Chico’s summer outfit ideas

Chico's summer outfit ideas

Happy June Monday, all!  Today I want to share with you a few Chico’s summer outfit ideas.

I stopped by one of our local Chico’s located at the Village at Stone Oak last week for summer outfit ideas.

I enjoy working with the employees there and they always make me laugh or smile…you will see that in many of these pictures.

Often, one of the ladies was standing right beside me as I took these pictures.

In addition to having fun, I did discover a few Chico’s summer outfit ideas I believed you might want to see.

So, join me in the dressing room today as we look over Chico’s summer outfit ideas.


Chico's summer outfit ideas

Today’s feature summer print is inspired by tropical climates and kumquats.

For some reason, it speaks Italy to me more than tropical…not sure why.

This particular print is available in several options for your Chico’s summer outfit ideas.

But, I am featuring two of them.


In evaluating the sales through my shopping links, I have noticed a large amount of you who like wide leg pants.

So, that is what I reached for during this stop by Chico’s.

These are the WIDE LEG CROPPED TROUSER JEANS, in a light wash called Belleview Indigo.

Chico's summer outfit ideas

Some of you may like this lovely poncho in the same print.

It is the TROPICAL PRINT PONCHO...on top of the same jeans.

Chicos summer outfit ideas

This tee is fun…and I showed it because the sleeves are a great length to cover the tops of our arms.

This is the ZENERGY UPF PALMS TEE….note that there is no print on the back, only the front.

Chico's summer outfit ideas

For our last summer outfit today in summer prints, consider this jacket and pant.

I should have sized down on the jacket…it is quiet oversized.

The jacket is the TROPICAL PALMS KIMONO…and I think would look lovely with a slim leg solid color pant.



Chico's summer outfit ideas

There are plenty of lovely neutrals for Chico’s summer outfit ideas.

I cannot say enough good things about this navy blouse…the detail work in the embroidery is lovely, and it is soft and cool.

This is the EMBROIDERED ROLL TAB TUNIC …not sure why it is called a tunic.  It fits like a button down blouse.

The fit is very flattering.

I paired this top with the BRIGITTE RIVET CAPRIS in the color called sycamore (khaki to me).

I like this simple, cool look in the Chico’s summer outfit ideas.

Chico's summer outfit ideas

Here is another option in these linen pants that I like so much.

The jacket is the LINEN BLEND STRETCH STRIPE BLAZER and it has a little touch of gold metallic running through the stripe.


This is a neutral look, so it can be paired with any color underneath…and there are many that would pop a great style here.

I chose to show you how black with look with it.  This is the BUTTON DETAIL TUNIC in black.

It also comes in a summer blue…it is a nice tunic length garment.  

Finally, I tossed on this look the ADJUSTABLE LINKS NECKLACE…I like the ones that go long or short.

Chico's summer outfit ideas

OK, ladies, for those who like wide legs…these are the widest I have ever tried on.

But, since some of you may like the looks…..and yes, these come in petites.

I do like the seaming down the front.

Consider these HIGH RISE PALAZZO JEANS in Alabaster.

A nice modern suit look with the NO STAIN PEPLUM DENIM JACKET.


Chico's summer outfit ideas

For the warm palette ladies looking for Chico’s summer outfit ideas, consider this new color.

It is called VALENCIA ORANGE...

However, I do want to call attention to the fact that some garments in Valencia Orange are darker than the others.

So, look carefully when you click that link.

Thank you for joining me today for Chico’s Summer Outfit Ideas.  I hope you found some inspiration or even something you like in the post.

Please ask any questions, and by all means…


By Pamela Lutrell

A special thank you to everyone who shops with my SHOPPING LINKS…your support is everything!

And also a big THANK YOU to the wonderful staff who works at Chico’s in The Village at Stone Oak…they are ready to help women in San Antonio!  I always have fun there.

Chicos summer outfit ideas



  1. Hi Pam
    I ordered the first blouse you featured! I ordered it 2 days ago not knowing you had this in the pipeline! I’m new to Chico’s and I’m liking a lot of their items. I also picked up Italy vibes with the blouse. You look great in it! I think a lot of Chico’s pieces reflect your style profile. Thank you for featuring Chico’s. I will be clicking on links you have posted. Have a lovely June day! 😊

  2. Well, the kumquat top reads “Italy” to me too … I think because of the lines that seem to be tiles or porcelain, and I get the vibe that the oranges (kumquats :)) are espaliered against a wall like they do in Italy. Anyway, some great looks, and I certainly hope that striped linen blazer and pants came home with you … such an interesting (with the gold stripe) and versatile look. I also liked those cropped jeans in the first photo. I’m warming up to wider legged pants, now that I’m seeing more of them (I am not an early adopter of fashion), though I think with my puffy middle they are not my best silhouette. I’ve found I can wear the very flowy ones. Seeing those jeans on you, I’m wondering if maybe I should pick up some wider leg jeans in a summer weight so they will “give,” and then just wear them all year. Do you have any tips/thoughts on buying wide legged pants? I’d be interested in a post with you trying various widths, fabrics and lengths. I see everything in length from above the ankle bone to literally dragging in the dust.

