Lovin’ The Secret Life

My secret life as a fashion guru has been such fun…as I pick up Whataburger wrappers…Sonic cups…and, of course, gum from the tables in my room, I only have to smile to myself as I plan the next fashion intervention.  Since I became a fashion blogger and Gigi’s official stylist, I receive great joy from occasionally leaving the hallways of academia to join the creative outlets I find in style.  Putting looks together has become as pleasing to me as a painter in front of a blank canvas.  I only lament that I do not have more time to put in on the blog or assisting other women around our school who have asked for my advice.  My new goal is to take more pictures of looks that work on over 50s around me.  I also want to remind those of you who are new to the blog that when I refer to S & C 101, I am referring to Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from What Not To Wear….will the new season ever start??  They taught me so much about how to look younger, slimmer, and classier.  I have shared many of these rules and success stories with you in the July entries.   Also, I am toying with the possibility of ripping off the mask and revealing my true identity.  Secrecy has its charm, but I am learning that identity has more opportunity!  Stay tuned…………
                                               GiGi Steps Into Autumn!      
                                                      Long, Lean, and Dignified!

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