Magic… when you wear a column of color

wear a column of color

Happy Thursday and four days away from Christmas!  Today, I want to discuss how it’s magic when you wear a column of color.

Yes, that is a black sweater and black denim I am wearing today…both I saved in the color purge.

The sweater is an Eileen Fisher cashmere and I just couldn’t bring myself to toss it.

But, in putting this together as a look for Christmas Eve…church and home…it reminded me of the magic when I wear a column of color.


wear a column of color

The magic when we wear a column of color (really any matching colors) is that it will slim us down.

Of course, it helps when the topper is slimming also.

Today I like the wonderful jacket I recently found at Walmart the best with this and will select it for Christmas Eve.

We are also experiencing colder than normal temps.

The Time and Tru Women’s and Plus Faux Fur Cropped Jacket is really a great, affordable addition to our winter wear.

It is soft, warm and quality construction….I think right now it is only $20.  A genuine surprise from Walmart for me.

I am wearing the Papyrus Beige color.

As far as me wearing black goes…as long as I keep my color palette in the topper and accessories, then it decreases the shadows the black casts on my face.

I do not wear it often, but I am glad I kept these two pieces so I can take advantage of the magic when I wear a column of color.

I think the last time I wore this was during the holidays last year!

The column of color I most often wear is navy and also a deep purple.

I really like to wear a column of color underneath kimonos.

Remember this technique…it does create that magic illusion of a slimmer you when you wear a column of color.

It is also good to keep it in mind when you are shopping the sales.

My boots are super comfy…these are the black Rockport Vicky Booties and I highly recommend them.


column of color

Recently, I received this bag at a boutique where I shop locally.

I think it is so cute that I am going to make this a project before next year and decorate my own brown gift bags.

I love how cute it is and it does give a personal touch to the gift.  I might even see what I can create for birthday bags too.

Does anyone else do this and decorate your own bags??


column of color

The cold front coming into South Texas today will be significant….for us any way.

I am excited to use our fireplaces and make lots of hot cocoa for the weekend.

It just feels Christmacy…I have many who ask if Christmacy is a word…sadly, it is not.

But we can still have fun with it.

Please share any thoughts you have when you wear a column of color…or craft gift bags…or staying warm…and remember, ladies, always…..


Pamela Lutrell

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wear a column of color



  1. I often wear a column of color, in particular, black. Your column this morning has me deciding that I will wear my column of black when I go to the doctor today for my checkup…perhaps with my animal print wrap from Chico’s. My black turtleneck will feel cozy as the cold front approaches even in South Georgia today. I feel so sorry for those individuals who must be out in what appears to be an extreme weather event. I am very thankful to have our warm house as I start preparing food for our family gathering Christmas Eve. Have an accomplished day!

  2. There is much to be thankful for this day, Celia. I pray everyone will be safe in this extreme weather. Stay warm!

  3. Hahaha! I’m one of those in the weather event! We’re used to it and it’s not going to last long. It would be nice to have snow for Christmas, so we are hopeful. It will warm up next week.

    You are highlighting the way I dress most often, because it is flattering and easy to accessorize. I have my columns of black, navy and gray. And using scarves, we don’t have to limit our column color choices so much, again, as you have shown. You look great Pam!

  4. Thanks Karen! I am envious of the snow, but so glad Christmas will at least be cold here…often it is near 80…so glad to have it feel seasonal.
    Last year I discovered a column of the peacock blue with pieces from Chico’s and loved it…yes, any color works the same.

  5. I have a few columns of color, but never black. I am a dark autumn true believer with my colors. My best columns are marine navy and dark olive. You inspired me to wear the olive for Christmas Eve. My analyst calls it “dressing to the inside”. I was looking at my pile of brown bags. Great idea for any holiday gift. Hearts for Valentines coming up. Thank you for a great year of posts!

  6. Funny, I was just contemplating a column of black under a camel topper. I ended up with a navy blue column, and it was slimming for sure. And elegant too. Like you, I kept black pants, black leggings and even a few black sweaters and tops. When wearing black on the bottom, I just pair it with a warmer top. But when wearing black up top, I try to do as you do and add something colorful around my face. I love the idea of an eggplant column. I also like chocolate, but it’s too hard to find. I tried an army green column and it was a fail … I felt like I was in a vegetable commercial! I haven’t decorated gift bags, but I might try it after spending $50 on printed ones from the dollar store. On another note, I’m crossing fingers for all celebrations and travel (including my own) during the storm. Stay warm, everyone!

  7. I like that phrase…dressing to the inside. This is the only time I wear a column of black…I stay pretty true to my vibrant autumn colors. Thanks Deborah.

  8. I think my favorite column to wear is navy and I agree it is just as elegant as the black. Thanks Linda.

  9. Like others I too gravitate to a column of color topped with a long cardi or ruana/kimono. It really does work at slenderizing and creates some excitement in what we wear.
    I’m baking today- still trying to work with gluten free flours. I feel like a scientist! Lol. Hope it tastes good!

