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Would You Wear It

Yes! It is Saturday…so welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and my friend, Jennifer

Jennifer and I discover fashion displays in our two worlds that make us wonder what you think…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Or not, and explain why you feel the way you do.

We ask that this be a thoughtful response with a goal to help others…because these comments are read.

So, let’s get going today and celebrate the weekend and each other with WOULD YOU WEAR IT?



Would You Wear It

There are many new versions of blues and greens this fall, so this display captured my attention recently.

Of course, when I show you a display with more than one mannequin you can choose to tell us what you think about one or all you see.

Jennifer and I also like to have you comment on the overall display…does it motivate you to try on what you see or would you design it differently.

I also want to ask…is fanfare green a green or a blue to you…how would you describe it?

Would You Wear It

So, please look this over with a careful fashion consumer’s eye and tell us………………………………………………………………………………………..


I am certain that the majority here recognize a Chico’s display.  Here are the garments on this display for more information….plus a little more, of course!

You can also see more from Chico’s September collection In my post from Thursday:


Would You Wear It

Girls are girls no matter our ages and we like to see what others are wearing.

So, here is a slideshow of items which have been BEST SELLERS on over 50 feeling 40 this past week:

The top BEST SELLER this past week was the Embroidered Crinkle Kimono at JJILL.

Also, women are enjoying the new arrivals at Land’s End.

Everyone seems to be preparing for the cool breezes to blow!  Now, tell us what you think of the WOULD YOU WEAR IT display.

Then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s.  

Thanks so much for being here and make sure that you……………………………………………


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Would you Wear It

And now…it is back to…GAME DAY!!

Would You Wear It


  1. Wow- this green is powerful early in the morning! Right off the jeans shown would fit nicely into my everyday casual style. I have sone other frayed hem jeans that appear similar to those shown and of course I own finished hem as well. Onto the tops.
    The bright green tailored shirt would not work for me- just too much. Same issue for the cardi on left. On someone else this top might be fine but it’s not me.
    I do like the printed kimono but I prefer the shorter style (Ruanas?) – this one is too long. If I were 5 ft 9 or taller , maybe -/but I’m pretty short- 5 ft 3. Have a great Saturday!

  2. Fanfare Green looks more like Fanfare Blue to me. Of all these outfits, I like the long duster in the middle. Although, I’m short so I’d need to try it on to see if it would be a real duster on me – dusting the floor!

  3. I didn’t know that the ‘correct’ term was ‘fanfare green’ – I would call it turquoise ! It may be my all time favourite colour so I really like this display and would probably spend too much time staring at it if in the shop . The point to me is that it is almost exactly half-way between blue and green – which I also love . As to the outfits shown , I already have 2-3 shirts close to the plain colour and several featuring it as part of a pattern . I do like the colour block loose jacket with the rust – a combination I had not thought of despite liking rust very much also…The long coat shows off how well the blue/green goes with navy – which I usually avoid but must now re-think ! I realise that the jeans are there essentially as background because everyone wears them . Except me .

  4. I suppose different devices show the colour differently, but to me it looks like a blue with green in it. I like the colour and the way the shirt is styled to show the length, but also tucked in. Personally, I would not wear any of the other outfits, but that is just down to my style.

  5. Whoa! What a wake up call! At first I saw green but another photo gave it a touch of blue. It sure makes an entrance. Must look marvelous on a winter? What a gorgeous kimono on someone with great height and drama!

  6. Love these colors and the display. Personally I could not wear the full length kimono/duster…don’t care for the look. Also the French tuck like that doesn’t work for my body shape….I can use a small hair twisty and just tuck a little of the shirt in. The colors just happen to be my favorites.

  7. Looks like blue to me. I love the duster but am too short for it. The jeans would work for my lifestyle.

  8. I adore that color, and the styling is great (especially love the hat in that shade of neutral brown). I love rust with turquoise as well. The silhouettes would give me pause. That poncho with the color block is not flattering … I’ve tried many styles like that, and they just don’t look good. The long duster is too much print for my 5 foot, 5 inch height, though I do think it’s beautiful. The solid colored top might get a try on, but large patch pockets on the bust line add bulk and make this shirt less versatile.

  9. Like Rukshana, I see this as midway between blue and green, and anything in this color spectrum works great for me. Heading to Chico’s today 🤸‍♀️ so maybe I can check these pieces in person! I love the display, find it very striking, and all but the poncho would interest me. That patterned topper is stunning.

  10. I love that color of green, but it washes me out next to my face. I like the display, they way they have styled the clothing would catch my eye and I would definitely take a second look. I don’t wear ruanas, they make me feel frumpy. It’s a personal thing.

  11. This is one of the best displays I’ve seen! Very well coordinated, yet pulls in different styles. Well done, display person 😃

  12. I am not a fan of colorblock, but I love that duster! 90% of my wardrobe is preppy/classic, the rest is dramatic and this duster hits every mark for me. I also see this color as turquoise and I love it with rust and navy. I do not care for the raw edge jeans. And, like Jennifer, I also use a small hair twisty to “style” my shirts.

  13. I love that color! Yes, I would wear all the tops. The bottoms are not great in winter cold, so full-length it is for me. These are the perfect layering pieces for fall and winter.

  14. This reminds me of turquoise which I love to wear. The kimono is especially striking. I would love to try it over a column of color. Happy Saturday Pam!

  15. I know the tag says Fanfare Green but I call it Teal and yes I’d wear it, it is a beautiful color and so are these outfits!!

  16. What a difference our monitors make! I see blue. I would definitely stop and look. I would want darker jeans or pants with the solid colored shirt. Otherwise, I’d feel the fabric, check fabric content, price and maybe try some on. I’d look for other things in that same color.

  17. This is a very attractive & well-thought-out display. I would wear the blouse on the right but would either tuck it in or wear it completely out. I don’t care for the partial tucked in look. I wouldn’t wear the light washed jeans as I prefer a darker wash. That’s just a personal preference. The long duster in the middle & the cardigan? on the left are both too long to be attractive on my short frame, but they would look lovely on someone taller than me.

  18. Love the color and think this is a well-done display, everything looks modern and chic. But I’m not sure I would purchase any of these pieces. I’m not a big fan of color block sweaters and the sleeve length looks odd on this one (perhaps they’ve got it pushed up. The print on the kimono/duster is beautiful but it’s too long for me. I like a nice tailored blouse but I’m not a fan of ‘boob pockets’ especially with a flap; they’re neither decorative nor functional. The half tuck is a very modern touch but one I think looks like you got interrupted while you were dressing, while you were deciding whether to tuck your shirt or leave it out; it’s a trend I’ll be sitting out. We’re all proportioned differently but the button placement on this shirt is poor for this mannequin and it looks like it’s too snug across her bosom.

  19. My sister bought the kimono and she is 5’1” and it looks fabulous on her. It is long- just about ankle high.

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