2024 Fashion Trends: Windowpane Plaid

fashion trends

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Today, we are going to discuss 2024 Fashion Trends: Windowpane Plaid.

Warning: I am tweaking again!  Discussing fashion trends is another way to discuss if we would wear something or not.

The current fashion trends are most often what you see on the displays.

So, let’s look at these going forward as the fashion trends the industry is saying is a way to stay current with our style.

There are several readers here who desire to stay current because they find it as a way to stay youthful with what they wear.

Most often with fashion trends we see classics repeated over and over again in current designs.

We begin this new angle with 2024 Fashion Trends: Windowpane Plaid.

Are you ready?  I hope you are……


fashion trends

I found this display at a Chico’s last week and immediately thought of other windowpane looks I have seen in displays at the end of 2023 and going into the new year.

Fashion Trends may begin a year, but not necessarily see the whole year through.  The fashion trend of windowpane plaid is one that has been coming and going for year.

By definition, windowpane plaid is “Windowpane plaid is typically a slightly larger pattern, more on the scale of buffalo check than gingham. Tip: Windowpane plaids can have one or more lines making up the boxes.” (Collins Dictionary)

At Chico’s, you are seeing the JACQUARD FLARE TROUSERS in Classic navy.  These are pull-on pants with a touch of spandex.

They they have styled them with the Knit Woven Lace Applique Shirt in alabaster, and on sale.

fashion trends

fashion trends

I also discovered these Presston & York windowpane pieces on display at Dillard’s.

The dress is on clearance for a great price…it is the Blake Plaid Print Split V-Neck Midi Sheath Dress.

windowpane plaid

This JCP coat is only available now in Plus Size.  This is the LIZ CLAIBORNE WOMEN’S PLUS MIDWEIGHT WOOL COAT.

I hope you can begin to see that windowpane plaid is a legitimate fashion trend.

Windowpane plaid is one of those fashion trends that we are seeing in home decor as well and I put wallpaper and a pillow in this slideshow to depict that…as well as many fashion trends of windowpane in several retailers:

fashion trends

This is presently the only windowpane plaid I own…a past purchase at LOFT.

It does come and go around as many fashion trends do.

So, here is where I just go ahead and ask….Windowpane Plaid? Would You Wear It?  Do you like it in the current fashion trends?

Please share what you think.  

It is has been a great week on this blog of fun discussions and many we can learn from.  Let’s keep it going and explain what you think……

See you tomorrow …..until then……


By Pamela Lutrell

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fashion trends


  1. I like windowpane and find it less assertive and seasonal (autumn, holiday, summer madras) than a true plaid. I had pants from Talbots at one time that were like the Chicos pants, and they didn’t add pounds like I thought they would before I tried them on. At present, my only windowpane item is a scarf found at a discount retailer that is an ivory background with camel and denim blue “window” lines. It goes perfectly with navy and camel, which are core neutrals for me. It also adds a little something to the basics I’m wearing right now because my current wardrobe is so small. It would never replace my beloved stripes, but windowpane checks are fun and I think would have a place in many wardrobes.

  2. I like this print, depending on the size of the plaid and contrast. For example, I would wear the Sam Edelman coat in the slideshow, and the Frank and Eileen navy shirt. Being petite, the larger plaids can be overwhelming. I do have a windowpane coat in navy from Talbot’s for spring that is fun to wear. I really like the Mango jacket, also due to it being understated and a smaller scale of plaid. Glad to see windowpane still around, though it seems to me to be a classic in different iterations.

  3. Yesterday I wore a window pane plaid shirt from Talbots that is at least 8 years old. It’s navy and cream, on the longer side and I wore it with a long navy sherpa vest I recently purchased from Talbots big sale. I don’t think the window pane pattern ever goes out of style. I don’t wear patterned pants so those slacks would not appeal to me.

  4. For some reason, I have always been drawn to windowpane…I not know why. I agree it is always around…like animal prints..,but when it hits multiple displays and is at the front of promotions, then it is a trend. Thanks for joining in today.

