Would You Wear It – Fair Isle, Turtlenecks & Crew

Would You Wear It

Happy October 1, friends!  So excited to ring in October with you on our Would You Wear It Saturday!

Of course, Saturdays are the days that Jennifer and I show you fashion displays we have come upon and ask…Would you wear it?

We are finally experiencing cooler mornings in South Texas so it is much easier to write about cool weather clothing and, as you know, I am ready to dive into October.

So, let’s get started……


Would You Wear It

This display of four mannequins can provide a great discussion on necklines for fall and winter.

You see here turtlenecks, a fair isle sweater and a crew neck striped sweater.

Please give construction thought to the garments and how they are styled.

Then answer for us and the audience……………………………………………………………….


You may recognize these pieces from the current Talbots collection…here they are and more in a slideshow (cowl necks, mock necks, button downs…they have it!)

Also, this weekend is the Talbots’ Customer Appreciation Sale….30% off entire purchase!



Would You Wear It

This past week was a popular time to see many retailers release new arrivals.

Here are some pieces I want to share with you…remember just click through the picture to go to that website!

Enjoy some new pieces to ponder…would you wear it?

Thank you so much for joining us today…I hope to have more for you next week as I return to strength!  I appreciate all of the support during my hospitalization last week.

Now, tell us…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?  Then go over and comment on A WELL STYLED LIFE!  Join me…know matter what…one day at a time…as I…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. Hope you are feeling ok! Yes, I would wear all of these items. The dress may be iffy because of my body shape but the rest is a win. Today starts my birthday month so I am looking forward to my Talbot’s and Chicos coupons!

  2. Nothing too exciting in the first photo but New Arrivals — The stunning model with the longish white hair. Beautiful!! That’s how you market to stylish women of a certain age. Happy Saturday!

  3. Oh, I am in love with that blue dress! Not so much the sweaters with stripes or fair isle but that is just me. I wore so many fair isle sweaters in years past that I am over them.
    Looks like I will be on a few sites, lots to choose from. Also I agree, it is great to see more mature models looking so fantastic to present options we can see ourselves in.
    Hope every day gets better for you Pam. Yay, October is here.

  4. Since this fall I’m feeling a simpler look, I’m leaning toward the turtlenecks ( yes in dresses and in shorter sweaters) rather than stripes and fair isle—at least right now. I e been wearing my collection of solid JCrew cashmere simple crew neck snd turtleneck sweaters. I’ve got a few colors and enjoy this simple look with my many jeans or camel pants. A narrow belt. Maybes pretty silk scarf / Voila!

  5. Turtle necks and high cowls are not for me now, but I used to live in them. Talbots always offers quality pieces with a variety of colors. The sweaters are cute, but I usually call them seasonal Saturday sweaters. Adorable for the season, and then tucked away. I am trying to be aware of ‘cost per wear’. (Results can be eye opening!) The brown Fair Isle would look lovely on someone who looks good in a scoop neck but needs to stay warm in the winter. The way it is designed gives the illusion of a scoop. (I just took a class on necklines and face shapes so I am tuned into looking at possibilities.) great post. I hope you are feeling yourself today.

  6. I’m not a turtleneck person, I feel you need a long neck to really pull it off. I’d wear the crew neck sweaters, just not as often here in AZ. Not a sweater dress person as they make feel way to hot.

  7. The blue dress is lovely and can be accessorized easily with a necklace, scarf, or belt (or some combo). If I wore dresses, I’d definitely try this on. I like the striped sweater, but there is not a single real fiber in it – it’s all plastics / synthetics — and I am being conscious of this as well as CPW. I like Fair Isle sweaters but this year’s seem to have very large patterns, and be cotton rather than wool or a wool blend.

  8. Oh, very pretty blue sweater dress! I wore a variety of sweater dresses and skirts in the 80’s and always felt lovely in them, so I would give this a try. For anyone who is tempted but worries about possible cling, remember our old foundation friend the slip. Problem solved, so long as you aren’t going for that body-con look I see in a lot of the ads aimed at younger gals. I may also give the striped sweater a try. I’ve been eyeing it from the catalog, and like it under the navy vest. Also crazy about the lavender coat in your roundabout, but Gosh! I do not need another piece of outerwear. 🙄 Wishing you a restful and complete recuperation, Pam. 💗

  9. I’m getting excited that I will soon be able to wear my turtlenecks which I love! I am not a Fair Isle fan, but if one were in my cool colors, I might be interested. In my younger, slimmer days I had a favorite dress like the icy blue one, but those days are gone. This is a lovely display from Talbot’s, well coordinated. My only criticism would be the shorter leg jeans with the striped sweater and vest. I surely hope that you have continued to feel stronger since your hospital visit. Have a restful weekend.

  10. A crew neck on top of a turtleneck is my go-to top half for most of the year ! With other (invisible) layers and changing between wool , cotton and sometimes silk knit I get plenty of variety for my trousers and the odd skirt .
    I have always found fairisle disappointing but I really love the colours of the stripes on the crewneck – it would go home with me .

  11. Knit dresses in a dry, cold winter? Add in tights and outerwear, and that’s an invitation to static cling that no amount of fabric softener or humidifiers can control. The best prevention is not to wear them.

  12. I wear a uniform at both my jobs. Since I wore a vest for winter, turtle necks get the nod. Since the pandemic I have been re-thinking my closet. Timeless but not preppy or stodgy. Add a scarf or cute jacket. I have always had to consider CPW.

  13. I love all the sweaters of fall…solid, stripes or fair isle!
    What a simple way to get dressed. Add denim, ponte, or cord pants ( or a skirt) and you are set for the day.

  14. I love turtlenecks and have a lot in different weights – thin cotton for cool days and for layering and heavier for the cold months. I love turtlenecks with jeans or slacks. I love Fair Isle but most look too tween due to the colors. Years ago, I found a Fair Isle Crewneck sweater in black and gray and white on sale after Christmas at J.Jill – purchased and done. It is the only one in my wardrobe. I can wear alone or over a tee or thin turtleneck. I love the dress but it would not work for me. I tend to stay away from sweaters with big stripes as they do not feel like they suit my style.

  15. The dress is beautiful, but not for my ample figure. I have a short neck, so turtlenecks & cowlnecks don’t work well for me. I have never been a fan of fair isle sweaters. I would wear the striped crew neck sweater with full length jeans or pants. The display is well done. I agree about the model with long white hair. That is what I want to see if you are trying to market something to me. I can relate to that. Hers is look I can aspire to.

  16. Love turtle necks, love Talbots and the sweater dress is lovely but I’m too tall to wear Talbot’s dresses.

  17. I’m 64 years old and I’ve been wearing long sleeve cotton turtlenecks under crew neck and v-neck sweaters, under tunics, cardigans, blazers, and jackets since I was 25 years old. Yes, I will continue to wear them! I’m 5’2″ tall and 106 lbs. (not the best look as we age) but wearing my turtlenecks scrunched instead of folded over creates a longer line that helps to detract from my short stature. The extra layer under sweaters and jackets (in my opinion) keeps me from looking frail. Fashion trends are made to be repeated. When I was a college student, all the sorority girls followed the fashion trend of wearing monogrammed Villager turtlenecks under Fair Isle sweaters!

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