Who would have thought that the galoshes from our past would now be a fashion statement, but in a never-miss-a-style- opportunity mode, designers have brought them back in a big way.  I just returned from four straight days of rain in the Texas Hill Country and my new rain boots were stylish, dry, and fun…fun in the sense that I could kick puddle water and not care. 
 All ages are sporting the stylish boots; and I found confirmation of the variety on the market when I snuggled up with InStyle Magazine, October Issue.  From Ralph Lauren to Chanel, the various styles can be worn all day and not ripped off once inside like the old galoshes were.   My husband picked out my plaid Sperry Top-siders which received big thumbs up from my teenage female students!  But, that’s not what made me feel young….it was actually jumping both feet hard into a big puddle!!

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