Would You Wear It – A sequin floral pullover sweater

would you wear it

Happy last day of October!  Welcome to Would You Wear It!

On Tuesdays, I take us back to Would You Wear It...a reader exercise where you give thought and explanation about outfits seen on fashion displays.

The best part of Would You Wear It is when you explain why or why not you would wear a particular garment if you were given it.

Do not think about cost or where you would go, but look at the design of the garment and how it is styled in the display.

This way your comments are helpful to other readers and shoppers.

This audience is doing amazing with these challenges and I keep receiving word from others that Would You Wear It and Style Tips are very helpful.

So…let’s get started today with Would You Wear It – a sequin floral pullover sweater??


would you wear it

Many of you may recognize this display Is at Chico’s.

This is the SEQUIN PULLOVER SWEATER styled with the JULIET PONTE TRIM DETAIL PANTS IN RED POPPY.  Look here for more RED PANTS including petite sizes.

Think about the colors…design of the sweater…your own style adjectives…and your wardrobe.

Based on that….WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Chico’s has made an all-in commitment to bling this year!  Here are more garments in many colors with bling:

You might also tell us your level of bling…none?…a touch?…or all-in too!


would you wear it

I explained last week that on Tuesdays I will share gift ideas.

Now, when I say in my quote that I am on the search for JOY, I want to clarify that true joy comes from deep within.

However, searching for the word this time of year when I go out and about looking for ideas for you, just gives me a smile on my face.  Christmas joy from inside and outside is very special.

would you wear it

As a James Avery ambassador, this wonderful artisan jewelry has been a part of my gift giving for over 35 years.

It started for me when I gifted Mr. B his wedding band from James Avery.

Would you wear It

This year I am so excited about the James Avery Gift Sets!

They are lovely and very special in the curation of this artisan jewelry.

I am gifting a special family member this SORRENTO GIFT SET...and I believe she will love it.

Would You Wear It

I shared with you last year how I started a charm bracelet for my six year old granddaughter.

This is what it looks like when you go to James Avery and place the charms where you would like them to be.

I love the personal story a charm bracelet tells of each family member who wears one.

On her seventh birthday, I added to her bracelet and her dad added one during the year.  As she grows I can take the charms and put them on a larger bracelet for her.

Also, they have charm necklaces.

James Avery is a brand you can trust for quality and beautiful design.  I am honored to represent them and they have been a huge part of our family gifting.

would you wear it

San Antonio shoppers, remember that our local Dillard’s have a James Avery store inside.

Makes shopping so easy and helps to create holiday memories….and, of course, JOY!


would you wear it

Our reader, Brenda, sent her lawn decorations that I thought would be perfect for today.

Here is what Brenda said: 

…”thought I would share with you lawn silhouettes I made a few years ago which are constructed out of plywood and then were painted.   Original pattern was from that of Martha Stewart’s,  whereas the broom she is holding is one of my own design using a natural tree branch and artificial greenery.   Also though not in the photo my front door is usually dressed with a seasonal or holiday themed wreath,  with Halloween’s being black and orange feather boas enter laced in a plastic wreath frame,  both purchased at the $-store and created only  in a few minutes. ”   -Brenda-  

This is impressive, Brenda…especially your broom…and the crow! 

I hope those who celebrate this evening have a safe one.

Thanks so much for sharing!

OK, everyone…let’s go back to the task at hand…WOULD YOU WEAR IT??  

I cannot wait to read your thoughts…..

Now, it is always a little sad when beautiful October passes by, but now it is full on time for A SEASON OF JOY…see you tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided gifts for this post.  The words are my own.

Remember,  you can shop ANYTIME with the links under the page at the top called SHOPPING LINKS...and I will receive a small compensation for your shopping.

Also, if I have posted a link on a specific garment, and you use that link to go to the website of the brand, but look around and buy something else, I still get credit…though you do not buy what I am wearing.

Please ask any questions… this income helps keep me here, because even at age 70, Mr. B and I need additional income.  He also works two jobs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who shops this way.

Would You Wear It


  1. I love Brenda’s Halloween decor – thanks for sharing it with us! James Avery has been a favorite in our family for years, and I plan to visit their headquarters in Kerrville in early December when I make a long-awaited pilgrimage to the hill country for a few days of peace before the busy-ness of the holidays descends on us. While I like the textured applique’ design on today’s featured sweater, I don’t care for the neckline or sleeves, and I don’t wear red or black so I’m out on this one. But I just ordered one of the sweaters shown in the other options (jeweled v-neck in Deep Merlot) and may wear it for Thanksgiving! Chico’s items seem to be of better quality than most similarly priced retailers these days, and I have pieces that I’ve worn for years that are holding up better than many new items from other brands. Finally, thanks for your “joy” quote, which is a great reminder that joy is all around us, if only we take the time to seek it.

  2. I would `not wear the sweater for multiple reasons, making this sweater a hard no for me. The placement of the pattern would make my already broad shoulders look even broader. It is too much bling for my style so between that and the color, I would wear it on only one occasion per year at best. It is not a flattering shape or neckline for my body type. And lastly, I am not generally drawn to florals. But, with all that said on why it doesn’t work for me, I can see it being a lovely addition to someone’s wardrobe and definitely a beautiful sweater to wear to a fun winter gathering or holiday party.

