Would You Wear It: Sweater Dresses

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Happy Tuesday, friends and welcome to Would You Wear It: Sweater Dresses.

On this day, we look at fashion displays and ask would you wear it or not.

Please say more than yes or no.

It helps the other readers to assess clothing for themselves when they read why you would or would not wear it.

This discussion has nothing to do with costs of the garments…it has to do with the styles and designs of the garments.

Of course, we love to hear your style tips for the garments and always learn great ideas from one another.

So, let’s get out fashion on and ask about sweater dresses…would you wear it?


would you wear it

I found this display last month at Dillard’s.

This is a brand which was new to me called Splendid.

The camel dress is the Splendid McKayla Sleeveless Crew Neck Sheath Maxi Knit Dress.

The black dress is the same…just in black.

A sales associate described this dress to me as a sweater dress and when you search sweater dresses at Dillard’s this one does appear.

Also, what do you think about the toppers…particularly the plaid one…would you wear it?

To give you more frame of reference, here are other sweater dresses for sale:

I have not tried a sweater dress on in a very long time, but I believe I would need a good SPANX underneath.  Anyone else in my boat?


Would you wear it

This sweater from JJILL continues to be a top seller here…I sold more of them this week.

This is the Pure Jill Tweed Double V Sweater.

I am tempted to get the one in cream and size down.

You can see all of JJILL NEW ARRIVALS by clicking this link.

would you wear it

Another tops in sales has been the Talbot’s Double Breasted Boiled Wool Coat in ivory.

It is a beauty.  If we had colder weather…this would be mine too!

That is it for Would You Wear It Tuesday!

So, ladies…would you wear it??? Tell us what you think about the sweater dress display and sweater dresses in general.  I will be here tomorrow with the news!


By Pamela Lutrell

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would you wear it


  1. My first thought was only someone with a hard body like a mannequin would wear this dress. Then I clicked through to Dillard’s and there were 5 comments, all with 5 stars, about this dress. Those five women all loved the dress. So I had to soften my judgment. In the end I decided that no matter my weight through the years, I have always had a soft body and no, I would not wear this dress now, nor would I have ever worn it.

  2. I love a sweater dress, as long as it’s not too tight and clingy. You can find them that skim the body rather than hug it like a tight sweater. I would not wear this particular dress. The picture looks like it would be too form-fitting and too long for me. Sleeveless would limit styling options. The plaid topper just doesn’t coordinate well. I would wear No. 1, 8, or 11 in the slide show. Pam, you would look stunning in a proper fitting sweater dress. Hope Roast Beef is healing well.

  3. I do like sweater dresses and am on the hunt for the perfect fit. Have to be careful with this type of dress and look in the mirror from all angles, but being a dress girl, I definitely would wear the right one. I don’t care for the ones in the display, but some nice ones in the slideshow!

  4. Thank you, Marcia. I go to the doctor tomorrow so I will see little roast beef for the first time, but it seems things are going well.

  5. I do like the idea of a sweater dress but even though I’m pretty thin my tummy is round and sometimes is bloated and I have muffin top thickness at waist. So if wear the “right” sweater dress with a spanx type under garment that covers beyond just the tummy I will say a qualified YES.
    Hope you are feeling better each day! I keep thinking of your dreams —of new shoes!

  6. I’ve worn long sweater dresses back when my body was smaller without a menopausal tummy. Back then I also had tall to the knee boots so I was comfortable in my sweater dress. However, now I no longer can wear those tall boots and I do not own any Spanx so these dresses are not in my comfort zone any longer. I certainly hope the doctor is encouraged with your foot recovery now minus Roast Beef. I’m sure you are anxious to be able to move around more.

  7. Hi Pam,
    While I was excited to see these longer sweater dresses to fit my tall body, I didn’t like that they were sleeveless, and no, I wasn’t impressed with the topper on the mannequin. I definitely agree that a great Spanx or similar undergarment to minimize unwanted lumps and bumps would be the most attractive from most angles wearing a sweater dress, along with some simple jewelry, and wonderful boots or booties with leggings.
    I will be praying for you tomorrow as you visit Roast Beef with the doctor for the first re-check. (((Hugs)))to you, Mr. B., and Tux!

  8. So happy to hear from you, Paulette and also hope that you are feeling better as well. Thanks for participating today…I am dreaming of many things as I sit and recover…but those shoes are on the list!

  9. The beige dress is a warm color and the black & gray plaid shirt tied as a topper is a cool color. It looks bad to me and I would not wear this together. Wrong color tones that don’t positively influence each other. Additionally, the beige dress looks like a high quality polyester fabric and needs a high quality and stylish topper, not a plaid shirt. I might try a blazer or jean jacket or a long sweater in warm tones, instead of a plaid shirt. Depends on what one already has in the closet. A pair of dressy brown knee boots and a long necklace would add to the overall look. I think some women would look at this display and walk away not understanding the color and tone dynamics are the fail not the dress style.