  3. The words easygoing and flattering come to mind with the Tropical Print Poncho and the Linen Blend [less ironing] Stripe Blazer and Pants. I struggle desiring so many of these looks while intentionally considering actual lifestyle [retired, sporty casual, AZ temps]. Even group activities run casual. Interesting what percentage of one’s wardrobe is on repeat. Time to get out more and up my game, ha.

  4. I will put that idea on my list of blog post ideas. I think wide leg works on my because I have long legs, but I also love a slim fit pant. I will do my best to put something together for you soon.

  5. I love the wider jeans from Chicos and have them in Alabaster! The weight is soft and lighter than denim. I find them cooler to wear than tighter jeans, even straight leg styles. I’m fluffy in the waist now and wear shorter tops, to the top of my hips with these wide leg pants. I wear them so they kiss the top of my feet, not drag on the ground. The petite length is usually 28” inseam and is perfect in a 2P for me. I’m 5’2” and 145 lbs. for reference. I love Chicos jeans because they fit me in my waist!

  6. Thanks for these great summer options from Chico’s, and for so many choices in autumn-friendly colors! I have a coupon of theirs I need to use before it expires, but will shop through your links to do that. The light wash jeans in your first photo helped me realize that my own pair of cropped lightweight JJill jeans in that color is the item missing from my suitcase for my trip to Charleston this week. As always, I get not only a boost of joy, but also many great outfit inspirations from your posts. I also loved the mention of Magnolia magazine yesterday, as it reminded me that I’m saving my copy for reading on the plane. I also plan to try the pasta salad when I return home. Just one more way you’ve made my summer easier!

  7. You look great in those summer prints. And I love that linen suit and would have been sorely tempted if the jacket came in petites. I was in Chico’s today and its full of color but has a nice selection of neutrals. I bought the square neck tank that’s on the mannequin in the last photo and its a good neutral for autumns. The Valencia Orange color is gorgeous. Orange is probably my best color so I tried on a few tops but all were too long. Then came home and realized I have a J Jill tee from last year that’s nearly the identical color.

  8. It is fun to see the Chico prints. The tee that had the print on the front was my favorite. Personally, I am timid about wearing tropical prints. You were a great model.

  9. Please consider tucking in your blouse as you posted earlier that a Chico’s employee suggested.
    The blog Susan After Sixty shows what a difference it makes.
    I am five one, 150pounds, and am shocked that that simple thing matters. Yes, I still am the same weight but somehow the frump factor is a bit diminished.
    Why are we women often so afraid of change?
    Just a suggestion,

  10. Ladies, I buy a LOT from Chico’s because they offer petites.
    Can we all make a pact to divulge our weight and height when we do reviews on the website?
    It means NOTHING when we just say “too big” or “fits great.”
    If I tell you all my stats and then say “too long” for example it is much more informative.
    Best to all,

  11. Chris, be careful of your comments. I weigh quite a bit more than you and Susan. Those of us struggling with weight issues style clothing in ways to elongate and slim our style. I do occasionally tuck in, but always watching to see if it is flattering…tucking in does not always look best for some of us. I also dress differently than when I do dressing room try-ons for the audience. I think your comment is unkind when you suggest I am not open to change. I think your comment is unkind when you call me frumpy. If you are going to comment here, remember there are many body types reading this blog and no style tip works across the board for everyone.
    And that was a Talbots stylist who said that …not Chico’s. I have been wearing it occasionally in my real life since then.

  12. I do like that tropical shirt and the lighter denim wide-crop jeans….problem is I don’t typically wear prints because I’m more of a striped shirt person. Also, when I make my Chico’s purchases I wait for their sale, watch the item, make the purchase at 50% off and then hope my purchase will become lower in price within 30 days and get a credit. But, that shirt and the lighter color cropped jeans are saying my name. Almost all of the jeans I wear are Chico’s with Chico’s tunic no-iron shirts….love each and every one.

    Thanks, Pam, for doing our shopping!

  13. Glad you saw something you liked. Waiting for sales is what many of us do… and summer has lots of sales!! I enjoy shopping for all of you.

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