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Day #4: The No-Shopping Challenge


I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet
Sarah Jessica Parker

YES!….in the 70s today!  Feels like fall!

By now, you are looking at these pictures and wondering, DOES THIS WOMAN HAVE LEGS! I do have skirts and just a very few dresses; but, I honestly prefer trousers and jeans. I will, however, reach for a skirt at least once next week.

Today, I dug really deep into the closet. I wanted to look for something I had not even thought of in a while.  The best part of this challenge has been looking over pieces that had been out of sight and out of mind.   Here’s what I found….a short sleeved, cardigan with an antique print that is very different, but somehow, I loved from the start. The sleeves are gathered for a special detail. This is another Macy’s Red Apple Sale item which began at $50 and after coupons, became $11!! (I do remember that story, because I was so excited with the purchase.) I paired it with some vintage jewelry that I don’t believe I have worn in over a year.

A gathered sleeve makes the sweater

The best part….opening the front door. A cold wind was actually blowing! So, I went back for a black, Esprit trench coat! By this time last year, I had worn this coat almost every day. Today is the first time in 2010.

Vintage Jewelry

Cool breezes make me think of sweaters…so, today’s WISH LIST features some wonderful sweaters that I would love to add to the closet!  One of my new blogging friends asked why I don’t look at Nordstrom’s so I did…this would be a very dangerous store for me to spend time in right now!  But, oh how I would love to………

The Wish List

I would wear this one just as shown…T and jeans…I love the buttons…


I would wear this one to work…any neutral on the bottom..bold earrings

Football Games!!

Extras that I would love to own:



Just a note:  Tomorrow is football Friday, I will blog the looks on Saturday!  Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

Tired of the classroom shot already!

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  1. I really like this. Like you, I tend to gravitate towards trousers and jeans, so keeping my blog has pushed me a bit in the skirt direction. How did this beautiful, bargain sweater get pushed to the back?

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