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would you wear it

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs…a regular Saturday feature.

My friend Jennifer and I find displays in our two worlds which we believe will evoke interesting and helpful conversation on our clothing.

We ask that you explain why you would or would not wear the items in detail in an effort to help others.

So, let’s get started on this lovely January morning…sit down and ask Would You Wear It?


would you wear it

The minute I saw this display at Nordstrom...which I am calling Modern Neutrals…I believed it would open some interesting opportunity.

Opportunity for fashion discussion that is…head to toe the styling is interesting.

It is easy not to modernize a love of neutrals and always wear them the same ways,  but here are a few ideas for those who love to wear mostly neutral looks.

Take time to assess each piece and decide if you had the clothing in your closet, would you wear it?

Also, please tell us if you would style the display differently and how it might change so you would wear it.

If you own similar garments,  what is your favorite way to style them?

would you wear it

These posts are very helpful to other women and the comments are read carefully.

So, tell us, everyone…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



Would You Wear It

Today, we want to make sure we show you feature garments on sale and in the new arrivals….so you do not miss out on anything….

 I have two slideshows for you….


FEATURE GARMENTS IN NEW ARRIVALS: (It’s so much fun to see what’s new!)

Would You Wear It

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Now, it is time…please give your opinion on my WOULD YOU WEAR IT display and then head over to Jennifer’s A Well Styled Life to see her display.


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. First thing that caught my eye was the blazer outfit. Too much going on. Looks like they couldn’t decide what to put on the mannequin, so they just threw it all on. Haphazard. Short, flared pants are a huge no for me, so that one is an overall no, especially the bland, dusty colors. I can personally wear camel, but not this shade of beige as it washes me out. The blue cardigan is beautiful to me and I’d definitely wear it, though not with the oversized shirt and cropped pants. The shoes here, except for the sandals, are too heavy looking for my taste. I’d wear the moto jacket, and the skirt, but not together. The skirt is something I could see with a cashmere sweater. I’m pretty traditional, so I know this look as it appears here is probably going to appeal to many even though it looks ‘off’ to me. Some pretty items in the slideshow. I do like neutrals, and they are the foundation of my wardrobe. It’s important to know our best neutrals, and from there we can build an interesting wardrobe. These beiges are not for me near my face, but I could wear that color in pants and skirts.

  2. I agree with Karen everyone should know their neutrals. My colouring is very very cool so many of these colours are a challenge. But looking at the styles love the jacket and skirt combo. Blazer and jeans,just too many layers and colour changes, I love the cardigan outfit, but I would prefer a more fitted blouse. I am a tucker, I still have a waist so if I don’t emphasize it I look heavier and no one wants that!

  3. I would wear most of these items, except the skirt, but not together and styled differently. They are styled as oversized and not flattering to the shape. I would do perhaps one oversize piece but balance with more slim fitting pieces as well as a some color. For example, the blazer could be styled with slim fitting pants, a pretty cami and heels. I don’t like it as styled – all the layers add too much bulk for me. But each piece has something to offer if styled differently. The one piece that would not work for me, no matter how styled, is the skirt. I don’t wear skirts but if I did, it would not be one with a slit like this one – I would be endlessly fussing with it.

  4. I like all the pieces except for the white blazer and the skirt. The first mannequin is wearing too many clothes. The separate pieces are fine. I don’t ever wear a skirt. Not flattering on me at all.

  5. I do like the black moto jacket, and the classic blazer, and the grey top on the bottom of all the layers on the one…but all of it together, I don’t think I could pull off. I can do maybe two layers , but three seems like something would bunch up and aggravate.

  6. The neutrals display is inspiring. I’m going to overlook the pleated skirt with the slit because it’s not me.
    The other things – black pants/light shirt/blue sweater, blue jeans/striped shirt – look fresh without the brightness of Spring, good for someone in a climate where the sun hasn’t been seen in a week.

