How to look slim in a long topper

how to look slim

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Fashion Friday, all!  Today, I am discussing how to look slim in a long topper.

And, in addition to a talk about how to look slim, is of course, an acknowledgement of the day.

So, I made sure this Fashion Friday style of mine included green.

Let’s celebrate first and then talk fashion!


how to look slim

Isn’t this face precious?  This is my grandson celebrating the day! And I smile every time I look at him.

He definitely has my creative spirit and loves to dress up and wear costumes…I showed you a couple of them in the past.

My heritage on my side of the family is Scotch-Irish, so we always acknowledged St. Patrick’s Day at home.

I am not into pinching people, but I do love to wear green…so join me and pull some out of your closet and wear it today!


how to look slim

Most of you know that I love long toppers…kimonos, ruanas, cardigans, etc.

But, of course, the challenge has always been…how to look slim while wearing one.

Most toppers are very oversized and will add weight to our looks and it has happened to me often in the past.

So, when I began to lose weight, I thought I would have to give up wearing the long toppers I love so much.

Until, I met this one and saw how to look slim in it.

This garment is pricey, but when I put it on, it was worth every penny to me because of the design. 

It is designed to slim down and not bulk up by how it hugs the body.  Most toppers are boxy and have little design or structure to them.

This is the Bryn Walker Anja Silk Floral Print Sheer Short Sleeve Cardigan.

For me, this is a perfect piece to add to my wardrobe where I took away many oversized toppers.  They are no longer hanging in the closet and up for sale.

I am wearing a size MEDIUM here…that is sizing down for me.

Now, you can also wear it with matching pants: The Bryn Walker Osca Floral Print Silk Wide Leg Pull-On Pants.

But, that is not how to look slim…the pants with the topper would actually make me look larger.

How to look slim in the topper includes a column of color underneath it and today I wore it with olive green.  Both pieces have been in my closet a long time.

The topper is perfect to me…it meets my colors, has a little sleeve on it, and is slimming.  I love the flowy feminine feel for warm weather.

Also, how to look slim includes the V-Neck Top…it draws the eye down and opens up the face…all slimming techniques.

Because of the colors in the topper, I wore my rose gold Fit Flops.  This will be a favorite outfit during spring and summer.

Don’t assume that all toppers are overpowering.  It has everything with the design and I always size down in toppers.

I also like the shorter kimonos and now look at kimonos in petite sizes for a better fit.

And if you like the print and not looking for a topper, check out the Bryn Walker Bess Floral Silk Crew Neck Short Sleeve Shirt.

I hope this helps those of you who are like me and love the style, but want to know how to look slim in it.



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If you have any suggestions on how to look slim in a topper, then please add them.  I will be back tomorrow with Jennifer for something new...for those who celebrate today, have fun and always….


Pamela Lutrell

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how to look slim



  1. I’m not a topper person, but I like -this- topper a lot. You do indeed look slim, healthy and vibrant! I bought some very inexpensive printed kimonos for cruising, and they are perfect for that function … dress up, cover up, pack into a tight little packet and wrinkles don’t matter a lot. For everyday life, they don’t fit my adjectives. I do think, as you noted, that cut and fit are everything. This is a little counterintuitive, as so often very oversized ones are chosen as an “easy, effortless” option, when the opposite is true.

  2. It is a great topper and easy to pack! It will go with me on trips this summer! Thanks Linda!

  3. Love today’s post! Your grandson is adorable! Pam, you look the glamour- grandma! So slim and stylish. I love the look of toppers or short ruanas over plain tees.
    Have a wonderful St Patricks day! im off to yoga in green too!

  4. You wear your toppers so well! I am happy that you are still finding ways to tweak the look. Great spring outfit. Still looking at snow here. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Winter blew in overnight in San Antonio! Hopefully spring returns next week. Stay warm!

  6. I love this topper!! You look beautiful and quite slim! I would will be on the onlook for similar toppers, as this one is a little pricey for me.

  7. Thank you, Anne. My cost per wear will be low on this one as I will wear it often. When I see similar ones at lower price points, I will let the audience know!

  8. Pam you look beautiful (and slim) in that topper! The colors and print are lovely on you. And your grandson made me laugh. I don’t have a drop of Irish in me but I’m wearing green to celebrate the day. And I’m pretty sure there’s green beer in my future.

  9. But how do I wear toppers with incredibly short thick legs and already ear a petite xs?!!!
    You, however, look great!

  10. First of all your grandson is the cutest! That sweet little face should put a smile on anyone’s face! Secondly, I love your topper! It is so slimming, and really accentuates your weight loss. A beautiful piece that you will enjoy. My short body would be sweeping the floor with it but it makes you look tall.

  11. Indeed, you look super slim and ever so cute in this outfit! Your grandson is adorable and wears the mustache well. 😉 I love toppers as my go-to versatile vacation pieces for swim cover-up duty, over a solid color sundress, or as a lightweight robe to step out onto the veranda. I very rarely wear them back at home in Oregon, but how you have styled yours would be worth trying this summer. For today, and to be in the spirit, I’ve set out my long and cozy evergreen cardigan to pair with slim black slacks, a simple white top, and fun, lighter green patterned scarf. Only taking my mother out for a doctor’s appointment, but she and Dad will both appreciate the festive look.

  12. From one Gigi to another, your grandson is so precious! That silk topper is fabulous on you. Have you considered it for a pre-wedding event, like a shower or breakfast? It’s so perfect for the season, and so flattering! I don’t wear pink at all, but if I did I would take a serious look at this print.

  13. The pink in it is very muted! Who knows what I might do with this piece! It is fun.

  14. Pam. I would never have given this topper a second look given how it was styled on the website. But you nailed it. The green column makes the topper shine and is very slimming. You make me be more analytical when shopping.

  15. Thank you, Suzi! I hope so…one of my goals is to help all of us shop smart…with open minds and our style adjectives!

  16. I agree that this would be a perfect outfit for a wedding shower. I was amazed though when I looked at the site and saw the seam down the back. You would have thought for the price that it could have been one piece. I’m sure it will put a smile on your face each time you wear it just like that cute little leprechaun’s face.

  17. I think the seam down the back helps the design to be slimmer than most oversized toppers. I am glad it’s there. Thanks for pointing that out, Linda!

  18. You look fabulous in that outfit! Very slimming with the column of color under and a long topper that is tapered with less fabric!

  19. Beautiful topper piece and I love the way you have styled it with the monochromatic underneath. Happy Saturday 🙂

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