Would You Wear It – Winter Styles

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs..a display from me and from Jennifer.

Tomorrow is Hanukkah, Christmas is just eight days away, and Wednesday is the first day of Winter….such a great week!

So, let’s get it going with a few winter styles.  

I know for some today is very cold and it is easy to think all things Winter.


Would You Wear It

The winter styles I located at Talbots, featured black, red, white and cream.

Make sure you look the designs over and take it all into consideration when commenting if you would or would not wear it.

The comments are read by the majority who participate.

would you wear it

would you wear it

I have given you three winter styles to consider on this day.

So, look them over carefully and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



would you wear it

As I mentioned, my feature displays are from Talbots and their December winter styles are 50% off through December 18.

Here are just a few of the winter styles 50% off…when I stopped by Talbots last week, it was packed….

would you wear it

You can go into winter in-style…like Leigh Ann…just take some time to look over what Talbots has marked down.

So look the displays I featured at the top and tell us……………WOULD YOU WEAR IT??

Then go over to A Well Styled Life and see what Jennifer has for you today.

I hope to see you tomorrow for Sunday Mornings at Home…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. I love to just have a few moments early in the morning to sit by our tree and remember why and when we bought or received ornaments. Family spread out so this brings me such fond memories and joy. I love the poncho in ivory. I also love the maniquin on the left, just have to make sure I’m carrying out what I feel is appropriate for my age. Thank you for all the time You share with us.

  2. I too love the poncho. It would be so versatile. The look on the left is also one I would try I like the long jacket length. Missy has the right idea savor those quiet moments where we reflect and remember loved ones near and far.

  3. I really like all 3 pieces, I would need to try on first though, not sure what they would look like on me. I love a good basic black legging, goes all year with the right material for the season.

  4. Good morning! That crème poncho is lovely. That could be paired with so many pieces. The color blocked sweater is a bit off to my eye. I guess it would have to be tried on. The white are looks awfully wide. Personally, I have stayed away from shopping and am working out of my closet. I have so many of Talbots basics anyway. I would just be duplicating anything in colors that would work for me. I don’t wear black. I am just looking forward to spring! The jacket you have one is cute. I love Leigh Ann in the russet. That is my color but I read in the reviews on line that the shape is not straight, which I would need. Do you remember? I haven’t been able to chime in lately but I keep up with you daily. Thank you for your interesting content!

  5. I love Talbots for their quality and classic riffs on current trends. I would wear any of these but also like to try them on. I have the white vest with faux fur collar and it is very well made and nice and warm.

  6. Hi everyone! What about that sweater at the top with red on the sides? Is it flattering in its design or not? Often putting the color on the side is slimming, but that huge area of ivory to me negates that! What do you think?

  7. I like the red, white, and black long sweater but would prefer the larger front were black, perhaps the sides white and sleeves red or vice versa. A long column of black would be more slimming than long column of white or off white. I like the puffy coat with the detachable fur collar. It looks great on Leigh Ann although it appears longer in the slideshow. I have not bought many items from Talbots but have been very pleased with the pieces I have bought. They wear well and thankfully, come in petite sizes. And a 50% sale is terrific!

  8. I too love that ivory poncho and easy to see how it could liven up any outfit if wearing black, grey, navy or any green. It’s lovely.
    I see myself wearing the pieces modeled by the mannequin on left! I dress thus way almost every day in winter. However, I don’t care for the sweater on right. It seems bulky and warm but not flattering for most woman’s bodies unless the person is quite thin. To my eye it has an odd look.

  9. Love the poncho & sweater but in SoCal climate I would not have an opportunity to wear them! The white sweatshirt with sparkle stars almost came home with me; it’s a casual, versatile fun top. I’m awaiting a package from Talbots that includes a few velour separates and, fingers crossed, I’ll get it in time for a holiday party next week!

  10. Puffed jackets are not my style preference and the 3-color-block sweater doesn’t appeal to me either. I think the poncho is lovely but not sure how much wear I would get from it. It wouldn’t be warm enough for me as a coat and wouldn’t fit well under a coat. It would be lovely for church or other dressier inactive activities and I wore them as a young adult but don’t think it would serve me well on more active days when I’m juggling a purse, grandchildren, work bag, etc.

