The Lines in this blouse are so slimming!

In July, I wrote about those ladies who are addicted to black. You know the ones who feel really comfortable in a cave or sleeping without a light on at night, because their closets look the same…pitch black, devoid of color. Seriously, many women believe black, even shapeless black, makes them look slimmer. It is a myth. But, that doesn’t mean that we avoid black altogether. Au contraire, black is classy, stylish and necessary….it just should not be a security blanket and dominate your wardrobe.

A great Dana Buchman sweater from Kohl’s

Strive to include in your wardrobe a great black dress trouser; a black w/ white pinstripe trouser; and a black and “another color” pinstripe trouser. For me, I have three different trousers with three different pinstripes…white, grey, and red. I have seen blue, green, and sparkly pinstripes. With this variety, you can create a multitude of looks. Also, include a variety of black jackets or cardigans. Then make sure every outfit includes a pop of color somewhere or light neutrals. Head to toe black is not flattering and, sorry girls, will age you! Besides that, you might be invited to play the witch on Halloween… coming soon. Once again, make certain all of it, flatters your body……curves are cool, so don’t hide them.

Gigi Defines her waist with a cool belt!
Black accessories are a must!


In the beginning, blogging can be a lonely venture. There are so many times I have wondered, WHY AM I DOING THIS? I was encouraged by women around me to begin and then encouraged to hang in there. But, night after night there seemed to be no blips in the stat box. Then, I watched Julie & Julia twice hoping to see something there that gave me a reason to continue on. Finally, someone invited me to join their website….then said that the blog wasn’t going in the direction they wanted for their site. Sigh! So,  I came close three times to deleting the whole thing…….then, a ray of sunshine arrived.  Encouragement, no matter how small, can often be that tiny drop of moisture in a dry land.

Encouragement this week was named stillredheaded…..though my name is still-dying-it-every-month….I was happy to see we had much in common and to  read this one line amidst her comments: “Truly, your blog has inspired me.” Then,bless her, she nominated me to be on her Versatile Award Winners list! I am now a regular fan of her blog as well. The requirements of the award are this:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award on the other bloggers

Here goes, Seven Things About Me:

1. I am a freelance writer and journalism teacher in a private high school.

2. I live in San Antonio and, proud to say, a born & bred Texan through and through.

3. I have three wonderful children whose names all start with “J” and I have been married to an incredible man for 26 years.

4. I love music….Beatles, Worship, Broadway, Sinatra, and a little bit country!

5. I love bookstores and coffee shops…maybe that is why I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail”

6. I love autumn and Christmas…absolutely my favorite time of year.

7. I realized seven years ago that style is important and is part of a woman’s walk with strength and dignity. I love helping women over 50!  It is now my personal art!



Still Red Headed you will never know what you have meant to me through the encouragement you gave! Bless you!

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