Over 50 and Goth?

Next, we must venture into a very dark place.…. The black hole closets of those addicted to black. You know who you are. When you enter your closet, the organ prelude for Phantom of the Opera begins to sound. Seasoned women cling to black for a variety of reasons (S & C 101).
Do any of these sound familiar:

1. You have fallen for the myth that black is slimming. In fact, you think black, drapy, loosey/goosey, oversized clothing is more slimming than anything else.

2. It has become your comfort zone. That place where you hide from the world is a bottomless, black pit.

3. You think that it is the way to look sophisticated and professional.

4. Because colors and fashion scare you, you would just rather stay in the black.

Please do not get me wrong, a little black is perfectly fine. But it must fit and not dominate your wardrobe. Stacy said once that few women can successfully wear black, because it does not complement our skin tones. She often recommends chocolate brown rather than black… it just looks better on us. It is softer and not as harsh. At the time that I began to change my wardrobe, I would wear elastic waist (a big WTNW no, no) stretchy, knit black pants…..a lot. I was amazed at how much better a proper fitting black trouser looked! The stretchy pants are now used for lounging- around- the- house- pants. I have added a couple of black trousers with pinstripes, because I really like the look of black and white. I also have a boyfriend jacket which is black with a khaki pinstripe. It is one of my favorite jackets and I often wear a green or even a brown top with it.

Let’s just face the hard cold facts…when we wear all black or even mostly black, we are not the kind of women most people want to approach.  They want to run away!  It is honestly scary.  It does send a message and the message is not good.  Unless it is a form fitting, classic, tailored black suit!  Or a form fitting, classic, little black evening dress with incredible accessories.

Ladies, it is time to come into the light! If it has an elastic waist, toss it. If it is oversized, toss it. If you have nothing but black, toss the pieces that don’t fit your body. Then replace with some color which complements who you are. The world is full of vibrant colors and you are missing out by hiding in black.

Save Phantom for a rainy afternoon. Put on some classic rock n roll (for me it’s the Beatles) and tackle the closet now!

Even at night, there’s beauty and a touch of color!