    I can’t tell for sure, perhaps it’s just my monitor, but are they going blush instead of white?

  7. I wasn’t sure either…on one device it looked blush and on another a solid off-White. I do have to add that I really like the mannequins with lips and lipstick!

  8. Okay, I was all prepared with my thoughts then saw the teal wool coat with floral lining in your carousel from the Sundance store. OH. MY. GOSH! What a beauty!!! I totally don’t need another coat, but this will be knocking around my head all day, calling my name. 💗 Anyway, the display is eye catching. I own a very similar cream blazer, also from Nordie’s, and though I have not styled it quite so casually as shown, I like the idea of maybe playing around in my closet to find my own version of that look. Absolutely I could see wearing the jeans as shown or styled with the neutral cream blouse and cute blue cardigan. The shiny pants are not for me. I like the cream colored skirt, but that slit is probably not for me at this point. All the shoes seem a bit too extreme for me as well, as in uncomfortable, too high, and shiny.

  9. First the individual garments . I like jackets but not cardigans , leather/faux leather trousers but not jeans and most front buttoned shirts/blouses . Most neutrals suit me and I like this mauve – is it meant to be a neutral ? So I would wear 1 the right-hand outfit – after sewing up that slit in the skirt ! 2 The seated outfit swapping the cardigan for one of the jackets and 3 the jacket and shirt of the left hand oufit but without the 3rd layer underneath being visible !

  10. I love the skirt, maybe pair it with the grey T and the blue cropped sweater? I don’t love moto jackets anyway, they never look good on me. Perhaps I lack ‘cool factors!’ Nor do I love shiny pants, I think they add pounds as does any shiny fabric.
    Love the blazer but like others I think two layers are plenty. Perhaps button the shirt, tuck it in to a pair of full length pants with neutral boots.

  11. I am interested in purchasing the stitched down camel pleated skirt. Do you have a link? This style is flattering for me with my pear shape. I like the swing of the skirt, too.

  12. Hi Mary, I had difficulty locating these pieces. If you click my Nordstrom link and search pleated skirts, they do have many to select from.

  13. I think this is one of the best displays you’ve featured. I like it all! They’ve made classics edgy with layering and unexpected pairings. I’d wearing flats or booties, and full-length pants. Even though I no longer wear black near my face, the moto jacket with a midi skirt is a pleasant surprise.

  14. The only pieces I might consider is the striped or plain white blouse but otherwise due to color, style, cut ‘n fit the others really don’t appeal to me as a classic dresser. For example the blazer; as prefer the Anne Taylor one in your link as would get more wear due to its color being white and its overall design (closure/lapel/pockets/length) is more tailored which IMHO would work with more bottoms (even shorts). Plus there is the factor it is probably more timeless than a oversized/boyfriend style. Also would prefer the faux leather pants in your link, since as a hobby sewer do not see the feasibility of a ‘horizontal’ seam in a pant leg as serves no purpose other than an added detail that could be applied elsewhere like the addition of a belt or topstitching on a pocket etc. -Brenda-

  15. The jeans are a maybe. Everything else no. Neutrals can be so boring. Can’t wait for the leather/pleather pant/legging style to end.

  16. I like neutral colors, I like classic pieces and I like mix-and-match so yes, I would wear with the exception of the pleated skirt. That high slit wouldn’t be something I’d be comfortable wearing most days. There are days it might work but when I have a piece I have to analyze everything I might be doing that day to see it if would be comfortably wearable, it tends to stay in the closet. A 3-piece outfit is my basic style formula; the blazer and shacket seems like one piece too many but it’s an option to consider if warmth was needed. I prefer full length pants but that’s an easy switch.

  17. I would wear the faux leather pants with the blue shirt and the white blazer. It’s a modern take on classic and suits my style.

