Discover the joy of flowers at the Butchart Gardens

discover the joy of flowers

Happy Friday, everyone!  Today, I am encouraging you to discover the joy of flowers at the Butchart Gardens with me.

I know I try to do fashion on Fridays, but, honestly, this garden is beyond fashion with it’s beauty and joy.

There will be lots of fashion going forward toward fall…for now, let’s discover the joy of flowers.

I have so many pictures I took at Butchart Gardens and it took so much time to ponder the best way to take you on this joy journey with me.

All of the photos in this post are mine…we were there on a “perfect” day.

I am going to focus on flowers today…and on Sunday, I have much to say about the trees…

So, join me know as we discover the joy of flowers…..


discover the joy of flowers

Flowers have always brought me joy and many smiles…but I have never seen flowers on the level of the ones I saw at Butchart Gardens.

The minute we stepped off the bus and began to get closer to the entryway, I was captivated with the hanging baskets.

Most contained several different flowers and they were large and vibrant.

discover the joy of flowers

As I discovered the joy of the flowers here, I did not stop smiling the entire time.

Of course, there are many people there at the same time…lots of cruise lines come this way.

For me, I was so mesmerized with the surroundings, that I never thought about the people there with me.

I only wanted as much time with the flowers as possible.

discover the joy of flowers

I paid close attention to many different plants because we are finally beginning to work on our own landscaping.

While I know the heat prevents growing flowers like these, I want to give it my best shot.

Mr. B was also taking pictures for the same reason.

Both of us were inspired by the gardens, but will need to do more research to accomplish some of the designs we liked best.

discover the joy of flowers

discover the joy of flowers

These gardens are really a love story.  Each area gifted from either Jennie Butchart to her husband, Robert, or the other way around.

Jennie began the gardens right at 100 years ago, because their quarry business was so bleak.  She desired color after they moved to Vancouver Island.

Throughout the years, the gardens have been renovated and passed down through the family.  You can read the history here.

She did weave some of their history into the gardens, and I would like to do that with my own backyard.

After just visiting the gardens,  I know that Jennie is a woman I would’ve loved to sit down to tea with….she certainly appreciated beauty.


discover the joy of flowers

As we progressed on the path, with each turn I smiled and sometimes laughed out loud.

So much beauty from each bed of flowers and so many different types.

It was hard for me to pick seven pictures to put on this graphic.

discover the joy of flowers

We met several of the staff moving throughout the gardens and caring for the flowers with love.

You can see their talent throughout with designing groups of flowers and plants to harmonize one another. 

discover the joy of flowers

Even the succulents were stunning!

But, my very favorite place is next…..


discover the joy of flowers

You may be laughing at me by now, but, honestly, the ROSE GARDEN, took my breath away. 

The aroma gently wafted through the air before we got there, but once there, it was a lush combination of every color and size of rose you can imagine.

It seems all of the different red ones were named after entertainment stars or red carpet moments.

I have never seen this many blooms happening at once.

discover the joy of flowers

Each bush seemed to contain not only large blooms, but large buds waiting their turn.

The memory of the rose garden will always be with me.  I would’ve spent more time there if it had been possible.

Butchart Gardens includes, not only the Rose Garden, but also a sunken garden, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, Mediterranean Garden, plants, and trees!


the joy of flowers

There are many things to see and do at the gardens…such as a lovely carousel.

Of course, they have more than one restaurant.

We did not have time to eat there (our tour kept us on schedule), but we did have delicious gelato at the Gelateria in the Italian Garden area.

There are fountains, sculptures, an impressive totem pole, and a fun gift shop.  

Many people were purchasing seeds to take home to their own gardens.

the joy of flowers

So, you say….I cannot go visit the world’s top gardens right now!

We can all discover the joy of flowers by adding them to our homes.  

I love to have them in the house…and now want to see even more.

May the joy of flowers bring you smiles today…and help you to always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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joy of flowers



  1. Butchart Gardens is certainly a treasure and feast for the eyes. I am so glad you had the opportunity to visit and enjoy them. When I think of the work of turning a quarry into these beautiful gardens, I cannot imagine the work it would have taken. It is one of my best memories from my trip west. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Like you whenever I travel I seek out the areas parks or gardens. Depending on where we are I experience delight in different designs or landscapes, what I would not find at home. Amazingly sensory— to see and to enjoy the scents too.
    Those roses do look beautiful!

  3. You are welcome…I agree the work to do this must have been immense in the beginning. So glad that she persevered on.

  4. The entire gardens were stunning…it was hard to return to the dry, crackly scenery we have here in this heat wave. At least I have the pictures to enjoy.
    Thanks Paulette.

