Thanksgiving preparations underway

Thanksgiving preparations

A very happy Thursday to everyone!  I am in “full-speed-ahead” mode with Thanksgiving preparations underway!

I promise to share more tomorrow, but I am so excited to officially say…our master bath remodel is DONE.

However, I want to move back in with purposeful intention to better organize and weed some items out.

Around all of this, I am in a Thanksgiving preparations speed of light pace.

I love hosting Thanksgiving for our growing family and keeping my autumn decor out until after the meal. 

I understand you see many bloggers who have moved quickly to Christmas decorations, but I love Thanksgiving and want to enjoy it before diving into Christmas…which I think goes away too soon!

So, join me today as I discuss a few Thanksgiving preparations.


Thanksgiving preparations

When I saw this long sleeved peacock crewneck tee at Talbot’s, I really liked it for a fun casual style.

I am also wearing a Talbots vest I have had in my wardrobe. And today at Talbot’s, you get 50% off one item and 30% off the rest!

One more note on the tee, it is also cute with a blazer or cardigan….I love all of the colors In the peacock.

My feet are happy today in my gold sneakers.  Here is a SIMILAR SHOE.

I also want to call attention to Banana Republic Factory.

There are some amazing prices and some of you will be so glad to discover the quality of items!

Here are a few things, I have my eye on for gift giving….


Thanksgiving Preparations

We are thrilled our family continues to grow and I love bringing all of our in-laws into one place.

We purchased this outdoor table last year from Wayfair, and it is a great table to have…but weather doesn’t always cooperate. 

I have wanted a folding table to use as an additional table for the growing Christmas village…with table cloths you can make anything attractive.

Thanksgiving preparations

So, I was excited to find this Fold-in- Half adjustable table at Walmart.

Mr. B was excited that it is easy to store, and it does come in white as well.  

I plan to decorate it for the meal and place it near the main table in the dining room.

Then if we do not need the outdoor table this will work. 


Thanksgiving preparations

Here I am last year working hard in my kitchen preparing the majority of the meal.

This year, I have conceded that including more people to participate and bring food is helpful.

My oldest son will be smoking the turkey and ham at his home…he loves to smoke meat.

Thanksgiving preparations

To reward him for taking on that task with his family of three young children, I will make his favorite dessert.

It is the traditional Kraft Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie….he loves it. 

Thanksgiving Preparations

Since I am not roasting the turkey at my house, I will need to make sure to cook extra turkey stock in my crockpot for the dressing and gravy.

I toss in a couple of turkey legs, applewood bacon, chopped onion, chopped apple, chopped celery, two large cloves of garlic, and seasoned with Himalayan salt,  white pepper, sage, and poultry seasoning.

I will cook two rounds and store in the refrigerator to make sure I have what I need.

I write this often, but write it again….THE STOCK IS EVERYTHING!

Part of this week’s Thanksgiving preparations are to make certain I have all I need in a well done grocery list.


Thanksgiving preparations

Traditionally, I pull out my specific Thanksgiving decorations right after Halloween.

This is a little pillow on my front bench that I found at Goodwill San Antonio.

You can never have too many reminders to BE THANKFUL.

Thanksgiving preparations

I pull out a few family memories to be placed near the table.

These little ceramics were our first Thanksgiving purchase over 37 years ago…at a five & dime….they were $1 each.

At the time, I thought that was pricey!

They have survived the years and appear every Thanksgiving.

I miss the old five & dimes?  Anyone else?

Thanksgiving Preparations


NOTE:  On my porch you see that I purchased ceramic pumpkins this year over the real ones (which I prefer), but the uncertainty of the bathroom remodel had me thinking that buying the real ones this might not be prudent.

I am glad to have these two ceramics now, but next year will plan to bring back the real ones as you see in this picture from last year.

I found these at our local grocery store….HEB.

As you can see, the Thanksgiving preparations have me pretty busy…but this is the type of busy I really enjoy.

Please ask any questions or make comments…..and get ready….tomorrow is the bathroom reveal!  Hope to see you then…join me as we……


By Pamela Lutrell

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Thanksgiving Preparations


  1. Like you Pam, I don’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, and leave fall decor in place until after that day. All your preparations remind me to get on the stick, even though my time table and lists are prepared. We are having a non-traditional dinner at my house since none of us enjoys turkey. The focus is on being together. I need to run to Walmart and pick up that folding table… I’m glad you featured that. I have wanted to have a puzzle out for all the upcoming family gatherings and that would be perfect. There’s enough room for snacks and drinks along with the puzzle. You’re right, you can definitely hide and dress up a folding table to make it look nice! Enjoy your prep time!