  18. I would wear the Ivory blazer, the blue small striped button-down shirt and the black and ivory heathered shirt and then moving to next display I would wear the skirt if the slit wasn’t so high!! I like the jacket only if leather!! I wouldn’t wear the button-down they have with it!!! I wouldn’t wear anything else shown!!!

  19. I’m clearly in the minority, but I don’t like the display — except the lipstick LOL — and would walk right by. The colors are boring; they remind me of an arid landscape, and the styles are nothing to write home about. The moto jacket is the most versatile.item but not one that I’m particularly drawn to. It’s overcast and rainy here, so maybe that’s coloring my outlook.

  20. Great skirt but no slits for me! Don’t wear anything faux leather, don’t do dropped shoulders or white blouses or ankle pants that are not fitted at the ankle . So, even though I like most of the pieces separately (they’re classics-almost) or in different fabrics, I wouldn’t wear these outfits as presented. The current trend of dressing women in oversized everything and men in suits that appear too small is not one I appreciate and I’m old enough to skip a fad I don’t like.

  21. Although I love neutrals, these colors, especially that washed out peach, are not rich enough for my deep autumn coloring, and also look harsh next to the black items. I don’t wear skirts and find the one shown very fussy for my taste. I think overall the layering is interesting without being grungy, a plus. I also like a tomboy look, and sometimes experiment with one. I think they “got” that part really well. I like all the shoes except the Mary Janes, which look clunky to my eye. I would style these looks with a black or beige chunky sneaker, or a Chuck Taylor in red to carry the color dissonance to another degree.

  22. How fun to see mannequins with lipstick! I’m a big fan of neutrals and would wear many of these. The skirt slit is too high so I’d pass on that. These are interesting combos I’m not sure I would pair things together as they have. Happy Saturday!

  23. This is me! I took one glance at this post and knew these pieces would fit my wardrobe and my style. I’d wear some with my trouser jeans and others as they are. Like Jennifer the side slit in the skirt might have to be altered slightly.

  24. This is me! I took one glance at this post and knew these pieces would fit my wardrobe and my style. I’d wear some with my trouser jeans and others as they are. Like Jennifer the side slit in the skirt might have to be altered slightly.

  25. I really like this display for inspiration, as I have a piece similar to each of the items shown. I would wear my periwinkle and white striped shirt with my white jacket or my periwinkle cardigan and navy or black pants. I would wear my light camel a-line skirt with a white shirt, and I like the idea of topping them with a black cardigan and bookending the look with black shoes. I like the skirt, but I’d sew up the slit. I’d also swap the moto jacket for a blazer or cardigan, wear black trousers instead of leather ones, and wear flats instead of heels (not open ones in winter – brr!). Thanks for the inspiration, Pamela!

  26. I really like this display. The clothing looks expensive and well cared for. The items are ironed and nicely presented. Not all of these neutrals are for me, however. As a shorter 5’3″ person, I would have to play around with the proportions of the long blouse and the shorter cardigan, but it still is something to consider and an inspiration. It is true that the lipstick on the mannequins is helping this display. That is a good reminder for all of us to brighten up the face when wearing neutrals which are–well, neutral!

  27. I wouldn’t wear any of the bottoms. The cropped flared jeans & the skirt wouldn’t be flattering. I don’t care for leather of faux leather pants. They are just not my style. I would wear the blazer, shirt & t-shirt but wouldn’t wear them together. There’s just too much going on & too bulky. I would wear the blue sweater but not with the long flowy white shirt. I like moto jackets on others but always feel like I am in a costume when I try them on myself.

  28. The white blazer is too oversized for me but I do like the gray sweater and blue striped shirt and jeans. Not a fan of the shoes however too clunky for me. I do like the faux leather pants and blouse but would wear the blue cardigan over my shoulders and totally lose those shoes for a heeled bootie. I love the skirt, blouse and moto jacket but would unbutton the top and pop the collar. Live the scrappy sandals. I have absolutely no where but grocery shopping to wear any of these…sigh. How sad is that?

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