Casual Looks for Less

looks for less

Happy Thursday, all!  Today, I wanted to suggest some way to look current and style casual looks for less.

Most of you know that one of my style adjectives is to look current.   This is a way to stay appropriating youthful with our style.

But, you do not need to break the bank when doing this…there are ways to look current/on trend and style casual looks for less.

So, come see this look I am wearing today and way it makes this point.


looks for less

I wore this casual look for less yesterday to go to a medical appointment and to attend a lunch meeting over some work I am considering doing with our church.

While the top does have a small cap sleeve, I felt more comfortable adding a light jacket.

TIP #1

Use the out of season sales to beef up your wardrobe with current pieces which are quality but marked down.

This jacket was discovered at a Talbots red hangar sale…coming out of summer and going into fall.

I liked it so much that I also added it in another color at a much lower price…it was marked down yet again when I returned to it.

These are excellent completer pieces to make casual looks for less.

looks for less

TIP #2

Know what is currently in-style, so it will catch your attention when you are shopping affordable retail.

Click here to see this Ralph Lauren Painting Print Collection…this top is a whooping $1,290.00.

It represents a print trend I have seen in several places…including Talbots…for this spring…usually in similar colors and painting print style.

I like this type of print and I believe that is why it captured my attention when I was watching trends.

And why this Cynthia Rowley top jumped off the rack at me when I entered Marshall’s recently. 

Here is why I purchased the top:

  1.  Well known trusted designer who I have worn in the past
  2.  Rounded Hem In the front
  3.  Excellent linen…no wrinkles at all
  4. On trend with design and fits in with my current wardrobe family
  5. Speaks my adjectives:  polished, creative, approachable, joyful, current
  6.  $16.99!!  (and I do not believe anyone would know that)

I am so happy with this top…will wear it often (driving the cost per wear even lower)…and it is current.

Again, the benefit in looking current is to stay appropriately youthful and stylish.

For me, this goes into a group of successful casual looks for less in my wardrobe.


looks for less

Casual looks for less are just about everywhere right now as Mother’s Day sales are on!

Make sure you know what your favorite retailers are offering…and check the sale tabs for low prices on winter:

TALBOTS MOM SALE – Now through May 7. (40% off the highest regular-price merchandise item valid 5/3/23 – 5/7/23. Online use code MOM. 30% off the remaining merchandise purchase, discount will appear in shopping bag.)

CHICO’S – Up to 60% off sale prices…good pieces at this link.

MACY’S THIS WEEK:  40% Off Code MORE Buy 1 regular-priced item, Get 20% off, Buy 2 regular-priced items, Get 30% off or Buy 3+ regular-priced items, Get 40% off on select items during This Week at Macy`s.

DILLARD’S – Tap Sales & Clearance for top brands permanently reduced

NORDSTROM – new merchandise added to Sale

White House Black Market:  Dresses starting at $79 now through May 7

I am sure as we near Mother’s Day more will be added to this list!  Let me know if I can help…..thanks for joining in today for Casual Looks for Less….hope you enjoyed it….


By Pamela Lutrell

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looks for less


  1. Your natural, or ivory, jeans reminded me that I finally found some perfect ones at Talbot’s – our weather has been too wet to wear them yet, but it was a long search for the perfect fit. They do have a city scene shirt like yours, but you got a much better deal. It’s a good tip to shop for quality during sales. My sister and I take our weekend trip right when Memorial Day sales are going on and have always found good prices on both winter and summer clothes. I’m looking forward to being able to wear warm weather clothes again… hopefully it will be warming up this weekend.

  2. I hope so, Karen. I remember your shopping trips with your sister…let us know how it goes! The perfect fit in pants is worth the hunt. Have a great Thursday!

  3. I suppose I’m a real miser because I hate to have to pay postage when I order online. That’s one reason I order from Chico’s because I do not have to pay postage. I realize it would cost much more in gas were I to drive to stores because I live a distance from stores like Talbot’s , Dillard’s, Chico’s, Marshall’s, and I know my selection is better online although I cannot try on items. When I see your outfits like today, I think how put together you look, and how you could anticipate buying different items which now coordinate. I realize I often buy something because of how it looks on someone else, and that it doesn’t always look right on me. How you put together what you wear has definitely had an influence on what I wear, and I’m realizing I have many possible combinations I should try. Sorry to ramble around so much today!

  4. Great ideas, Pam. I like to get sale items at Talbots, Ann Taylor, etc., and then pair them with a thrifted item. It’s fun to create some great looks. Your hair looks fantastic, by the way!

  5. Marshall’s is a good way to do that and stay current. I am always surprised by what I discover there.

  6. That’s a super cute outfit, and you look terrific! Being that Marshall’s is practically our only store left in town, and true malls are an hour + away, I have learned to make this store work for me. I find that if I browse through a couple of times a month, I am able to stay on top of what arrives new before it’s picked over. Then, I have to be very honest with myself about whether or not I can make at least three or four outfits from my find, and I need to feel it is a good fit with my adjectives and color preferences. All stuff I’ve learned from you. 😊 Say! – the San Antonio cookbook arrived. What a great addition to my kitchen, and just in time for some weekend Cinco de mayo cooking with my youngest son visiting. 😋 🇲🇽

  7. Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I agree on frequent visits to Marshall’s…I think they had just put these tops out when I stopped by and I popped in one day later and all were gone.

  8. I suppose we’ve gotten used to free shipping/ postage/ mail from retailers, but I like to think of it as supporting the third-party couriers & warehouse workers who deliver the goods to us – after all, COVID helped to highlight how essential they are to our modern day lifestyles of convenience!

  9. After seeing you in this top, I went to Marshall’s the next day and bought it. I love it and the price can’t be beat. It looks so much more expensive than the actual price!

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