  3. Thanks for starting us off today! In the past, we have always gone to the hill country prior to the holidays. I love it there so much. Sadly, can’t do it this year but will surely miss it. Have fun!

  4. I’m usually not a sequin girl, but this sweater is beautiful! The red pants are great with it. Also would look classy with black cigarette pants and kitten heels or block heel black velvet pumps. Or black jeans and red flats.
    And….how about with a black or red maxi skirt. It would really be quite a versatile wardrobe piece. Thanks for sharing Brenda’s amazing work. Have a joyful day.

  5. The sequin trend going on seems more of a fad to me, so I would pass on the sweater. I do like some bling on occasion, especially combined with denim, but sequins just don’t fit with my style adjectives, one of which is “quiet”. Bling for me would lean more toward accessories, diamonds with jeans, that sort of thing. I’m also seeing this particular floral design as a little aging. Florals can be tricky and placement has to be so carefully considered with body type taken into account. I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of sequins for the winter, but they just don’t seem to have real staying power, especially when used as an overall fabric for, say, a skirt. Personally, I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard to be current and this reminds me of that.

  6. I would wear this. While I’m not usually a fan of florals, I find these interesting, which is one of my style adjectives. I would wear it with black velvet pants for a holiday party, or with dark or black jeans and red purse/shoes for a more casual event. It would look good styled with fine wale corduroy pants too. I would wear a glittery bracelet, but keep other jewelry to a minimum. While I like the red pants and can see others wearing them, I would feel they are too loud to be on the bottom for me. Too many years of worrying about what my backside looks like to enjoy those!

  7. Thanks Linda…I love it when readers mention their style adjectives like you and Karen just did.

  8. I don’t wear black so this is a no go for me. Even in another color this wouldn’t appeal as it looks bulky under the arms so likely it has dropped shoulders. And I don’t care for the floral element. I don’t think I have any bling left in my wardrobe. I would definitely wear the camel sequined animal print sweater you featured in the slide show. A nice neutral tone on tone design with proper set in sleeves really appeals to me. Just enough bling for my taste. Also no for red pants. I had a pair once and felt too conspicuous in them. Thanks for showing us Brenda’s clever Halloween decor. So lovely that you are adding to your granddaughter’s charm bracelet. My grandmother did that with me and I still treasure it. I’ll send you a photo once I have the studio set up for the tour this weekend.

  9. Well, although red us not typically a color I wear much of, I like these two outfits. On bling- I do wear bling on Christmas but not other times of the year. My shoulders are not overly broad so the design on this red/black sweater works for me.
    I do like the second longer/ belted sweatercoat(?) and might wear it on a cooler fall event day, but my everyday look is much more casual. I would wear each of these looks, but probably not too often.

  10. I would not wear this sweater for many reasons: one, because I find red a hard color to wear and the beading is red, two, I live in Florida and sometimes it is 85 degrees on Christmas!, and thirdly, the beading would make my very broad shoulders look broader. Chicos does have some gorgeous sweaters I would love to wear, but again, it is too warm here even in winter and usually fancy sweaters are for Christmas and New years.

  11. As to the sweater; I can see it appealing to some as very pretty whereas for me personally it would be a ‘no’ due to its bateau neckline as often exposes too much shoulder. Also I would prefer a more abstract embellishment rather than a floral design, plus the only true red I wear is basically in accessories. Last but not least re my Halloween decorations; thank you for the compliment and for featuring them Pamela as they were a fun project. (Unlike the Christmas outdoor decor, they are usually only up for a few days and will be removed tomorrow.) -Brenda-

  12. Good morning on the day of Old Hallow’s Eve! I am visiting my grandchildren and plan to comb this small, friendly neighborhood as I accompanied my own 3 children all those many years ago. I don’t know if I will see anything as creative as Brenda’s tableau. Fantastic and fun! I did hear that we might see the Fairfield, Ct ‘Mombies’, a group of moms who have for years been dressing as zombies and dancing their way to raise money for breast cancer. On another note, I enjoyed and seconded Marcia’s interpretation of the featured sweater. It is not for me, but would look great on my ‘winter’ friend. If I was wearing winter colors, I would be drawn to the Zebra sweater in black and white. The staggered stripes are flattering in a clever design and I like the slightly bell sleeves. It is also one of the only two pieces that actually continue the bling design on the back. I know I am fussy, but I don’t generally care for a top that is highly designed on the front that doesn’t somehow carry over to some degree in the back. I would love that zebra sweater with slim cigarette slacks, red shoes, and shining black dangling earrings if I wasn’t an Autumn. Have a great day!

  13. I saw a video of the Mombies dancing and must say they looked pretty cute and fun. Enjoy your time with grandchildren, Deborah…thanks for joining in today.

  14. I understand the weather issue, Linda…so similar to ours. But today it is in the 40s and I am heading out in one of my favorite statement sweaters. We have to grab it when we can!

