Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday morning, all…and welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home.

This weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home has grown to be a favorite of many in this audience.

I always discuss slices of my life which I share with a desire to encourage and inspire readers in their own lives.

Over Thanksgiving, family members headed to South Texas making a favorite road stop at a popular place called Bucc-ee’s.

Those of you who know Bucc-ee’s know that it sells a little bit of everything…and, thankfully, features clean restrooms!

That is where my grandsons found this spatula and said they had to have it for Gigi…I was elated.  It is perfect for me!

The best thing they brought to me over Thanksgiving was their sense of humor, laughter, and joy.

So, let’s start there on this Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday mornings at Home

I firmly believe for any successful recovery (no matter how small or large) that a sense of humor is imperative.

So much of healing comes from within.

These guys decided to name my toe…Roast Beef!

You know…This little piggy (the third toe) had roast beef.

My daughter said that losing roast beef might make Gigi a vegetarian!

But, they continued to ask me about roast beef for days.

Finally, right before they loaded the car to go home, one looked at me and said, “Gigi? Is roast beef going to be ok?”

I smiled….”Yes…one way or another, roast beef will be ok.”

It was a reminder to me that how I face challenges is being watched by them as well.


Sunday mornings at home

When in need of more joy, it always helps to have a friend ,not seen in awhile, return.

Leigh Ann’s travels are more vast these days, but she is here for a time…and blessed me so much with her visit.

She brought several home cooked goodies for me, including this quiche for breakfast.

I am still on two heavy duty antibiotics and need something substantial inside me before I take them…or nausea takes over.

Here is a similar recipe to what she brought…she made a crescent roll crust and it was delicious.  SPINACH AND BROCCOLI QUICHE.

Sunday mornings at Home

She also brought this wonderful kitchen towel.

You know, I only recently learned to significance of the cardinal…and now know why I love this bird so much.

Especially since Mr. B and I just celebrated 39 years together.  Read more about the cardinal here on Birds & Blooms.

Sunday Mornings at Home

I greeted her with an ornament I saw at Chico’s.

Leigh Ann is about all things tennis, and I believed she would love this GOLD TONE TENNIS RACKET ORNAMENT.

I love to buy my closest friends gifts…do you?


Sunday Mornings at Home

Niki sent her lovely holiday decorations this week.

I loved them all so much that I am going to post the pictures and let them speak for themselves.

Thanks to Niki for participating…I hope more of you will email me your holiday decor and recipes.  It is so much fun to see what you send and thanks to those who share.

Send to  Now here is more from Niki’s house…..

Sunday mornings at home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

One question, Niki, What do the cards on the stars on your table say?  Would love to know!


Sunday Mornings at Home

Life from my chair continues as recovery is in progress.

It would be so easy for me to get down and out right now.

I truly miss my decorations…the entire load.

But, what I have learned is that when the doldrums begin to set in, to figuratively slap myself around a little, and re-focus.

So, I focus on what I can see from the chair…a beautiful Christmas tree selected by Mr. B and decorated by family.

I take a journey from ornament to ornament and remember where it came from and how it joined our tree.

That is a journey to joy for me.  

I will not allow negatively to rob me of the memories right In front of me.

Sometimes we just need a new focus for a moment.

Next year…I am back to the full load of decor that I love so much.

Until then, send me pictures of yours!

Thank you for joining me today for Sunday Mornings at Home…remember to focus on the beauty in front of you and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home



  1. It is really hard to stay positive when you feel like your body has betrayed you; 20 years ago, I broke my neck, shoulder, and 4 ribs. Recovery took over a year. I am 70 years old and take no meds; it was a journey not a race. I went back to work as a principal of a large high school wearing a halo and walking with a walker 4 months later. I knew I had to go back to work, as weak as I was or totally lose myself and become a victim. Today, I am healthy and do just about anything I want. You have a circle of people here, your friends, and of course, your family. You are a strong woman; roast beef will get well, eaten one bite at a time—one day at a time. Keep up the good fight; as miserable as you feel, you can do it!

  2. Thank you, Nyla! What an amazing woman and role model you are! Mentally, I really am doing good. And so appreciate the encouragement. You went through much more than I. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Bless you Pam! You have such a great spirit through all of this! I trust you will be fine! So will roast beef! ( May I steal this?)
    I’m in the ER right now blacked out in our bathroom early this morning – don’t know the cause. But a bump is rising on my forehead and bruises on knees etc. CT scan coming up. Nuisance but hope to adopt your good attitude on nuisances like this.

  4. Paulette! Oh my goodness, I am lifting up a prayer for you right now! I pray there is nothing serious but take hitting your head seriously. Please let us know how you are doing.

  5. Oh my, out of the mouths of babes. I love that your grandkids named your toe. I chuckle as I sit here wondering what name my grandkids might come up with. Grandkids are such a blessing. I added a cardinal to my Christmas decor this year as a reminder of my Dad who passed away in June. We all miss him so much. Prayers for a recovery that sees you up and active and joyfully enjoying your days once the healing process is complete. Merry Christmas from my home in Indiana to yours there in Texas.

