Chico’s new arrivals feature sparkle & shine

Chico's new arrivals

Happy Tuesday, all!  I am excited to share with you that Chico’s new arrivals feature sparkle and shine!

We are entering the sparkle and shine season…so one of our favorite brands brings it on with Chico’s new arrivals.

Yesterday, I walked into our beautiful Chico’s store at The Alamo Quarry, and their wonderful sales associates were ready to show me new arrivals for now and the holidays ahead.

My eye went first to this fabulous Plaid Sequined Party Tee….which I love.  It was hanging next to an all black sequined version. 

In the past, I have found all sequined tops to be heavy and a little itchy….this is just the opposite.

It is lightweight with a soft feel to it and I really like the sleeves….you could wear it with jeans or any pant to most events.

I tried it on with the 360 So Slimming Juliet Full Length Pant in black…very comfy.

The new arrivals include many elegant, luscious black designs and I tried some them on just for you.

But, I did not hit every thing and will put some extras from the Chico’s new arrivals in a slideshow below.


Chico's new arrivals

Besides the plaid sequined top, I loved the fit of this beautiful Reversible Embroidered Kimono.

The reverse side has more gold on it. For those who wear black….it is gorgeous.

The pants are the camel color in the So Slimming 360 Petite Juliet Pants.

I explained to the sales associate that I am between sizes in pants and she did her job really well.

She had me try on the 2.5 size ….I have never tried that before and it is a great fit for me at this moment.

I wanted to try one of the Tulip Hem Tanks, so that is what is underneath in the Ecru color.  These are very flattering tanks.


Chico's new arrivals

I think this whole outfit is fun and it also comes in red…tops and bottoms.

I could see it with a lovely navy jacket or coat.

This is the Plaid Crystal Button Shirt (buttons are big rhinestones) in Jasper.  I think this is a cute holiday casual look.

The Juliet Side Vent Ankle Pants are also in the Jasper (green)….these fit me larger than shown on the website.

Both the red and the green plaid would look cute with your jeans!

Chico's new arrivals

I really like this top for a nice casual autumn top.

The gold can we worn with many bottoms….I have one my own pair of Chico’s jeans.

This is the No Iron Golden Lotus Shirt...and it would look great under any topper from a vest to a jacket.


Chico's new arrivals

There are many toppers in the Chico’s new arrivals for casual  and for holiday events.

This Travelers Velvet Kimono is gorgeous and as such a beautiful touch of purple.  It looks lovely online over the Travelers midnight violet layering pieces.

Chico's new arrivals

I wanted to show you this jacket for those who love red.

This is the Rose Jacquard Topper and I think it looks cool online with the matching pants.

I like the creativity of the many ways separates can be styled in order to stretch a wardrobe.

Chico's new arrivals

Now, this would be beautiful with leggings and silver or rose top for a hostessing event.

This is the Collection Print Velvet Kimono. 

Chico's new arrivals

Looking for a black evening coat with some sparkle in the Chico’s new arrivals?

This is the Shimmery Jacquard Topper.

Remember I am trying on all of the lovely black for those of you who wear it and love it!

So, let’s do more…..


Christmas new arrivals


If I wore black, I would have walked out tops from the Chico’s new arrivals.

This is my favorite…..the Textured Pullover with Sequin Sleeves.

Chicos new arrivals

Here is a casual way to say SPARKLE!

This is the Dazzle Drape Sleeve Tee.   Would be lots of fun under a vest!

Chico's new arrivals

Chico's new arrivals

I really liked this one a lot and the sleeves did not bother me at all, but, sadly, I cannot find it online.

It fits well and feels great so perhaps it is sold out.


Chico's new arrivals

The jewelry in the Chico’s new arrivals has sparkle, shine and for me is just drool-worthy!

I am still thinking about this Black & Gold Multi-Strand Necklace.

There was so much to see yesterday when I stopped by and all made me smile.

Here are other pieces I would like to try on, but remember, some go quickly:

It is always fun to dream of events where I might wear some of the items from Chico’s new arrivals….you never know, one might pop up on my calendar!

Is any special event already on yours for the holidays?


By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's new arrivals


  1. Good morning, Pam. That looked like fun! Chico knows how to add bling to the holiday season whether one is looking for a simple top or a more serious piece. Thank you for the lovely show.

  2. Hmmm…. I have always loved Chicos basics, which I feel get overshadowed by their embellished offerings. When I was working, the Juliet pants were go-tos, and their quality is fabulous. As for their featured items, I like some years more than others, and this year overall is a miss for me. It is also possible that my style is evolving, because I’m finding myself drawn to a more minimal aesthetic, I think because my retirement is so casual and even sporty. But I do love fashion and love to see others with different style adjectives confidently wearing a beautiful item from Chicos. Thanks for the fashion show today!

  3. So many pretty things. I particularly liked the rose jacket on you, the cut and length is so flattering. Heart eyes for the camel pants, as well. I was just looking at sequined items in the last couple of days for the holiday season, although I haven’t found anything deemed “just right” at this point. Thanks for doing the leg work for us!

  4. Lots of pretty things. It is worth your time to spend some shopping time on their website!

  5. Such beautiful holiday clothing at Chico’s….as you said, if only we had some place to go in such decorative attire! The older we get, the less we have so-called “ fancy” events to attend as I think society has become much more casual, especially since our pandemic years. I personally would love to have one of those topper, especially the one with some purple in it, or one of the blouses with such unusual sleeves. I need to go into a store and try on pants as mine are too small or too large. Like you, I’d like to try some .5 sizes although no stores carry petites I was told. However, if the pants are ankle length, they are not too long for my shorter legs.

  6. I am so glad I tried the .5 sizing. I have no idea why I haven’t thought of it on my own! Thanks to good sales associates!

  7. I think you look fabulous in the red and black as well as the velvet kimono even though you say they are not your colors.

  8. Thanks Arlene…I would wear the red! It has more red than black in it, so it comes closer to working for me. Wish I had someplace to wear it on the calendar!

  9. Good morning Pam! Chicos is certainly leading the way into our Holiday season! And I love you in that first tunic- glitter and a very pretty style! I also fell for that velvet topper you’re modeling!
    I have my old stand by tops- white merino with glitter and a few beads that I pair wuth winter white pants, and a wrap velvet top that is quite old but I wear it mainly during December. It’s such that I can wear it with jeans (dark wash) or black dressier pants.
    But Chicos is a store I’ll need ti visit – thank you for sharing!

  10. Thank you Paulette. I also get so many new ideas when I take time to stop by the stores!

  11. Even though I don’t have much occasion to really dress up for the holidays, seeing all the beautiful things from Chico’s is a treat. You do a great fashion show, even when it’s not your colors. I sure hope you purchased those camel Juliet pants. They looked great on you. Thanks for the fun fashion show.

  12. For me, this would be a case of “all dressed up and nowhere to go”. We’re keeping things tight because of the elephant in the room.

  13. I am not a huge fan of wearing blingy tops, but many of these had just the right amount of sparkle & weren’t overdone. I loved the plaid top. It would very wearable. Thanks for the fashion show.

  14. I liked the balance as well, Becky. Often sequined tops are so heavy…these are not. Good balance of bling!

  15. Oops, I thought she meant covid, which for me is the reason why there’s no place to go …
    Thanks for all the pretty looks, though.

  16. Sorry to say but none of the above did anything for me. I thought the patterns were loud and just plain ugly. Not my style at all. I buy many things from Chico’s but not on this list.

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