Easy Spirit ballet flats for comfort and style…and on sale!

Easy Spirit ballet flats

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today, I am so pleased to show you these Easy Spirit Ballet Flats for comfort and style….and on sale…and with a savings code below for even more off!

Years ago I studied how chic women over 50 dressed and ballet flats were always in the mix for comfort and style.

In fact, Parisian women are known for wearing ballet flats, loafers and sneakers with just about everything.

As my funky feet have continued to age with issues, my many ballet flats have become less and less comfortable.

Now, the problem is solved.


Easy Spirit Ballet Flats

The Easy Spirit Ballet Flats (mine in gold leather) are easily my new favorite for comfort and style.

You can see the back…which I like how this is done because they stay on my feet more comfortably. 

The toe box is ample and works for my hammer toes, and the sole offers great cushion and it is so nice to walk in.

Easy Spirit Ballet Flats

Perhaps that cushioning makes the bottom of the Easy Spirit Ballet Flat a bit thicker, but it makes a huge difference in the flat shoe.

They also have a flexible outsole for all day comfort.  They call it eFlex technology and sell extended widths.

I chose gold leather because it will go with anything in my wardrobe and is a lovely accessory to compliment my gold jewelry.

They keep me from being bland and wearing what’s expected…it is how I say creative and current.

The gold and red leather are on sale for $10 off.  The black and a spring floral are full price at $89.


I highly recommend the Easy Spirit Ballet Flat if you are in need of a more comfortable version of the shoe.


Easy Spirit Ballet Flat

This is a good example of a casual, out-and-about spring outfit to wear with my Easy Spirit Ballet Flats.

I am wearing the TALBOTS SPRING SHIRT JACKET in the sandstone color ( it comes in four spring colors).

I like this jacket because it is a bit shorter than my other ones and works for many spring outfits.

I looked at the TALBOTS SHORT SLEEVE JEAN JACKET but did not want white.  It is super cute…just not my colors.

The tank is an older Eileen Fisher silk tank in a terra cotta red, but it is older and not available at this time. I do love the EF tanks.

Easy Spirit ballet flats

The Savannah Skirt in bali green is an excellent, cool casual skirt for summer and is from one of the Gap companies, Athleta.

There are many ways I can style this skirt for summer outings.

The Easy Spirit Ballet Flats dress it up, but I am certain I will wear it with sandals and/or sneakers this summer.

I also tossed on a French Kande Necklace I have owned for several years.

Of course, today’s savings code is only good for Easy Spirit Shoes…20% OFF these comfortable shoes…CODE PAMELA20.

I want to thank Easy Spirit for sending the shoes for me to review…they are now a favorite in my wardrobe.

Thank you for joining me today…I so appreciate you being here!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

By Pamela Lutrell

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Easy Spirit Ballet Flats


  1. I love ballet flats and I am so happy to hear that they are back in style! I have a pair of Easy Spirits in bronze and a pair of AGL’s that I painted with Angelus leather paint in marine blue. I am so happy that I held on to them from my teaching days. Ah, that French Candy. I have my eye on a ring! It is such a gorgeous line. Another blogger that many people here follow has a collection that is admirable. I just reread yesterday’s post. What a wonderful day you had. Soon!

  2. They ballet flat never goes out of style, Deborah. Wear you shoes! Thanks so much…

  3. I love the color combination you’ve chosen for the entire outfit. The soft green skirt and the red tank are a surprisingly eye pleasing combination. Softened by the jacket. You are right, those Easy Spirit ballet flats are gorgeous in that gold color and add joy to your outfit. I like that Easy Spirit often has narrow or wide sizes. What I’m learning from your blog is to get out of my old routine. I tend to think a color of the top has to match or be in the color of the pants. So if the pants are dark purple, for example, then the patterned top has to have dark purple in the colors. You’ve shown me differently today. Im ready to do something fresh. Thanks!

  4. I am happy to recommend them, Wendy. Great shoes…great price…make sure you use the savings code.

  5. You are the reason I am hear, Babs. To inspire you to have fun, joy, and look and feel your best. Confident, joyful dressing sure helps us to look forward to our day…even if it is a simple day.

  6. I have a question. I love ballet flats but need to wear a “sock” with them.

    Any suggestions any one.

    You look lovely as always Pamela

  7. I have always loved ballet flats! I have many pairs I have loved some over 7+ years. My favorites include a Born yellow leather with three dimensional flower on the toe area, A Softt black leather with leather flowers on the side, a navy Vionic plain style, A caramel brown Josef Seibel, a red pleated toe Earth, a snake skin Clark, and a cut out white leather Spring Step. I also love my Keds Rifle Print sneakers, and my basic white sneakers.

  8. Wear Sheec socks with ballet flats….Pam has a link on this page. You’ll love Sheec!

  9. I just ordered them (ballet flats) in gold. They will be perfect for an upcoming cruise.
    Thanks Pam!

  10. Hi Debi…the skirt does fit true to size. I order a 1/2 size larger on my shoes for my hammer toes, but the fit is good.

  11. Hi Brenda, Just got back for being out and I agree with Margie on the Sheec socks…they are the best and have one specifically for ballet flats.

  12. This Easy Spirit is the most comfortable one I have ever owned. And I am familiar with all of these brands. Thanks Kathy.

  13. I love this outfit on you! It looks casual but so put together. I have never checked out Altheta because, when I see the name, I think workout wear. Obviously, I was quite wrong because that skirt is the farthest thing from that.

  14. I searched for a casual skirt in this color and after looking over a few, I found this one and liked it best. Cool summer fabric and easy to throw on for errands. Thanks Becky!

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