seasons we are going to see great sales at our favorite stores….that also makes me re-think Ross for fall.

Would love to have you join in this conversation….and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Ross for fall


  1. I do not like Ross for the reasons you mentioned. I usually shop Dillards, J crew and Nordstrom. But since Nordstrom is in Dallas and I am in Fort Worth it has to be on line.

    I have been shopping a lot for fall and am distressed to find that so many of the retailers are not stocking 14, 16 or XL. There was a time they did. I assume everyone but me list down to a size 6 during Covid while I went the other direction !!

    Although in line shopping is easier now I still like to try on things at the store rather that order several sizes and have to send things back

  2. This was very interesting for me because I have never gone in one of these stores, though we have one nearby. Like the others you mentioned, I have heard that the merchandise they receive, while carrying a “designer name”, is not that brand’s top-of-the-line quality. I.E., these brands have lesser quality lines that they send to these stores. That’s not a bad thing, but important to know. For example, I saw a cashmere sweater in TJMaxx a few years ago that was $30. I passed, because it was clearly poor quality though I guess it qualified as cashmere. I like the jacket you tried on with the pleat details. I think this is a good way to play around with a few trends rather than to spend a lot of money on things that will not be in style forever. In this way, these stores are great for that. If this store had been around when my kids were little and going through clothes like crazy, I’d definitely have been in there! They do have a place!

  3. Pam, Although I used to believe also that Ross was part of the TJ Maxx family I’ve don’t believe that is correct. I just thought you would want to know.

  4. My nearest Ross store like Marshall’s, Talbot’s, Chico’s, Target’s, Kohl’s is about 40-50 miles away in Tallahassee, but if I lived closer, I’d surely go looking for bargains. However, I do have a TJ Maxx about 20 miles away in the same development as a Belk so they are my nearest shopping places other than Walmart. I did not realize that Ross is part of the same organization as TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall’s. I do go to TJ Maxx in particular to look for designer purses, but have bought several pairs of athletic tights there to wear to yoga. I’m always on the lookout for a bargain, and rarely wear anything that’s not on sale.

  5. Your last line is a keeper. While we don’t have a Ross, I find big sales at retailers I like. I know how the brand fits me, and has the quality I expect. New on my radar is JCrew Factory, especially their sweater blazers. I do love Marshall’s for tee shirt dresses and beach coverups. The Marc brand is carried by a high end department store near here called Von Maur. I buy it sometimes at 50-75 percent off, and it’s great fit and quality. I love a sale rack (or on line). I’m so good at it, I’ve come to love the process almost more than the clothes. It has been hard since retiring to realize I just don’t need nearly as much as when working.

  6. I’m a regular Ross shopper. I’ve found, over time, some terrific bargains from brands that I’ve not been willing to pay full price for; in styles that I’ve been reluctant to try; or for specific, unusual occasions. As a sewer, I’ve also gotten things that just needed a little “tweak” that I could easily do that made it perfect for me. But as you found, at times there is simply nothing on the racks that interests me. It’s good to know that Tuesdays are 10 percent-off days for those over 55. I know it’s not much, but can make a difference to many of us, and particularly in higher- priced merchandise.

  7. We don’t have a Ross anywhere near my home that ud ever heard about. But we do have Marshall’s and TJ Max! Love to shop here! My go to stores for serious clothes are still Talbots J Crew and Macys. Anthropologie too.
    Look for sales!

  8. We have both a newer Marshall’s and an older Ross in town, and I notice the same things you did in comparing your stores. It’s a shame because in a small town, and having lost Penney’s, Pier 1, and Macy’s in recent years, we heavily rely on every remaining retailer. It makes out of town shopping trips and online necessary, but for struggling budgets that isn’t always an option. Our Marshall’s does a good job of rotating in new inventory and I stop in to browse fairly often, snagging a clothing item or new towels for the kitchen or bath. We don’t have Homegoods, Target, or Bed Bath & Beyond here, so I’m especially grateful our Marshall’s seems to be thriving.

  9. Our Ross store (semi-rural AZ) is kept rather neat and tidy and is in a convenient location. That being said, though I stop and wander through I very seldom find anything that I bring home. I think their best quality for the money is in their purses and shoes if you can find something you like in your size. Lately, however, they do seem to have the weirdest shoes which I’m sure came from other stores that were not able to sell them either. Their housewares section is fully stocked and has some good items at reasonable prices.

  10. There is only one Ross store in my area. I visited it once & have never been back. It was a mess, & the selection of items was very limited. I like Home Goods for decorative items & have found many good buys there. I have bought several Christmas gifts there. Buying clothing at TJ Max is hit or miss, but I bought a heavy winter coat there & like their selection of bags. Marshall’s is a bit out of the way, but I stop in when I am in that area & have found a wide variety of good quality products there. I think many of the retailers are still recovering from the pandemic & are struggling.

  11. How fun for you to shop with Leigh Ann! My friends are all close to 80 and say that they don’t like to shop because they don’t go anywhere. Kind of sad. I still love to shop though! Our Ross, like yours, is pretty dirty and the merchandise does seem inferior to what I find at Marshall’s and TJMaxx. I did like the gray jacket and the orange sweater that you gals tried on. To my knowledge, Ross is not affiliated with the TJX company. Maybe that explains the difference in how the stores are kept up.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Our Ross for less is terrible. How they stay in business escapes me. Usually there are only a few items in each size except small. Most of those few items I wouldn’t wear if they gave them to me. I don’t bother stopping there anymore.

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