Dreaming of new shoes for Christmas

new shoes for Christmas

Happy December 1, everyone…the countdown is on.  So, today I am dreaming of new shoes for Christmas!

I do love to dance around, so dreaming of those new shoes for Christmas brings me joy currently…as I recover in my chair.

I completely understand that I have to wait until full recovery and see what my foot is like…but a girl can dream, can’t she?

By the time I got to the surgery, my toes were so disfigured that I was unable to wear my favorite shoes.

Here are the styles I dream about as new shoes for Christmas!


new shoes for Christmas

These simple flats mimicking what ballerinas wear never go out of style…no matter what “experts” write.

They have been my favorite style of shoe for many years…and there are several versions in my wardrobe just waiting for me to return.

I love ballet flats because they go with literally anything and give that polished, classic look.

I have a feeling they will replace my sandals for awhile…they are a great shoe for warmer climates.

I also love the pointed toe version of a ballet flat to lengthen and slim down my overall style.

new shoes for Christmas

For me, new shoes for Christmas would include ballet flats…I need a new black pair more than anything.

My current favorites that I own are from Easy Spirit…beautiful leather and super comfortable.

Here are some of the selections for new shoes for Christmas that I am dreaming of…..

And these Blair Ballet Flats in foil dots from Talbot’s are dream worthy!


new shoes for Christmas

This picture is from a try-on session at Talbot’s and features these Laura Tassel Leather Loafers in gold metallic.

I have these in my closet and cannot wait to wear them again.  Perfect for my creative style adjective.

new shoes for Christmas


I love Talbot’s new shoes for Christmas selection and hope more are in my future. 

The picture features the Jessie Tassel Driving Moccasins in Calf Hair Leopard.…I have been dreaming of these ever since I tried them at the store.

When Talbot’s posts flash sales, make sure to check out the shoes if you are also dreaming of new shoes for Christmas.


new shoes for Christmas

I love a classy, chic mule and when I began to have toe issues, I sent them along their merry way.

I have always had regular pedicures so my feet looked good to wear mules and they are great for warmer weather climates.

But, you do need toes to wear them and occasionally grip the shoe.

I would love to own another pair once again for nicer occasions and find that I dream of mules as new shoes for Christmas.

new shoes for Christmas

Some will tell you that these are out of style…I say…no way.

Most mules are lovely, classic shoes.

Here are a few styles I am dreaming of as new shoes for Christmas….

new shoes for Christmas

Here is an old pair of shoes from Nordstrom Rack that I wore into the ground…great shoes.

Good shoes are worn often and we go to them because of comfort and style.

Realistically, I will not be shopping new shoes for Christmas until the doctor says…we are done.

That should be right when the big sales hit….so excited.

Dreaming of new shoes for Christmas Is one of the things that keeps me joyful during all of this.

Is anyone else shopping new shoes for Christmas?  What is on your wish list?

Please share and make sure that you always……


By Pamela Lutrell

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new shoes for Christmas


  1. You should certainly dream with hope for being able to wear your dream shoes! Many nice styles shown here, and I’m sure you’ll be back in them before long! Patience is the hard part! I really like the Vivaia shoes in the slideshow with the pointed toes…but I don’t do well with flats and need some sort of heel to be comfortable, at the very least, an inch. I understand that this is a comfort brand so might work… I’ll go back and look for reviews! I’m always looking for nude shoes!

  2. There are at least three brands I will look very closely at when my foot is ready…I hope to report back what I learn! That brand has some lovely shoes.

  3. Yesterday we thought of Katherine Hepburn style. Today talking about ballet shoes makes me think of Aubrey Hepburn style since she often wore black ballet shoes. I can no longer wear flat shoes unless they have a zipper or strap because of my shorter leg and foot so I need a small heel. If you like mules but cannot grip them, try some low heel clogs that will throw your foot forward and no grip is needed. I know you are excited thinking of being able to wear any shoe comfortably. We are excited for you as we continue to think of you as you heal.

