What Was I Thinking???

Clown Shoes: Never A Good Decision
We all have moments in our lives when a decision results in a sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs followed by the thought WHAT WAS I THINKING??  There were many of these moments in college that still make me shudder and glance toward heaven with a thankful prayer; but, even now, I experience these thoughts occasionally.  I had a big one today as I began to switch over my warm weather wardrobe for the fall and winter pieces.  I wish I lived in one of those mansions where the closet is so vast that all seasonal pieces hang together in wedded bliss….but, alas, no.   Some things I have to store and switch out.  One pile kept growing on the floor as I tossed piece after piece into…it became the WHAT WAS I THINKING PILE.  Also, fondly known as the, “BUT, IT IS A RALPH LAUREN SHIRT FOR $5!” pile. I wish I had all of that money that supposedly saved me money, back!!  A bargain is only a bargain, if it fits well; doesn’t look like a clown; doesn’t look cheap; doesn’t age you; and enhances your wardrobe.   I do not care who the designer is or what the great price is….try it on and make sure it follows the rules!!  I speak from experience and lost income.  Believe me, the designers do not want us destroying their reputations in clothes that do our bodies a disservice.   It has taken me to the ripe age of 57 to set a goal to only purchase something when I love it!  Walk away from anything else….even if it says Michael Kors and is $2.00.
I wish I had this money back!!  Sigh!!

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