  5. Living in the desert now I try to find beauty in the spectacular blooms of the cactus but there is nothing like lush greenery and beautiful flora to get my heart beating. We visit gardens when we travel as well but Butchart was not one of the excursions on my Alaska cruise. I bless Trader Joe’s for supplying my home with fresh cut flowers to enjoy! I needed this diversion from early preview fall fashions and that crazy Nordstrom sale!!! Thanks Pam!

  6. What memories you have brought to mind. We also have been to Butchart Gardens on two occasions. We have a very shaded garden so the Japanese Garden has been my favourite even though it doesn’t have a riot of colour. On our first visit we were mesmerized by the perfection of all the gardens and the fact that we saw no one tending any of them. At that time, many moons ago, they did all their tending after opening hours. It was magical. Two other gardens to put on your bucket list are Monet’s Garden and Kew Garden and the be all and end all of my garden experiences was to go to the Chelsea Garden show. My heart is beating faster just from the memories.

  7. Suggest you speak with landscaper in your area and follow their recommendations. As the climate changes in your area you will need their advice to choose wisely.

  8. The climate and the setting (who would think of planting in a quarry?) make BG so unique and beautiful. I’m sure there are many plants that would give you a “dry” version of an abundant garden, which I think was part of its appeal for you (and me). And since your eyes were open to the possibilities, you might be able to use some structure or vertical space that makes you feel surrounded by color. The Pacific Northwest is ideal for growing ornamentals. In Ohio, our cold winters and periods of scorching summer weather make it hard to grow some of the “English garden” type plants, but there are still many things we -can- grow and there are fabulous gardens and parks here. I’m sure it’s the same in SA. When I’m in drier climates, I always admire the texture of plants and the colorful, tiled water features, which just compel you to come into a garden. Your yard will be beautiful!

  9. Butchart Gardens is a feast for the eyes! Thank you for your beautifully written story and pictures about the garden. As an Albertan I have visited many times and it is always a happy place for me. I, too, am always mesmerized by its beauty and how it came to be.

  10. What a feast for the senses! If you love roses, the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, OR is fabulous too. I love to visit gardens. It’s always amazing to see flowers that I would not have at home where the salty, ocean air and soil dictate what plants do well. Thanks for the pictures — a lovely lift of spirits on a dull day.

  11. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for sharing your experience at Butchart Gardens. There is really nothing else quite like it that I have seen so far. On our two visits there I found everything extraordinary. A feast for the eyes, and the beauty nourishes the soul and stays with you for a life time. Like you I especially loved the rose garden.

  12. I just returned from Trader Joe’s and looking at pre-fall fashions…all of it was fun! Thanks Linda.

  13. We worked with a landscaper recently. I am born and bred in Texas and this is nothing new. Eleven years ago, it was 108 on the evening of my daughter’s reception…nothing new here.

  14. Butchart Gardens is magical any time of the year. In spring, it’s the bulbs and tree blossoms. In fall, the colorful tree leaves put on a show. It is perfection.

    Most of us don’t have a team of full-time gardeners. Our growing zones and conditions are different. However, we can try to create interest throughout the year with elements we’ve seen there: hardscaping, lighting, trees, shrubs and flowers appropriate to where we live and the scale of our own yards and budgets. A garden like this didn’t happen overnight. That is perhaps the most important lesson. Beautiful gardens take time, effort and a gardener’s love.

  15. The first picture with the bee was outstanding. You captured it at just the perfect moment. l love flowers & never fail to pick up a bouquet when I’m at Trader Joe’s. Thank you for sharing all these lovely photos.

  16. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of flowers. Because of the daily rainstorms in the spring and again with the monsoons daily, we are very green for the high desert. But we cannot forget that water is gold in the southwest. So we have been very careful to plant accordingly. Pamela, you temperatures may be similar, but actually we are globally warming and there is definitely a water shortage due to 22 years of drought here in the Rockies where all of the west gets its water. So please, it isn’t business as usual with garden design. Think of heat and water tolerant plants which are beautiful as well.

  17. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of flowers at Butchart Gardens, Pamela. We visited there during our pre-cruise to Alaska in June2009 -Loved it & I do hope to go again. Yes, the water / drought have been so different in both Idaho & Wyoming Rocky Mnts since our cruise. Our 2006 home & garden in Idaho had my drought tolerant/lower water usage plants. Took 2 summers to sell it so we could retire back in Wy. (kids/grands live here). This summer is 4th in our established home ( bought 1986)& my gardens – lots of snow & rain has been so different & many lower water usage flowers =tall!. Roses, sunflowers, and many perennials. My husband’s veg garden is thriving. Thank you for ideas as we change how we grow /& water.

  18. Thank you for sharing Jennie…I know each region of the country has its own challenges. It gives me hope to see these amazing flowers to persevere on with my own little yard! Thanks for joining in.

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