  11. As someone who generally avoids red near my pale and pinkish face, the placement of the red on the sides of the sweater, together with the set in black sleeves, I find very attractive. I love a good cream colored cable knit, so yes I would try it even though a cowl neck is more fuss than I like. I love the cream coat, but my neighbor across the street has one very similar which she wears all the time, and often when we go out together anywhere in fall and winter. So, out of respect for her, I wouldn’t want to be copying her. I have and love my cream vest though, and just received the aqua frost with pale gray/tan fur collar this week from Talbot’s (just like the apricot/salmon one from last year). There’s something so fun and luxurious about having that soft faux fur up at the neck and grazing the cheek when you turn your head. Still crushing on that beautiful blackwatch plaid jacket you have on in the other photo. I have a scarf in that color and pattern, and just ordered a D&B purse because of our discussion about plaids last week, concluding I could get a lot of use from having a few more pieces. 😁

  12. Pam, I love your thoughts about sitting on the stairs and looking at the tree!
    I don’t wear ponchos, so that outfit is out for me. I like the tricolor sweater but agree with you. It’s wide at the bottom and the reviews are poor. I like the jacket, but ivory or white on an outdoor jacket is asking for trouble for everyday wear. I’d worry about dirt and stains.

  13. I would definitely wear the ivory poncho. I will wait for that to go on sale!
    The black, red and cream sweater. I like the style and the different textures. I would only wear it in a solid color – navy, cream, raspberry would be great. Happy Holidays!!!

  14. The tricolored sweater looks very “off” to me. As in, it really fits my style adjectives, but I don’t like it. Perhaps the contrast of the color blocks is too strong, perhaps the heavy texture of that huge center panel makes it too much. It also doesn’t look like a quality piece, perhaps because it doesn’t look like the center panel is curved enough to “create” a waist. It just seems like fast fashion. As a blue autumn, I do wear black on the bottom (even purchase it sometimes, rather than just m “using it up” in my closet), and in general, I really like Talbots pants. It seems I will be sitting out the the entire decade plus of poncho wearing, as they are just not flattering on me, and they would drive me crazy with adjusting them, having fabric get in the way, etc. But the ivory one is lovely.

  15. A ‘yes’ to the outfit on the left of the first photo whereas the other pieces featured, a ‘no’. Reasons being; re the sweater regardless that I do like turtle-necks and color-blocked garments the combination of red, black ‘n cream (or white) does not personally appeal to me. As to the poncho I’m afraid it would get little wear in the climate I live in as not feasible coverage for our Winter or would present a problem choosing outerwear for over it.
    P.S.: Our current temperature is 33°F and yesterday alone we had a snowfall accumulation of 13.79″ within a 24 hour time frame.

  16. I do see what you mean about the red stripe in the side of the sweater. It’s draws attention rather than recedes which is usually the intention for that design detail. Not for me!
    Love the other styles but I do prefer slightly fuller straight legs. Their straights are identical to last years “slim”, just with a name change to sound current.
    I do wish brands wouldn’t do that. Consumers know straight vs slim based on the measurements of the leg opening!
    It’s similar to J Jill altering the color on their website and catalogs! Not helpful!
    Happy Saturday.

  17. With experience, I know what works on my petite body. So, a chunky knit, tunic length, sweater is out. Same with large cowl necks. Ruffles and puff sleeves (as seen on Jennifer’s model today) also don’t work. Ivory jacket wouldn’t stay clean, I’m afraid. Guess I’m very selective.

  18. I avoid any white or light-colored outerwear in winter, simply because it will be dirty in one wearing. Scraping ice off of vehicle windows and brushing off snow inevitable means brushing against sand and salt from the vehicle’s exterior. Winter is messy

  19. I love Talbots, love their classic styles that will last forever. The jacket on the left I would definitely wear, possibly in another color. I have a very short neck so turtlenecks are not an option for me. Even faux turtlenecks don’t work for me. I like the sweater with the silver stars, that would work in many ways for my lifestyle. Love your blog. And on a side note: down here in Houston it will be getting unseasonably cold, for us, so definitely looking to add some heavier winter clothing to my closet. I have plenty of layers to wear, but need warmer outer wear.