  10. I love sweater dresses … on someone else. I read somewhere that you can double your spanx. If I had to wear one spanx, never mind two, that piece of clothing would just sit in the closet. I did buy a sweatshirt-type dress from Athleta that I wear with leggings underneath, but that one does not hug the body. I love sweater dresses in camel or green on ladies who add chocolate suede tall boots (with heels … sigh), which could live in the closet right next to my spanx. Oh well. I think we all have aspirational clothing, but fortunately there is plenty to wear!

  11. I had a number of great sweater dresses and sweater skirt/&top sets in the eighties and early nineties. Loved them and the ease of getting dressed in cooler weather. Now, I would also need the confidence of some Spanx, and would just pass rather than endure feeling like a sausage. 😄

  12. I had a beautiful black turtleneck sweater dress years ago and loved the ease of dressing with it—boots or heels, scarves or jewelry—it always presented neat and chic. But it was hot!! It was merino and it was too cozy warm for me much of the time. But it was certainly easy to throw on and go! These days, perhaps, I’d love the warmth that a sweater dress (particularly high necked ones) can provide! Winters are getting colder as I’m getting older :). They take to a belt beautifully—even the ones shown at Dillard’s with that knit in waist area could really show off a beautiful belt. I would certainly love to try one on and as I get ready to close this it just occurred to me that with tights or leggings it could be a very cozy easy style for more stay at home wear and ready to pop out for an errand or two.

  13. I have found in the past couple of years that if I need to wear Spanx…the garment often does not get worn. I found that in my professional life, I was more likely to wear the shapers.

  14. Yay sweater dresses! I have a whole wardrobe of them and they are my wintertime go-to. Many times here in the South, I don’t even need a jacket. I find a slip and a pair of control-top tights take care of any issues. You can go up a size on your Spanx if they are too confining….the larger size will still smooth things out.
    Take a look at the mail order brand Jessica London. They have sweater dresses in longer lengths, larger sizes…and lower prices.
    Pam, I’m so glad you are improving!

  15. Thanks Ruth…for sharing everything here about your love of sweater dresses. For me…progress is one day at a time!

  16. Good luck tomorrow Pam. I hope you get the go ahead to be able to move around. I wore sweater dresses in my 20s. I remember them being very popular in the 1970s. But even then I wouldn’t have worn this dress. Since its sleeveless it seems to require a topper and to me that defeats the purpose of a sweater dress. Neither topper does much for it especially the plaid that looks like it was borrowed from a guy. Yet without a topper the dress is rather boring. On the right tall slender woman a dynamite belt would do wonders for it, and with a shawl wrap rather than a topper. Though I can’t understand why they don’t take the time to steam the clothes before dressing the mannequin.

  17. I wear fit and flare dresses when I wear a dress at all, which isn’t often these days. Sweater dresses say winter to me and winter brings static electricity. Rather than fight it, I avoid materials prone to giving me a “shocking” personality. Climate does dictate my style choices.

    Best wishes today and always.

  18. Good luck with the foot appointment! The broken ankle has ruined my exercise activities and I’ve lost muscle mass, so a really tight sweater dress is not in my future. I think sleeveless sweater dresses are sort of silly: if you are in a climate cool enough for sweater dresses, why would you want bare arms? Then you have to add a topper, and as someone mentioned, the dress and topper are different colorways. I have several long-sleeved sweater dresses, which I don’t wear often, but I like them for going out. I’d wear with knee boots — no spiky heels on this girl’s broken ankle — and a substantial long necklace, perhaps with a scarf.

  19. Great question. When I was younger (much younger) sweater dresses were a staple in my closet. Then I got older and the old bod just doesn’t look good in sweater dresses. That is until I saw a sweater dress on of all places, QVC. It’s a Susan Graver sweater dress. It shown as a middie, but it actually falls just below the knee. The knit is thicker and has a good body to it. I ordered one to try, but could always return it, if it didn’t fit. Well, much to my surprise it fit great and looked good. So much so that I went back and ordered a second one. You never know where that one thing that you’re looking for will pop up. I have also found marvelous selections at JC Penny. Boots that look awesome, but costs less than $50.00. The same with handbags. So, all you readers, think outside the box, you never know what May pop up.

  20. Thanks for sharing, Rhoda! May I remind everyone that I have an affiliate link to JCP on my shopping links page! Thank you to all who shop with my links!