  4. Love all your choices! I’m undergoing treatment for foot issues, so I’m dreaming along with you, Happy Holidays!

  5. Yes a girl can dream, and you’ve endured a lot of pain recently so dream those dreams! I too love ballet flats – can be worn in three seasons here. But right now I’m dreaming of stylish but warmer boots! Lol.
    Pam, Im still praying for your recovery- you’ve got a great attitude, positive mind-set so you should be dancing before you know it!

  6. Since my own foot surgery, in which a big toe tendon was moved to reinforce my Achilles tendon, I had to retire all my flip flop type shoes and my mules. For several years, I could only wear mules and backless sandals, which made for interesting footwear in an Ohio winter. But after surgery … the world of flats was now open. Yay! My faves are Vivaia (I like a good ballet flat too) and my simple white Birkenstock sneakers (you can buy them from Nordstrom and use Pam’s link). If you can still wear mules, that would be great for your climate … so polished looking while staying cool and comfortable. Go ahead and dream … it’s so fun to be able to look at more than one kind of shoe.

  7. I read about Audrey and ballet flats a few years ago. She was a perfect example. Thanks Celia!

  8. My right foot dances often as I sit in my chair. I look forward to both feet dancing! Today is my 39th wedding anniversary and Mr. B gave me a wonderful set of Boise earphones…so my right foot has been rocking out all morning!

  9. My eyes are on the prize as I wait to see what my foot will be like. Thanks for sharing your journey, Linda!

  10. I hope you get better soon and get the shoes your dreaming of for Christmas!! Look at SAS (San Antonio Shoes) for cork with gold rub loafers with tassels. That’s what I have and I adore them!!!

  11. Good morning, and Happy 39th Anniversary to you and Mr. B! 💕
    Can you believe it has almost been one week since you had surgery? Praying that you are healing well, Pam. I love shoes, and more shoes! After all of the foot surgeries that I have been blessed with (no more bunions, and crooked toes), I was eager to show shop, too. I have big feet (thanks to my Dad’s side of the family, and my 5’9″ height), so I am comfortable with flats. I love ballet flats(so feminine) mules (easy on and off), and my winter favorite – boots! Long boots, short booties, cowgirl cuties!! I am an avid walking person ( no more running after an early knee replacement), so a good shoe is a no brainer for me. I find Vionic is a good brand in most shoes. Boots vary. I go through walking shoes pretty quickly. Some brands that work for me are New Balance, Hoka, and Propel. Joyful December 1, Pam! Soon you will have a beautiful pedicure again. 💕

  12. I remember looking forward to the day I could wear shoes after I had foot surgeries. I hope your recovery will go smoothly and that you are dancing around. I am always on the lookout for stylish flats that run narrow. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, you have a great variety of places to show through your links. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. SAS has several great selections. I hope to go in their store early next year! Thanks Natalie!

  14. And thank you for shopping with the links, Kathy! I will for sure keep in mind that you are looking for narrow!

  15. I, too, am in camp need-a-heel as I was born with flat feet and wore orthopedic shoes as a child. I used to wear clogs a long time ago but don’t find them that useful anymore. I can’t run in them anymore, for example. So, my hope is to be able to find a good ‘active’ boot, with strong non-slip soles, in the new year — and high enough to protect my ankles. Wishing you a closetful of new shoes!

  16. I think it is so important for us to be like you, Maeve and many of the others here. You understand well what works for you now and what doesn’t. I hope to gain that understanding at the end of recovery. Thanks for sharing.

  17. It is fun to dream about wonderful shoes. As you recover, consider whether a referral to Physical Therapy will help with gait and balance once you are healed. Wishing you a quick recovery and fun shoe shopping a few months from now. I no longer wear mules — they do not stay on the foot very easily and are very difficult to drive in. As much as I love ballet flats, they are often too flat to be comfortable but mostly it is really difficult to find any with the heel area narrow enough to stay on my foot when I walk. Sigh. First world problems!! Living in Michigan, it is boot weather for many many months and I love boots, booties, etc, whether dressy or utilitarian or anywhere in between.