  2. You as well, Karen! That table would work for a puzzle…. Great idea! Might I humbly suggest you use my link to order it for store pick up! Thanks so much….

  3. Please publish your grocery list! I always forget to add something so it would be helpful. It’s also fun to see what others enjoy for Thanksgiving week.

  4. No one has ever asked, Janet. Let finalize it and type it. Hope to have by Sunday or Monday.

  5. I know you are absolutely thrilled to have your remodel over, and things back in place. I haven’t had a remodel but every day my goal is to spend at least 15 decluttering. My dominant “ pack rat gene” wants to save too, too much, but I realize if something were to happen to me suddenly, my children would have this job. I do like that you give Thanksgiving a time to savor, and do not rush Christmas décor immediately after Halloween as many seem to do. We all have so very much for which we should be thankful.

  6. Yes we do, Celia and I love to surround myself with those messages for Thanksgiving decor. After Christmas I am going to borrow your 15 minutes a day and work on getting the rest of this house in order for 2023. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. You look terrific in the peacock shirt, vest and jeans. Excited to see your reveal tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your turkey stock recipe. I will give that a try this year, and figure it will make a tasty soup base if I don’t need it all for the gravy and stuffing. Pam, I am looking for a festive holiday blouse or top but don’t wear red near my face (just brings out too much of my winter pinkness!) so maybe you would put together a carousel one day of nice alternatives? Pretty please. 😊 Have a beautiful Thursday!

  8. Hi Connie…what colors do you like to wear around the holidays? Would love to shop for you!

  9. I usually start next week on some prep, but my crowd is small (10) and they all bring something. Plus very non critical-they eat everything!
    I have been loving Banana Republic’s chinos, fake suede pants and their Forever sweaters-a perfect thin layer. Most of the time they have great 50% off sales.

  10. Happy to hear bathroom is complete Pam! Another reason to be thankful!
    My daughter is having Thanksgiving for all of us as she and her husband have a spacious home and my son in law is a great cook as well as a great organizer. I will bring some of the sides and apple crisps.
    It is so lovely to all be together. I’m already feeling thankful.
    By the way- you look so very slim in todays pieces you’re modeling!

  11. Excited to see your bathroom reveal. Your excitement and energy level is contagious. I don’t decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. Today it is going to be in the 70’s here in Illinois so I am going to put up the outdoor Christmas lights. Your stock sounds delicious. Going to give that a try. May I ask what color nail polish you are wearing in the picture where you are holding the little ceramic mouse? My first job when I turned 16 many, many years ago was at a 5 & dime! Ben Franklin. $1.10/hour. One of my favorite jobs ever. LOL.

  12. Hi Deanna, The brand is called Gellish and the color called Texas Me Later. It is a lovely light orange. I were it often, but have it put on at my nail salon. I have not ever purchased a bottle. Thank you!

  13. I must agree with Paulette … you look very trim and your weight loss is really showing! As much as I enjoy the holidays, I’m with you about not decorating until after Thanksgiving. My husband and I collect ornaments and it makes our tree so special. I have the first set of ornaments I ever purchased (from back in 1986 before I was married or even had room for a tree). Enjoy your preparations and looking forward to your reveal tomorrow!

  14. I just love the preparation for holiday meals. We are attending our Thanksgiving meal at another home, but our children and grandchildren requested that I bring the mashed potatoes because I add a few extra ingredients. So I can enjoy the day with family, but this year I can enjoy a little less work.
    Do I miss the “dime stores” oh yes. I do have a few items that have survived the years and the memories are special. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family.

  15. Hi Pam, I don’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving either. Wouldn’t feel much like Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations around JMHO. That turkey stock recipe sounds like a good idea. Do you use it to make the gravy or soup?? Have a great Thanksgiving!🦃

  16. Hi Pam, I don’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving either. Wouldn’t feel much like Thanksgiving with Christmas decorations around JMHO. That turkey stock recipe sounds like a good idea. Do you use it to make the gravy or soup?? Have a great Thanksgiving!🦃

  17. Hi Carol, I use it for gravy and for my cornbread dressing! It would make a great foundation for a turkey soup.

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