  6. Your positivity and laughter will carry you through this. Thank goodness for grandchildren who can lift us with their innocence; RB is going to be a source of laughter for years to come. Niki’s decorations are beautiful and had me thinking I should add more to mine but I went minimalist this year with a tree and nativity set. Niki’s are so pretty! Yesterday I picked up a good friend who is feeeling the effects of aging; at 83 she looks spectacular but her legs and feet are defying her. We went to Talbots and Chicos and had a good time trying on sparkles and glitter; then headed to TJ Max to pick up some items for Toys for Tots. I do like buying gifts for friends but I realized the best gift I could give my friend at this time was to help her do some shopping and getting her out of the house.

  7. You have me thinking in so many different directions this morning. My Mr. B and I were recently returning from a visit with a grandchild and stopped at Bucc-ee’s for those clean restrooms. It was so crowded it was difficult to walk thru to the restroom. In fact I would not be surprised that this is where we were exposed to COVID and tested positive five days later. We are both negative now and had no real symptoms except a slight sore throat one day but we’ve had as many vaccines as we could get. Those grandchildren of yours must have made your recuperation much easier with their concern and naming “ Roast Beef” which I love! I say “ Hello Mama!” to a beautiful cardinal I see every morning. I often make crust less quiche for the protein and to save on calories. Have a great day!

  8. Good morning, Pam,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family, Leigh Ann’s recipe for that delicious quiche that I am going to make, and Niki’s gorgeous Christmas table and decorations. I enjoyed each photo.
    I know how difficult this time is for you right now, and how frustrating being mostly immobile and in pain can be.
    I am praying for you, and I know God will see you through this time. He shows us His gifts in so many ways. Our families, our dear friends, the ways we are loved by so many. “”The joy of the Lord is my strength.” We are reminded of His joy in this Christmas season. Maybe this was a good time to have your surgery so that you could enjoy all of the wonderful Christmas blessings around you, Pam.Reading through the book of Luke this month, there is so much joy as the world anticipated the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus. I think of your strength, and your joy through this time, Pam. Our feet hold so many nerve endings, and having surgery on them is never a little thing. Sending you so much love and continued prayers for a complete healing. ❤️

  9. Congratulations on one week down and counting. It is lovely to hear from you today. I had to write as we have a cardinal that in the last three weeks has been trying to join us inside. He tries to land on our family room or kitchen window sill. It is not very wide so sometimes he is successful and some times not but his determination always brings a smile to my face. May all your other little piggies quickly recover from losing little roast beef.

  10. What a comfort to have Leigh Ann back and visiting you. Friends are so precious. Your grandsons are hilarious and charming. I love how naming your toe brings that element of humor. Niki has a home of great style, and I love her tablescape and the various collections. How cheery! Poor Paulette – hoping the docs figure out what happened so there isn’t a repeat. Meanwhile, keep your chin up Pam. I love that you were taking a mental inventory through your tree ornaments, revisiting all the reasons to be grateful rather than dwelling on boredom. I sometimes do something very similar to lose myself a little while swimming laps at the Y. I give myself one length per year of life to play out a kind of highlight reel in my mind, and when I emerge, not only have I done my body good, but I also have such a tremendous feeling of gratitude for this wonderful life. It is a way to visit people and places, times gone by, that in an otherwise busy day I would never think to do.

  11. Bless you Pam and your family! Laughter is the best medicine – hubbys vanity plate is 5 toes! Keep your chin up, rest and follow doctors orders! My hubby was in his recliner for the better part of 6 months, but, today, does anything he wants to do. Practice patience- it’s hard, especially in this season. You have lots of people who love you and want to help.

  12. Buccees can get really crowded! I know that from experience. We need to get our bird feeders back up…I miss my cardinals!

  13. Lol! Our doves try to come in but so far the cardinals have not. That would be fun to watch. All piggies are happy today.

  14. The word patience is something I mentally say over and over again right now. Thanks for the encouragement!

  15. Pamela, Thank you so much for featuring our decorations. This is my favorite time of year and we really enjoy them. The stars are verses about the birth of Jesus from Luke 2, and we go around the table and read our stars before we say grace at Christmas dinner. I also made the little elf place cards from a pattern I found online and just added each family member’s photo. I love the spatula and your grandchildren are adorable! Prayers for peace, comfort and healing. You have the best attitude!

  16. Hopefully your healing well and the pain is getting better. Take care of yourself. It’s easy to try to do more than we should as we heal. Especially this time of year.
    We did stop at a Buc ees when we were in Texas in October. Wow what a place! It must have been near San Antonio because there were a lot of buses there with kids from the band competition. What a fun place to stop!

  17. Nikki, what beautiful decorations! Paulette, I hope you’re fainting episode was a one off and that your head is okay. Pam, my Mr. B put up minimal decorations for me as I have struggled with an upper respiratory infection for two weeks now. My birthday and my appointment with my doctor is in two weeks. I bought the velveteen pants and a dark green tee to match from your links to Chicos! My husband said happy birthday! He is paying for my holiday outfit! He now has my cold as well. So we will all convalesce together!

  18. Best to you, Pam. I have been graduated from the boot to an ankle brace, but it’s two steps forward and one step back some days. Your spirit really helps. So, I’m wishing you and yours a happy start to Advent. Knowing you, you probably have a mug for each the 4 themes of Advent – hope, peace, joy and love!
    Also, thinking of Paulette and thanking you and Niki for the photos. I won’t be able to get to my minimalist decorations this year for at least two weeks.

  19. Of course, I love the advent themes…hope, peace, joy, and love…all flowing from Christ. Thanks Maeve!

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