5 tips for successful sale shopping

sale shopping

Happy Thursday, all!   Today, I have five tips for successful sale shopping!

December 2022 marches closer to its end, and so do the after-Christmas-sales.

But, we all know that January is one of the best times to shop sales and I have a few tips for successful sale shopping.

We all get excited about amazing pieces we see marked down, but do those really work for our “uniquely you” wardrobes.

Before you fill your shopping cart, think about these five tips. 


sale shopping

TIP #1

Of course, my first tip is to keep at the top of your mind what you want to tell the world about you with your style!

I recommend five style adjectives when you build each outfit.  

I want the world to know that I am joyful, creative, polished, approachable, and current with my style and I keep that in mind when putting my outfits together.

When I stay true to my messaging, then the entire wardrobe works within them and I do not have to worry about purchasing something that is off message.

When you realize you are off message, then you end up not wearing a garment at all or returning it.


sale shopping

TIP #2

I recommend that you discover your best colors and stick to them when sale shopping.

That way your entire wardrobe works as a unit and you can mix -and -match pieces successfully to your hearts content….and always look good doing it!

shopping sales

Since I wear clothing in a warm vibrant autumn palette, I am not going to purchase sale pieces out of that palette…no matter how beautiful or inexpensive they are.

It would not make sense to do that…I only wear my best colors.

But cool color ladies…there are some beautiful pieces on sale for you now…just look at this slideshow….

And for the warm palette sale shopping, here is a slideshow for you:


sale shopping

TIP #3

Assess your wardrobe…where are your gaps, your needs and your wants.  Balance that with your current lifestyle.

I usually end up spending more for needs than wants…but a special piece with my style adjectives will be evaluated closely.

In the past two years, I determined that I needed more casual toppers for my life away from the professional office world.

I purchased some great jackets…like the one here…in sales from Talbots and I am wearing them often.

One of those jackets, I watched to the end of one Red Hangar sale and was able to purchase it at an amazing price.


shopping sales

TIP #4

Keep in mind cost-per-wear.

Yes, we are sale shopping and seeing some great prices, but that will help drive down cost-per-wear if you are aware of it.

Before filling the shopping cart, ask yourself, how often will I really wear this and to what types of events or places.

I am sale shopping for some very special events in 2023, but I want to make sure I select pieces that can be worn more than once.

This is where a wardrobe communicating my messages, in my colors, and for my lifestyle really works for me.  I do not want or need one- and -done clothing selections.

Doesn’t make good financial sense.

Also, keep in mind that accessories are on sale too and can really stretch your wardrobe by giving more outfit options.



sale shopping

TIP #5

Pay very close attention to each retailer…they are all offering special event pricing.

Some will tell you that the extra percentage off will be taken in the cart…some will say you need to use a special code.

Watch that carefully…the code can lead to big savings.

Also, I highly recommend for your favorite retailers that you sign up for either texts or emails to receive notices of big FLASH SALES.

I have saved much in a flash sale.

There are some amazing pieces on sale right now and it is worth the time and care to do sale shopping.

I hope keeping these tips in mind will help. 

Would anyone else like to add their own tips for sale shopping?  Please do add any comments to 5 Tips for successful sale shopping!

Also we would love to hear about your special finds!

A special note:  The majority of today’s images were once again featuring the holiday beauty of the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country and Resort & Spa in San Antonio.

Also, JJILL has some great selections on sale even though their pieces were not working today to include in the slideshows.  You might check them out.

Thanks for stopping by today…now….


By Pamela Lutrell

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sale shopping


  1. These are great tips – it can be very easy to buy with ‘sale goggles’ on, then realise none of it works with your existing closet once you get home. Not conducive to a well curated closet! ———————————————————–
    Another tip I’d add (an offshoot of your tip #3) is to identify general items that would help with any wardrobe holes (might be a good idea to do a closet assessment beforehand!) – try to keep the descriptors somewhat general, so they can guide your sale search (e.g. knowing you need a ‘purple pencil skirt’ can help you to avoid all the racks of black bottoms).