  20. P.S. It’s snowy and -28° C. with the wind chill. Tomorrow it will be -28° C. actual thermometer reading. That’s -18° F. Parka weather!

  21. I forgot to mention that if you want to wear a poncho, it’s impossible under a winter coat with sleeves. It would mean carrying the poncho, then putting it on once you’re indoors, removing it to go outdoors, and so on. Ponchos are just not practical. Perhaps that’s why I saw a rack of them at the consignment store.

  22. I try to avoid wearing black, red and white, so the color block sweater is a hard “no” for me. I agree with you that the front panel looks wide and I think it would be less than flattering. I do love the color and texture of the poncho but it would be filthy in about five minutes on me. It’s the kind of piece I love in the photo but it doesn’t fit my real life (dogs, grandkids, eldercare, etc.) The layered ivory and black outfit feels contrived to me, like it’s trying too hard to be youthful, perhaps? I’m in Texas where layers make sense for winter, but this is just messy to me. Today’s Talbots merchandise never seems to work for me, but I have older pieces that have stood the rest of time. The staff in their local store are “snooty” and less than welcoming if you’re not a regular. I prefer to shop at JJill right across the parking lot, where they know me and give me a warm welcome, even if it’s been months since I came in. Thanks for braving the stores for us at this busy time of year! I’m stuck at home with the flu and pneumonia and it’s fun to “shop” with you!

  23. Hi! This is the first time I’ve left a comment, but I regularly read your blog – thanks for your sharing.

    I like the red, white, and black sweater but I don’t like how it is displayed on the mannequin – it makes the sweater look too boxy and unattractive. If it looked like that on me I wouldn’t wear it.

    The cream poncho is attractive, love the patterns in the knitting. But I’m over ponchos, so I wouldn’t buy it.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  24. I like the poncho but how do you wear it under a coat? Also, I’m not sure I could carry it off. I agree, Pam. I think that ivory sweater with the red sides looks broad. I would be more interested in the top (sweatshirt or sweater) with the silver stars that is in the background of one of the photos of the poncho.

  25. Unlike almost all I really like the red , black and white sweater and don’t wear ponchos !

  26. I’m another one who thinks that color block sweater looks off. Not flattering with the expansive white front. Much too memorable overall. And I don’t wear tunic lengths. That would be a hard pass and surprises me somewhat for Talbot’s. Haven’t seen that in our store here. The poncho, while pretty, would rarely come out of my closet, so not a good purchase. It’s impossible to wear under a coat, and where I live, heavy winter coats are a must. Worn alone, I’d have to add layers to make it warm enough. Wearing a coat as a cape over it would be a ticket to frostbite. The puffer jacket is cute, but like someone else said, that color would be difficult to wear in the real world. I had a similar white jacket that I loved, but the ends of the sleeves got so dingy, just from wearing it, not doing hard labor. The leggings are always useful for around the house, but I draw the line at leggings for pants with too much exposed. Just something I’d never do. Personally, I think tunics over leggings tend to cut the body in half visually and that can come off as frumpy. Heeled boots or shoes could help with balance, but this looks needs a heel. As someone else said, I’m not currently shopping since my wardrobe is all set, with the exception of adding some cashmere sweaters.

  27. Today’s selections didn’t take make me want to head to the store. There is too much tonal contrast for. I like the poncho with the lighter colored jeans.
    The nice thing is there are of different styles for different people.

  28. If I were a winter I would snap up the color blocked sweater in a heartbeat. The style really suits me, but I need warmer colors. I like the idea of the poncho, but again, I would prefer it in a warm color. The cream is versatile, but I’d probably rarely wear it because I would feel washed out. I would actually wear a tomato red poncho more than the supposedly “goes with everything” cream color. I feel that a poncho is a statement piece. For me, cream does not have the impact I would like in a statement piece. I like the puffer jacket’s style, but again, not the color.

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