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Happy, happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today, I would like to share my style tips for a long trench coat.

This week is epic where I live.  We have needed rain in the worse way and it came a pouring starting yesterday morning.

I am so happy for our plants, yard, animals…etc.  And, it did get me to thinking of style tips for my long trench coat.

While this is a long garment, it is different from the one I showed you yesterday…the one I sent on its merry way out of my closet.

I hope you will allow me to share with you my style tips for a long trench coat and why I particularly love this one.


stylle tips

After Christmas, I stopped into one of our Nordstrom Racks just to browse around.

My eye caught upon this soft, long trench coat by Melloday.

Melloday is a brand most often seen in Nordstrom Rack and Saks Off Fifth.  Some of these prices are pretty amazing, especially, if you get a piece that speaks YOU.

While it is long, it also flows nicely and is not too voluminous.  Something about this long trench coat really attracted me.

The pockets slant upwards which are more flattering than pockets which go straight across.

I can see me wearing this often through spring, because it is not heavy…good for our warmer climate.

style tips

The first of my style tips with this long trench coat is to use a razor blade and cut off the belt loops.

Go slowly and carefully to make sure you do not cut a hole in the garment.

I like this better than placing the tie behind me as so many do with trench coats.

I find this to be more flattering with a curvy body and after sitting so long in recovery…I have one BIG curvy body.


style tips

I tried this trench coat on with many colors, but decided my best style tip is to own the Coastal Grandmother Chic neutrals.

So going out today, I am wearing it with a lovely deep chocolate brown FOREVER SWEATER by Banana Republic Outlet.

This is a lovely, lightweight sweater and it is still available in 11 colors at a great price…just not this brown.  I do own it in a camel and terra cotta color.

Because it is not heavy it is a great layering piece or good for the warmer areas.

The pants are new and from JJILL.  These are the PURE JILL AFFINITY SLIM-LEG PANTS in cream…they come in five colors.

Leigh Ann liked the gold.  I wanted the cream as an option to white pants for spring.  But once I received them, I said…WHY NOT WEAR THEM NOW?

For me, the coastal grandmother chic worked really well with the long trench coat.  And is one of my best style tips for the coat.

For those who may be interested, there are a few trench coats still on the market:


style tips

My style tips today for accessories was also based on the fact that I decided to go neutrals for this outfit.

I picked these up in the Talbot’s Red Door Sale.  This is the Laura Tassel Embossed Exotic Loafer…there are only a few remaining, but several other styles are still in the sale.

I really like the shoe and it is comfy on my one good foot…will let know about the other!

This shoe has a little larger sole to it which is good for the longer trench coat.

This longer coat also looks good with my Vionic Leopard Ballet Flats.

The necklace and bracelet have been mine for a very long time, and were also selected for their addition to a neutral outfit…thought there is a tiny touch of bling on the necklace.

The long necklace is also meant to draw the eyeline down and elongate my look with this longer trench coat.

Overall, I am very pleased with this outfit and will have it on today for going out and about.  I am so glad I found this coat at $60.  

The review of my style tips are: use a razor blade to remove the tie; for a chic style go all neutral; wear a little higher shoe for the longer trench coat; and select neutral accessories that compliment the overall style.

Does anyone else own a longer trench coat and you have style tips you can offer after wearing it?

Please do.  Tomorrow I have a fun street style video which is shorter than the ones we have been watching, and features thrifted items on women of a certain age.  I hope you will join me, it is fun.

Now, make sure that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Like long wool overcoats, a trench is a staple where I live. I recently parted with a camel colored one and need to replace it, and found some options in the slideshow, thank you! I’ll check them out later on because this is definitely a wardrobe gap for me currently, due to giving one away. I have a pink trench coat that I like to wear on our dreary spring days, but the color you are wearing is not so memorable and would live for years in my wardrobe. Never thought of cutting off the belt loops…I have always done the back tie. I like how you styled it with neutrals!

  2. Thanks Karen! I have also worn it with stripes and color underneath, but I like this look best. With so many sales, now is a good time that replace your old one.

  3. They are just a little large on me…right now my sizes are in between after sitting so long with my foot. I didn’t think it looked bad enough to go out in, but hoping to size down again very soon.

  4. You look terrific, but this is a tall girl outfit. Now I need to find a shorter trench coat in a neutral like this. I have a bright red raincoat (with hood) that is ideal for misty coastal rain and drizzle and a plaid “city” trench, but neither lend themselves to an elegant, quiet look. I love how your shoes pick up the colors and balance the necklace – also perfect with the outfit. Enjoy your rain.

  5. We needed this rain in a drought stricken land, so I am not going to complain one bit. I am certain there are trench coats for petites out there and that you could find excellent prices on them now. Thanks Maeve.

  6. I’m going to be in the market for a spring jacket, as nothing fits from last year. I have been eyeing the shorter Quince trench, but debating because of the belt. In a classic trench, the belt has driven me nuts for years. Usually I tie it back, but when I have it in front, I can never tie it so that it looks good with my figure, plus I’m always fussing with it. Fussing with my clothes is one of my pet peeves. Needing to adjust clothing robs me of confidence. Cutting that belt off is a great idea; it opens up a world of possibilities :). That said, I often find a trench coat heavy, with too much hardware and too many flaps. I’ve gone more with a field jacket the last few years.