  21. Yes I wear sweater dresses but prefer the two-piece versions that offer the illusion of a dress as find I get more wear out of such having said option of a top or a skirt plus like them in a maxi length (rather than midi) as go with numerous styles of footwear. i.e.: From sneakers to shoes and boots. However I do also have one-piece types that just skim the body and shall add; one can always go up a size and opt to wear a belt (many come with a self belt) and if adding a layer, a crop/or short version one works best. As to undergarments IMHO, seamless ones are a must plus a ‘control top’ if wearing stockings or leotards can help with the unwanted look of bulges. In respect to the ones on the mannequins, neither one is actually my taste but do feel they offer the opportunity to wear a long statement necklace. -Brenda-

  22. Hope you and Paulette are healing well. I found a lot of summer clothes at JCP and three pair of colored jeans including my sable brown ones. On sale of course. I haven’t worn a sweater dress in 40 years. Even back in Michigan and Iowa, I found them very hot to wear. I refuse to wear spanx, a girdle by another name. They are very uncomfortable. I don’t like the plaid shirt over the dres, It looks out of place and sloppy. The black dress on the left is attractive with the sweater over the top, but must be very hot to wear inside. I agree with the ladies that several of the dresses you saved were attractive but not on a 79 year old size 12P.

  23. I think the main reason I haven’t worn one in years is the heat. I agree they are hot. Thanks Sydney.

  24. I feel that I am a bit too curvy for a sweater dress, & the ones in the display are for someone taller & thinner than I. For someone else, I would pair them with high boots & replace the flannel shirt with a short leather jacket. There were some shorter dresses in the slideshow that would work on shorter person. I especially liked the teal DKNY dress with the sheer sleeves. I could see it with heels in black or nude.

  25. I like a sweater dress in theory, but the right fit is crucial. I also don’t want anything that requires Spanx. But a simple well-fitting sweater dress can have a variety of accessory options. I also agree with the consensus that the plaid shirt does nothing for the camel dress. I’d prefer a jacket in a complementary color, maybe black or chocolate brown, and shoes or boots and belt to match.
    Glad your recovery is going well!

  26. Hi Pamela, I agree with Karen Anderson and Ruth to a T. I am petite and would need the correct size in every way, but the color would have to pop. I don’t care for blah beige, but like charcoal or blue grey with lovely blue-red, blues, and blue-pinks.
    Pray your recovery is going well, don’t rush up and inadvertantly slow your recovery down.
    Sandra Winfield

  27. No I would not wear it. I’m short so most are to long and I also don’t want it clingy. Living here in Southern AZ a sweater dress isn’t to practical. I feel they look best on nice shaped women.

  28. Oh, how I love a sweater dress. It has to be substantial weight, non-itchy, and well made. As an older gal, it really has to skim, not cling. Some of us need help with that! I was excited to see the photo; I thought we were looking at the dress on the left which looks marine navy on my screen. I agree with the many who have already already expressed opinions that the tan one looks thin and clingy; plus sleeveless would not work for me in my climate. The whole point in New England would be to feel covered up and cozy. I like the look of the amber Vince Camuto in the slide show, although it has mixed reviews. It said ‘heavier’ knit, so it might drape well, especially with a full slip. It is a tad bright for me so I would tone it down with a multi-colored brown scarf, my brown tights, and brown tall boots. Another look would be with a long olive necklace, olive tights and Chelsea boots. Bangles and earrings would be a must!Good luck tomorrow! Make friends with that new foot!

  29. I have the perfect take on a sweater dress. I have a beautiful black Pendleton midi knit skirt with a Southwest design on the hem. It has a matching long( but not tunic) matching sweater with the matching design on the sleeve cuffs and sweater bottom. I get the look of a sweater dress with no tummy issue because it is two piece. I wear it with boots and a Southwest silver belt. This has been a favorite winter item for the past 15+ years.

  30. This outfit sounds amazing Kathy! You are so smart . I would wear what you are describing in a heartbeat! Thanks

  31. I am doing so much better and out of the hospital- they ran many tests – all negative for stroke or TIA and a few other causes of fainting -it might have been dehydration OR an unusual reason (rather personal in nature) that I won’t go into here? I drink about 50 ounces of water most days. But dehydration happens. Thanks for your good wishes too.

  32. I have been light headed and passed out once due to dehydration and I also drink a lot of water. I hope that is all it was. Take it easy for a few days.

  33. Love a sweater dress blackwith tights kneeboots and ajacket and scarf .
    only time i can get away with showing a bit above kneemuch . Gives me exciuse to wear boots .
    I have two ….one is cowel neck Liz Claiborne and one fair isle loft . Bothcozy warm . Idont wear midi much ..but might wear flared midi dress with boots. As im short .

  34. Would I wear it? Yes, two kids, a hysterectomy and 50 years ago. Congrats to all those who can. LOL

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