  18. I hope your dreams come true and you will be dancing around in cute shoes in the new year! I love ballet flats but flat shoes just don’t work for me. I need arch support and have found a couple brands of flats (Josef Siebel and Arcopedico) with just enough lift in the heel & arch support. I love the gold Talbot’s loafers and look forward to seeing you in them. I tried them on but sadly they didn’t fit. I’m afraid all that’s on my list this year is new garage doors. 😉

  19. The Easy Spirit Ballet flats have support in them so they are comfortable and not so flat. I gave my daughter a pair and she loves them. I highly recommend them for a ballet flat and I am anxious to try the two I own and see how they feel after the recovery. Thanks Kim.

  20. I hope you will be able to continue to wear the shoes you love and dream about. I have very flexible feet that slide right down to the toe of any shoe with much lift…..that’s what happens in clogs and slides. And my narrow heels make flats impossible to stay on. So I’m a boot fan……temps go below 70 and I wear booties. The wide variety of foot problems described here help one understand why a question about the best comfort shoes is useless….there is no one answer to that.

  21. I wore my new Vivaia ballet flats (b&w tweed and solid black toe cap) yesterday to our big charity luncheon and loved how they looked with my cream and black outfit. Because my hammer toes are uncorrected, I buy wide shoes to better accommodate my mess, and this brand works well. I have them in a neutral saddle color as well, which can pair with so much. Happy Anniversary!!! A nice headset sounds like the perfect gift from your very thoughtful Mr. B.

  22. We all have our different foot issues, don’t we and it cannot be hit with a broad brush. I wish we had weather for more booties…I love the comfort and stability in a bootie! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Ahh! So nice to hear your positive thoughts about your new shoe wardrobe. You are feeling better! I am anxious to tag along on your journey. I can’t wear a completely flat shoe. As much as I love the looks of my forest green textured Birdies (fleece lined!) and cinnamon pointed toe Rothy’s , they don’t provide my foot either enough support or structure. My foot slips to the side. I put in arches and then my foot overloads the shoe. I love the sleek mules, but I can’t grip them. I watched my MIL fall with a pair of mine on, but they did have a wedge. Maybe flatter is easier. I live Naots, Siebels, and Remontes. Take a look at Barking Dog Shoes website. She has been reviewing shoes and foot issues for years. My oldest ballet flats are a bronze pair from Aerosoles and were not expensive. My most expensive pair are from Sole Bliss and are not comfortable. Go figure! Feet are fussy! I love finding booties. So much support.

  24. Anniversary blessings to you and Mr. B! May we all find comfy shoes that work for our individual foot issues in the holiday season and beyond. Continued prayers for your complete healing and continued positive outlook!

  25. I just found a wonderful pair of pale grey sweade booties on Skechers.com! I have to wear wide to accommodate my arthritic toes and most have only black in wide or don’t have wide at all. I also have a high arch. These are gorgeous with a little zipper on the side, a little knit and faux grey fur around the top. They feel like slippers all day long! I have purchased 14 pairs of Skechers shoes in the past year. They are so comfortable on my very painful feet. Happy Anniversary Pam and Mr. B!

  26. Thanks for sharing, Sydney. I am sure there are others happy to read your testimony with Skechers.

  27. Happy Anniversary to you & Mr. B! I hope your dreams come true, but until then, keep on dreaming & right foot dancing.

  28. Maybe with the recent stress of foot surgery and the amputation of one toe you could give younger readers tips in how to care for their feet and toes. I am sure you have alot of wisdom to share.

  29. I can certainly share what I have learned about the mistakes I made. Thanks for the suggestion…I will work on it.

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