Friday Night Lights

Day 5 & 6: No Shopping Challenge
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Road Trip! There is nothing quite like Friday night small town football in Texas. We love it…cold wind…sausage wraps…marching bands and all.

You can see here that even in a small town, there is the temptation of boutique shopping, but thank goodness the need to be there in time to cheer our team on to the field, left no time for shopping.

Even small towns have boutiques

During the game, I mostly wore a spirit blanket. It was the coldest night of the season. But, throughout the day, I chose to completely wear Lane Bryant, because of school colors:

Maroon, Gold, White…Lions Let’s Fight!

I chose a maroon cowl neck sweater, a black fitted jacket, and dark denims. I actually have a soft spot in my heart for Lane Bryant. Years ago, I did not want to be seen walking into the store because it meant I was fat! What Not To Wear convinced me that I needed to get over the hangup, and that I would feel better about myself if I dressed the body I presently had…instead of waiting for the day I would be skinny again. ( I think I was in middle school then!)

Football Spirit Earrings

I decided to suck it up and give it a try. The first store I walked into was Catherine’s and it completely depressed me. The clothes looked to me like they were for older women…I wanted to look thinner and younger!

Lane Bryant was the answer. Though I believe they predominantly sell for the younger, curvier clan, I found so many things that did in fact make me look thinner, younger, and more fashionable! They got me through! It was amazing how much better I looked just because these were clothes made for my body…in other words, they fit!

I now shop many different places, but Lane Bryant will always be special to me. Also, I hope to continue losing weight because I am now eating healthier and taking better care of myself.  I mentioned the sausage wraps, but I had the veggie sandwich before we arrived at the stadium and resisted the concession eating all around me!

Saturday errand running!

Today, I ran mega errands. This look was so easy…just a V neck forest green knit T, and a scarf I love with that new matching bag (remember my last purchase over a week ago)


One of my students wore these flats to class on Friday! She bought them at Journey’s in the mall and I really love them! I believe there are locations all over the US.

Love Them!

Just so you can see that I like a fun patterned shoe, here are a couple of styles I already own (both are about three years old).

I only have two with this square toe

Great for Christmas season!


  1. Hmm, I don't own any patterned shoes, but I often find myself complimenting my students' sense of style. I try to incorporate little bits of their style into my more mature look.

    I like Saturday's scarf and Friday evening's jacket. My little town (7,000) has 4 boutiques around it's old-fashioned square. I can't imagine the town is large enough to support them.

  2. The two pair you own are cute!

    I sometimes almost hate to watch WNTW because they are so mean to the person they do the makeover on. But one thing I like is that they never suggest the person change their body.

  3. Love all the cute patterned shoes..but I ususally have so much going on on top, I have to stick to more neutral shoes..boohoo.

    Rose–I dont think they are mean on WNtw–just honest.

    Terri has it right–a mix; a little young, and a little our age.

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