  10. Sadly, as is often the case, the furry topper is sold out in most of the reasonable colors. Looks nice.

  11. You should definitely keep your column of black. I simply don’t understand eliminating whole neutral colors like beige, black, grey, etc from one’s wardrobe. To me it’s kind of like saying, ‘ I’m over 60, I must wear short hair.’ Why? Because some one said so? It brings out the rebellious side in me! You can always adapt a color you already have, as you have shown, rather than shop for new. A scarf, some jewelry, brighter makeup, a hat-there are lot of ways to adapt an outfit. You are very good at this, Pam!

  12. I’m actually wearing a column of color today; charcoal gray with a red plaid scarf. Stay warm there in South Texas. I believe after the cold is through with you it is headed my way. We’re expecting quite a storm here in the northeast so I’m crossing my fingers that we do not lose power. Merry Christmas!

  13. If you saw the shadows it cast on my face and how it makes me look tired and older, you would make the change too! It is amazing what wearing our best colors does for our complexion. Just because it is neutral doesn’t make it work for all. It wasn’t because someone said so..,I saw it for myself!

  14. Yes, I love column dressing though my very favorite look is with a cream base. If I had your beautiful blue jacket I’d wear that all the time. It is such a pretty color. I love decorating plain bags, wrapping paper, cards and tags. You can add a lot of variety by using scrapbook paper, which comes in lovely little prints. Use your cookie cutters to trace and cut, or for smaller pieces use a die cutter (find at Michael’s stores). It’s fun to do and a good way to tie together a card and gift bag.

  15. Thanks for adding to the ideas, Connie! Love the matching gift tags…I am going to do this!

  16. I haven’t tried decorating bags yet, but every year I wrap all of our presents in plain brown craft paper and stamp designs on them, usually with white ink. My favorite designs to use are snowflakes, deer, and the word “believe”. I finish them off with either plain or colored twine and maybe a piece of greenery or candy cane. This has become one of our family traditions and I feel good about keeping piles of colored and glittery paper out of the landfill! I appreciate a column of color on others but struggle myself with coming up with outfits where the different shades match. Seems to work best when both pieces are purchased at the same time in the same store. Stay warm!

  17. I like to download colorful vintage images for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthdays…glue them to brown handle bags and cover with Modge Podge and glitter. Add some colorful ribbons and tags and they look great and I’ve even had people ask me to make gift bags for them. Like you, Pamela, I love seeing what I can create! Also, yes to column dressing but, as a warm spring, it’s black for me – with a black brocade blazer with red roses for Christmas Eve Mass. I hope everyone stays safe and has a wonderful holiday!

  18. I haven’t decorated bags before but every year I wrap all our presents in brown craft paper and then stamp them, usually with white ink. My favorite designs so far are snowflakes, deer, and the word “believe”. I finish them off with either plain or colored twine and maybe a twig of greenery or a candy cane and I also make matching gift tags. This has become a tradition in our family and I feel good about piles of colored and glittery paper not going into the landfill. A column of color is something I admire on other people but I have problems pulling together and having all the different shades match. Probably best done with both pieces purchased at the same time in the same store. Stay warm, we are in blizzard conditions!

  19. I’ve been wearing the column of color for years without even realizing it — mostly black, but I often wear brown or olive. It affords me a way to wear my scarves and accessories and makes dressing for the office pretty easy! You look terrific in that blue jacket. The color is really lovely on you!

    We’re expecting extreme cold and wind overnight and throughout the weekend. I hope it’s not too bad — that kind of weather is dangerous for people and animals.

  20. Great idea on the wrapping paper, Jocelyn…that takes it up a notch. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Also, I did want to add that the columns I wear are purchased at the same brands and often the same time. Good observation!

  22. The black column with the blue coat is stunning on you, Pamela. Keep the black for this purpose. It makes colors pop.

  23. I’m doing the paper bag “crafting” too. Still very simple: I haven’t graduated to glittet yet, LOL. I love columns of color: black, blues (not always navy), and gray. I am adding scarves more since following your blog and really love how they perk up an outfit. My typical third layer is a quilted vest for around the house and cardigan or blazer for going out. I have been searching boots: the Rockport’s are perfect. I hope they’re still available after Christmas!

  24. Paper-bag crafter here!
    The plus of stamping is you can keep a stock of plain bags and pull out the seasonal stamps or embellishments and produce a gift bag on demand.

    I like the column of color concept, it can set off a pretty accessory or topper. It shouldn’t be your only wardrobe construct, we aren’t required to stick with “slimming” at all costs, but it’s certainly a workhorse.

  25. Good point – I myself don’t mind slightly mismatching shades, but I’m a high contrast Deep Autumn; I suspect those who are lower contrast might prefer no more than 2 shades in their palette at a time?

  26. Good point – I myself don’t mind slightly mismatching shades, but I suspect that’s why a column of black is so popular (& probably where most people’s minds go to when they hear ‘column of colour’). It’s probably the most abundantly available colour!

  27. I have nothing against those who use glitter, but personally I prefer to receive gifts that don’t shed all over the floor lol! So no worries here if you don’t use glitter – but if you do, just a friendly PSA to make sure it’s securely attached (for the recipient’s benefit) haha 😀

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