Old Navy October Fashion Picks

October fashion pick

Happy Thursday, all.  Today let’s go see a few Old Navy October Fashion Picks.

During this past summer,  many of you requested to see more items in the more affordable stores.

There are some who want to have fun with fast fashion and during a difficult economy are looking for ways to do that.

This is why I have gone more lately to these types of places….your requests and I am here to serve you.

I first went to Old Navy at the beginning of September, and hope to return with Leigh Ann next month.

They have sales often and if you like what you see, sign up for the emails to keep up to date on the sales.

But for now, let’s return with me for a few Old Navy October Fashion picks.  


October fashion picks

This was my favorite jacket of the ones I looked at in store, so it earned the place as top of the October fashion picks.

This is the Soft-Brushed Sherpa-Trim Jacket in a color called, Horsing Around! I did not see the other color in store, but it looks lovely online.

I realize it is 100% polyester…however, it is soft, fits well, felt warm, and would make a great little casual, out-and-about jacket.

I would guess that it is also easy to wash at home….this just might be perfect for dealing with the grandkids!

It looked more expensive than it was and surprised me.

October fashion picks

October fashion picks

I also like the way it looks with this denim blouse.

The Ruffle-Neck Jean Shirt for Women made my October fashion picks because of it’s fit.

The length is just right…not too long or short.


October Fashion Picks

Yes, this simple little top made my October fashion picks because of its color….and feel of the fabric.

The color is called Grand Canyon, but it is the raisin color we often discuss here on the blog.

It is the Short-Sleeve Luxe V-Neck tee which comes in five colors.

Again, the fit of this top is lovely and it feels great….and if you love black, you may want one of these for easy layering.

Vibrant autumns can wear this raisin color all year long.

October Fashion Picks


This jacket was also on my September fashion pick list, but I am including it for October fashion picks.

Especially for those in colder climates…is heavy.

It is the Soft-Brushed Oversized Blazer in Herringbone.

I do want to say that I do not recommend the other option in this jacket….it was not as attractive as the herringbone.

In order to make my October fashion picks, the garment has to look more expensive than it is.  The black & white plaid does not.


October Fashion Picks

I tried on this oversized holiday plaid to consider for a cozy round the house work on all holiday chores and feel festive shirt.

There are 19 color options for this Long-Sleeved Plaid Flannel Boyfriend Tunic Shirt for Women….very cozy comfy.

Old Navy also has many options for matching family pajama sets.

Here are a few picks that just came out….

Fair Isle Sweater

Over-sized Soft-Brushed Button Front Coat

Clip-Dot Classic Front Button-Down Blouse


I hope you enjoyed experiencing my Old Navy October Fashion Picks with me!  Leigh Ann should return with me next month…she has been one busy little bee.

Let me know if you have any questions….and always always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I like the quote at the end, having moved away from “me too.” Shopping has been pretty limited for me this year partly due to the oversized trend that we’re seeing in the stores. As a petite lady, even the petite versions look like clothes just don’t fit. I think, like you said, Old Navy is a choice for having fun with fast fashion because of the price point. If someone wants to play around with a trend it’s a good choice because you don’t feel like you have to keep things. It’s also a good option for kids clothes since they grow out of things so fast. We used to shop there for the grandsons when they were little guys!

  2. I was stopping by in August to shop for grandchildren and a few women’s clothes caught my attention. That is how I end d up doing two months of picks for the audience. I always find something for grandchildren when I am there. Thanks Karen!

  3. Good morning! Fast fashion hasn’t been on my radar lately, but those plaid shirts could be fun! There are a few choices for autumns. Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness, Pam.

  4. I liked that first jacket. I also hear great things about their denim. I’ve never found the fit there to be great for me, which surprises me because their sister brand, Banana Republic, often fits me well. I did try on shackets thinking not to spend too much on a trend. None of the plaids I tried on came even close to matching. I agree, though, it’s great for kids’ clothes.

  5. I hope to stop by Banana Republic soon. The jackets I purchased over the summer were excellent and fit well! Thanks Linda!

  6. As a Chicagoan I get very snooty about cold weather (right up until I meet someone from the Dakotas or Minnesota). Let me just say a 100% polyester coat is for a 100% Texas winter. You look great in it though!

  7. I know that Mary…we would fry in some of the jackets you require. That is one of the reasons I wanted to show it to the audience. There are many warm weather readers here.

  8. Because I spend a fair amount of time at home, I have a few flannel shirts in my wardrobe. They are cozy for working inside & outside. The shirt you modeled would be nice for holiday decorating & other holiday chores. There are some other color choices that I liked as well. Old Navy is a good store for teenagers & younger folks as their tastes change, & they outgrow things quickly.

  9. Online is the place to shop Old Navy where I live. In-store does not carry the full size range and variety I’m looking for. What’s great is that you can shop ON, Gap and Banana Republic in one shopping cart for combined shipping.

    Just when I’d figured out my sizes for jeans, etc., ON has changed their sizing.

  10. Wow…thanks for sharing about combining the orders there. I am certain that is helpful to others.
    I have not tried on their jeans but may try to do that soon.

  11. Athleta can also be grouped with ON, Gap and BR in one order. Something to think about as Christmas shopping season approaches. I made a combination order already for family gifts, including a cashmere scarf for someone.

    If you’re ordering ON jeans, they provide details like measurements of rise length and leg openings that some other brands don’t. I like the Secret-Smooth front pockets in some styles and the choice of three different inseam lengths (petite, regular, tall). They should hire me as a brand ambassador, lol.

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