  15. I love Brenda’s creative display and her wonderful broom really looks like what a witch might use! As to the sweater, neither black nor red are great colors for me to wear on top so that is a disqualifier. In theory I like sparkle, but prefer it on others. For me to feel well dressed for the holidays, or going out somewhere fancy, I like velvet or cashmere, and accessories like a beautiful burnout tonal scarf – low contrast colors, but rich feeling materials. A blingy rhinestone element on my shoes or as a clasp to an evening bag is plenty for me.

  16. I adore this sweater, it’s on my Chicos wishlist! If I get it, I’ll wear it with either my dress black slacks or black bootcuts…..

  17. Oh my, Brenda’s display is wonderful! Always appreciate lawn displays but I’ve never considered doing so myself. BUT I absolutely would display this! LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    Pam sharing what others are doing was such a great idea.

  18. I would not wear the sequin sweater. It is not my style and reminds me of the ‘70s. I would totally wear the outfit on the right. I love coatigans and wear a lot of red and black. I can see it styled with faux leather or regular pants, skirt or a dress. I also started James Avery charm bracelets for all my nieces, daughters and now granddaughter! (I am a Texan too)!

  19. Two of the colors that look worst on my fair complexion in one outfit? No. This is better for a winter complexion.

  20. Red and black are in my color palette and I like bateau necklines, but I would not wear this. I’m not fond of florals, nor do I wear sequins. They end up in landfills forever. But mainly I don’t wear sequins because they are limiting. I would much rather wear and unadorned top and add my own jewelry, so I can change the look as desired – from plain to dressy. I like the red cardigan/coatigan and would wear that.
    LOVE Brenda’s yard: Brenda, you are just so talented!

  21. First, great job Brenda on the Halloween lawn decorations.
    Second, I like the red and black sweater. It has just the right amount of bling for me. However, I would not pair the red pants. Oh yes, black pants, makes it a dark outfit, but for the right occasion it could work.

  22. This is a lovely sweater for a winter. I’m a cool summer. I also liked the zebra sweater and the v neck white with a small amount of bling. Have no idea where I would wear it! Loved Brenda’s art display on her lawn! Beautiful work! My granddaughter Haylie just had her 3rd child during the night on her brother’s birthday! Another great granddaughter! I just had to share the joy!

  23. Hi Pamela, Both red and black outfits are beautiful and I love the shade of red, but I would probably not wear either, as the cuts don’t quite suit me. I am broad shouldered, so the red appliqued floral on the black sweater would highlight that. The red sweater coat with the longer length might work for me if only it was shorter, ha. I do tend to wear only black pants now, or dark wash jeans. I’m waiting on delivery of a few online orders right now that include red shells and red with black prints shells, hoping something will be just right. Then I can wear those outside of the holidays as well, with a cardigan.
    I love Brenda’s witch and cat silhouettes, what a great display. I have a life size rusty metal garden cat silhouette that we tried in the front yard, but the neighborhood dogs wanted to go after it!

  24. I love your quote about joy. Every morning when I wake up, one of the things I say is that I will find joy in this day. I truly believe that there is joy in each day. Some days I have to look harder than others, but it is there.
    As to the sweater, it gets a maybe. I do wear black, & the sequins are not overpowering, but the neckline might be a problem. I have worn some necklines like it, & the fit has been fine while others gape & slide. It would rate a try on. The red pants are no because they would draw a lot of attention where I don’t want it. I would choose black velvet pants for a dressy occasion or dark or black jeans for a more casual look. I would wear subtle jewelry so as not to compete with the sequins.

  25. I think the sweater is beautiful, though I’d prefer it in green. Red isn’t my color. But, I’d wear it anyway if I wasn’t a walking hot flash. No long sleeves for me.

  26. A big no! I didn’t read other opinions but hubs and I frequently have lunch at a very popular “elder” restaurant. To be fair there are families and younger couple but lots of “walkers” used & groups who come in from lovely care homes and the sparkles are abundant! I guess because of these daily experiences of sparkling sweaters etc during the day are an anathema to me unless it an evening event. I bet young women wouldn’t feel the same way though 😊

  27. Love love James Avery!! It’s my weakness. Since I don’t have one near me I’m glad Dillard carries some. Chicos is really into red and black this year. Not a red fan some of it is pretty. The Juliette Ponte pants are one of favorites. They go with so many tops and shoes.

  28. I so agree, Becky…some days joy is harder to find, but it is still there for us. There are days I must be purposeful in looking for it.

  29. I’m late to this commenting party after a busy week and am behind on my blog reading, but I did want to say how much I LOVE this red and black, sequined floral top, especially for casual holiday attire. I am purchasing it! For the petite apple (ME), details at the neck and on the sleeve are EXACTLY what we need to draw the eye upwards and to distract from a pot belly. I’ll wear this sweater with black pants and black booties, avoiding ANY details at or near the waist. I’m also purchasing the red earrings to wear with it which are pictured on the Chico’s model when you click through to their site. I’ll be wearing it several times to various gatherings and events this holiday season. One reviewer said that she didn’t like it because it is kind of a dressy sweatshirt. Well, that completely fits the bill for me! So glad you posted this, Pamela.

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