  5. I generally like windowpane plaid and I think of it as a classic. Like Karen said it depends on the scale and the contrast. For instance I really like most of the coats and the jackets. Your jacket is perfect as is the Mango jacket & the Sam Elderman coat. The Frank & Eileen shirts are also very nice, the scale is perfect for the shirt. On some of the others though the scale looks wrong to me; either to small or too large for the particular garment. The J Crew matching set kind of looks like pajamas. I noticed the plaid on the Talbots coat is not matched up properly. That bothered me. The scale on the blue & white Chico’s pants looks good but the the contrast to too bold for me. I’d be more likely to wear windowpane plaid in a coat or jacket than any other garment. I almost always stick to solid pants and tops. BTW, I like the the new format.

  6. Years ago I wore dark grey Talbot’s windowpane trousers. I wore them often to work. Thanks for the flashback!

  7. If I was still working, I’d wear a blue or black pant with a white windowpane pattern like your photo. I have worn this style in the past and always thought the windowpane check or plaid added a bit of “different” or “interest” to my wardrobe. I like plaid and have some tunics in a larger plaid or windowpane style that I purchased this year.

  8. Like Linda LM, I thought about the windowpane adding pounds. When I saw the Dilliards dress (unavailable unfortunately), I changed my mind and decided if it was the correct size pane for my body, it could certainly work. It was neat, attractive, and cut in my style. Some of the pieces are too much for me to take in visually. My eyes just constantly move around. I must say, Pam, you often open my mind to new possibilities! I am fussy though. Those lines would have to match well. The jacket cut on the bias was really fun and interesting!

  9. I have a pair of pants that look very similar to the DKNY ones you featured in the slideshow. And as I read your blog this morning, I realized my soft overshirt from Costco that I’m wearing at the moment is a large windowpane white and gray plaid, and I hadn’t thought about that until you started to describe this pattern. Apparently, I do like this pattern since I’m remembering a blazer and vest I have somewhere that is a larger plaid pattern although I must have bought it the last time this pattern was on trend. I’m not sure I would buy the plaid pants from Chico’s but I do really like that white blouse and would not have noticed it’s appliqué online if you hadn’t shown it on the mannequin.

  10. I need to try the pants on when boot free, but I would also be concerned the pattern might add the appearance of weight on my curvy middle! Thanks Deborah.

  11. I love windowpane plaid and would wear it as a scarf. It’s not on my list as a clothing item, especially pants, as the pattern would just emphasize my lack of curves.

  12. So interesting to have two voices one that says it shows lack of curves and one that says it adds curves! But now I want to look for a windowpane scarf! Thanks Ann!

  13. Hi, Pam. I always love a plaid. The pants are a bit TOO BIG of a plaid. But several of the other items are great. You look wonderful in your jacket. Plaid is a classic.

  14. I do love a windowpane plaid such as the one shown on the Chicos pants or your jacket. Very clean and simple. I do not care for much contrast in value between my tops and my pants. I would probably wear a navy sweater with the navy window paint pants, and the pants would add some pizzazz to a basically monochromatic outfit.

  15. I wish I had Linda LM’s scarf! That sounds lovely and versatile. I generally do like all forms of plaids, from these larger scale windowpane right down to tiny gingham. After seeing the unique coats worn in the street styles videos, and remembering a cherished plaid coat from childhood, I feel like I would be open to investing in one. The windowpane pants would not be for me since I avoid patterns of any kind in pants. I do like a nicely patterned skirt though, and would definitely consider one in this pattern, with a solid sweater on top, some tights and a shortie boot. Currently I own only one windowpane plaid, a soft scarf with a cream background and a couple shades of green for the pattern. I wear it fairly often, as greens are a favorite of mine, and it looks cute with blue jeans and a cream sweater.