  2. These are all good tips. I would add that when shopping in stores (I rarely shop online for clothing because I can’t stand doing returns), wear easy-on, easy-off clothing while you shop. Depending on what you’re shopping for, wear appropriate footwear. Fix your hair and wear makeup. Wear your best bra, or at least wear underwear that you’ll wear with the garments you bring home. Avoid impulse purchases just because they are on sale. Leave the extra jewelry at home. I guess these are a different kind of tip, but they do impact a shopping experience. Right now I’m not shopping because I don’t have any wardrobe gaps, and am actually paring down. It’s true that our lifestyles can change and having too much was stressing me out!

  3. Such great advice, Karen. It really makes a difference when you look your best for a shopping trip! And the bra is a must. If you need a new bra to lift those girls up then start shopping there first!

  4. Excellent tips, Pamela. That said; with many who are shopping online for ‘sales’ double check the return policy as it may be ‘unreturnable/final’. -Brenda-

  5. Yes- somebody mentioned wardrobe “holes”abd that struck a chord with me. So often when dressing to go out I hear myself say” if only I had—-“. Fill in the blank.
    Your shopping sales recommendations are right on! Thank you Pam!

  6. Karen is right on with her tips, but a little caveat about the makeup: be very careful when trying things on over your head……too many beautiful pieces get ruined by smears of makeup and/or lipstick.

  7. Hey, Pam! I’d been taking advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. I would also add, it might be a good time to “stock up” on wardrobe workhorses. I’ve found long sleeved gauze and linen tops are my fall/winter go-tos, (comfortable enough for around the house, but can add a cardigan or jacket to go out) akin to t-shirts in summer. So, I may have picked up an extra during those sales! {Wink!}

  8. I would add to buy what you actually wear, not what you wish you wore, or used to wear. I absolutely never wear a skirt, for example. It’s becoming the same with those random, different colored sweaters that you wear when you go somewhere constantly and are fixated on variety (ex. my school wardrobe of sweater, black pants, scarf). In early retirement, I just scanned the clearance online as usual and added something I thought was “cute,” like I was still working five days a week. It took a while, but I have finally given myself permission to spend on activewear, because I wear leggings several days a week, and quality leggings matter (I like Zella best). In the past, my workout gear was stained, pilled, with elastic failing, or just cheap. Or both. By watching sales in categories I truly wear, I have a wardrobe, finally, of nice at home and casual wear. Because I am weak :), however, and love fashion -and- a bargain, I try to use the search engine vs random scrolling through the sales.

  9. Thank You for a very timely article…great advise. I’m off to Nordstrom’s today with friends, for a sale shopping spree……

  10. This is the time to check sales for quality winter gear: the insulated mittens and gloves that will keep you warm in a snowstorm, the best winter socks, hats, face protection, boots rated to -40° C., and of course, down parkas. If you live in a cold climate, you already know that quality gear is necessary. Sizes start to sell out quickly in the Boxing Day sales. Savings can be significant. If you need a good coat in February, prices will go back up and selection will be limited. So this is what I am doing this year: shopping online to replace worn winter items with warm winter items. These are needs, not wants. My winter coats and boots are fine, but the accessories are due for replacement.

  11. Love reading everyone’s tips and your advice today. I have one very full bag ready for donation, and two small closets yet to do the winter purge upon so this is timely. As a dedicated vacationer, my tips regarding travel wardrobe to warm destinations: 1) for the maturing body, Lands End swimwear is incredible – and can often be found for less than the typical 40% off by following your tip of signing up for flash sales and general email notices; 2) perusing the racks of sizes larger than your own can yield really cute possibilities in cover-ups, especially look at tunics which work great poolside between dips in the water.

  12. It helps to know what shops have the best sales.
    For instance, the Merrell shoe store runs sales all the time, their clearance sales aren’t usually that great and often the best styles/sizes are gone.
    But, they also sell athletic gear and accessories. I’ve picked up some good deals on sweats or bags there.
    American Eagle/Aerie has promotions all the time as well. At clearance time the place to browse is the accessory rack.
    So, look for the odd things a store sells for better deals.

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