  7. This coat is very light and not heavy at all. Nordstrom Rack had several options when I was there and it might be worth stopping by. The belt loops came off easily and it looks so much better without the belt. When it is tied in the back, it makes the back side look larger…unless one is very thin, so I was happy to send the tie on it’s merry way.

  8. What a great bargain. The coat looks great. Removing the belt loops is brilliant. I never belt a coat or jacket as I feel it cuts me in half. I don’t wear long coats. I’m 5’3″ so they come down to my ankles. I think light colored pants are on trend right now. Today’s neutral outfit looks great and will keep you dry in the much needed rain. Love today’s quote from a Proverbs 31.

  9. When I look through the slide show, which coat is the one you have on? Number1, 2, 3,…?
    Thank you.

  10. A single edge razor works better and is safer. I keep them in my sewing box and kitchen misc. drawer. Slicing off the loops is easy if they are just threads but be super careful if they are thicker. I gave away my trench coats when I retired. We get maybe 5 days of rain here every year and I found a more casual rain jacket more useful. I own a reversible tan to black Travelsmith jacket that is three quarter length and I wore that yesterday but I found the rain repellancy to be nill. I think the water proofing wears off on some of these fabrics. The jacket still looks great but keeping with my committment to keep only garments that actually function for their intended use, my jacket is headed to the donation bin. Love those knit pants!

  11. I have removed many belt loops in my life. I just prefer to on coats and jackets. These pants are such a beautiful creamy color. Thanks Kathie

  12. I just bought a long trench coat in black off Amazon. I’m 5’1. Was not sure if it would drag the ground but it’s not too long and I love it. It’s the perfect weight for this far West Texas winter. I have found it’s perfect for church and also looks great with jeans and sneakers. Mine has a band made from the fabric in the back that is attached. No belt just the illusion of a waist. Double breasted. ebossy Women’s Double Breasted Duster Trench Coat Slim Full Length Maxi Long Overcoat

  13. Omgosh, does this mean I can pull out my old London Fog trench coat from 15 years ago???? It’s still in very good wearing condition. No shoulder pads either! I also have a black worsted wool trench even older and was one of my very favorite coats….Always loved the look of a trench coat but haven’t seen many ladies wearing them in my neck of the woods.

  14. I love a good trench coat, I have a red, black and pink. Never thought of taking off the loops, I do a classic tie in the back. The other day, I saw a woman in a trench which still had the belt , but instead of tie back, the belt was anchored to the back loops, almost tied like a half knot, hard to explain but it was so classy and different. I’m going to try and replicate on my black trench. Your neutral look is fabulous, for me, I’d need to shorten the coat, I can’t wear long…this so far has been one of my favorite outfits that you have modeled.

  15. Thanks Jeanine. I left the name but do not allow links in comments to protect the blog. I appreciate you sharing.

  16. Your new outfit looks great! I have my eyes on those Jjill pants, too. I have something to return so I will try on a pair. Looking for a trench in 100% wool (which would be my preference here in Maine) is pricey. I may look online at resale shops. Good tip regarding the slanted pockets. There was a coat in one of the street videos that had patch pockets and looked more like a robe. I have a 15 year old eggplant trench with a zip out lining that I removed the belt holders from immediately. It owes me nothing and I still love it. I keep a seam ripper in my bureau for chores like that, plus removing sewn labels on scarves. I like my coats knee length (I have lost 2” in the last few years, not helped by a hip replacement almost ten years ago), but I am going to explore the longer length. I picked up a midi duster that looks like heavy linen in a deep moss green last fall. I immediately removed belt holders and marked where I wanted to hem it to. Now I think I will try it long come spring, play with it, see how it looks. It drapes well. Those Jjill pants would be perfect.

  17. I really like these pants. Comfort and color are excellent. Happy shopping for that trench, Deborah!

  18. Pam you look lovely in your trench coat. It is a tall woman look that at 5’2” I can’t pull off. It rarely rains here where I live in Colorado. My rain jacket must be 30 years old and is still water resistant at least. Living rural is very different from the city. It allows me to keep older clothes that are still in good condition and are functional for the weather. I do enjoy seeing your fashion choices.

  19. Hi Pamela, I have a black London Fog from 2000…got it at Dillards petites. Dillards petites is my go to as well as Talbots petites. It goes with me on every cruise or plane trip with the button on hood and sash through the loops🤣 it also has a zip out warm lining; I can’t ever say how great it is and still looks brand new. So happy old is new again. Have fun out and about. Sandra

  20. Thanks for mentioning Dillards petites, Sandra. I know that helps many others who are here.

  21. LOVE the tip of cutting off the belt loops! As an apple shape, a belt emphasizes the largest part of my body, so I’ve never really liked trench coats (I even dislike bathrobes that tie!). And the ties in back never look as good IRL as on models. Now I have a new style to shop for – thank you! You look great by the way!

  22. Thanks Deborah! I have removed many belt loops and never regretted it! I think you will find out you do too!

  23. Please go buy yourself a seam ripper. As the old expression goes you would “never forgive yourself”if you cut the coat. Just not worth the mistake when a seam ripper is so inexpensive.

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