  16. You’ve made my day. I didn’t know that I was being current when I bought a simple windowpane dress last summer for a trip we took in the fall. It was perfect for a warm weather cruise. It was good for touring with a simple bracelet and comfortable athletic style shoes and easily dressed up with a pearl necklace and heeled sandals for evening dinners. It has a drawstring waist which also made it good for travel. LOL

  17. Sounds like you made an excellent choice, Linda. Thanks for sharing all of the ways you wore it.

  18. I would wear the ladies windowpane jacket in a heartbeat!! I loved he blouse with the windowpane pants!!

  19. I might try on the trousers if I were still working. I think the outfit is styled well, and I also like the idea of a sweater in a coordinating blue. Now that I’m retired, though, I’m in the windowpane plaid camp — sounds great. Pam (or anyone), would you let us know if you find one? Happy Saturday. We have a lovely blue sky with sun but are supposed to have a snow storm tomorrow. Snow on Sunday, with a good fire going — excellent.

  20. Pam, do you know anything about the navy zip jacket in the photo — to the right of the outfit? Thanks.

  21. I am looking for it, Maeve and so far I have not found it…but if I do I will post later.

  22. Sounds Excellent…we do not have snow but will have cold and I hope a fire will also be going at my house!

  23. I like windowpane plaid, & while I don’t currently own any, I would wear it in a blouse or jacket. In fact, I recall having a navy & white blouse some years ago. I wouldn’t wear the pants as I prefer a solid on the bottom, nor would I buy a plaid coat of any kind. I consider a coat a big-ticket item, so I prefer a classic solid color which can be worn with many items as I am not a pattern mixer.

  24. Hi Pam, well until I saw your jacket in coral/pink and ivory I could safely say I am not drawn to windowpane plaids. Your jacket, however, is very pretty and might be dressed up or down. I could see it worn with my ivory sweater dress or even over a thin sweater and dark wash or black jeans.
    My mom wore windowpane if I recall correctly – was this also popular in the 50s or 60s?

  25. I currently have a shirt in windowpane, grey with black and white lines. I also have flannel pajama bottoms in what I think of as black and white buffalo print. I liked most of the jackets and coats but not the pants. I am short and fluffy in the middle. I would be afraid that I would look shorter and fluffier in plaid pants. I like your new format. It is 9 degrees right now here! Stay warm girls if you are in the Arctic Blast going on!

  26. I am not sure but I believe it is a classic print that has been around a long time. It comes and goes.

  27. Maeve, the jacket you are asking about is the “Knit Jacquard Moto Jacket” on Chicos site.

  28. I Iike the window pane plaid mostly in a dark slack outfit and I like when the window pane is navy and a sweater is a matching navy. Would I wear it, maybe not, I have tried them on, but as a short petite lady, the outfit over whelmed me.
    When wearing the window pane plaid, I would only add a pair of hoop earrings.

  29. Besides Glen and Houndstooth; Windowpane ‘plaid’ is one that I do wear with one of my favorite pieces being a pair of wool blend, lined straight ‘n slim cut bottoms in black and ecru that I pair with various tops and footwear in accordance. (i.e.: Ecru lng. slvd. shirt with an overlay ‘plain black’ knitted sleeveless vest or a blazer. Assorted sweater styles in various textures/weights.) Also do like the ‘Halogenr’ two piece one as know I would get a lot of wear out of it and have fun styling with other pieces. (i.e.: Could even dial it back a tad and replace its trousers with black denim jeans or cotton velveteen jeggings. Whereas for an option of business/office wear choose a knitted midi or maxi length sweater dress in a neckline of choice.) -Brenda-
    Footnote: Though there are other plaids and checks which are considered timeless , the three that I mentioned are those I personally prefer whereas there are those who love Tartans, Gingham etc.

  30. Thanks, Kandy! and Pam. I’ve never bought anything from Chico’s before, so we’ll see how it goes.

  31. I really like the Dillard’s dress….but someone commented that it is unavailable. But this windowpane subject reminds me I tried on a black and red windowpane top at Marshall’s in December. It was lovely and fit well. However, the plaid had not been centered on the front of the garment. The offset plaid made me look crooked, like one side of me was smaller than the other or that one shoulder was much higher than the other. You have to watch the centering and matching of plaid pieces.

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