Go Ahead…Stick Your Neck Out!

One of my favorites from Chicos

True Confessions……I Love Big Necklaces! For me, a big, creative design in a necklace is so much fun! However, for those of you who are blessed to be smaller, a classic string of pearls may be your statement necklace.

Remember that a statement piece of jewelry should not compete for attention with the rest of your look. If you wear big necklaces, go with a beautiful stud for the earring, a smaller bracelet, a simple belt.

Now, step closer, shhhhhhh, we are going to discuss a touchy subject because it must be addressed with necklaces……our necks! There is little we can do to hide the fact that our necks scream out….ATTENTION: OLDER WOMAN! Hiding it with turtlenecks and scarves do us no favors…in fact, we will look more youthful when we open up the neckline…go figure.

Part of this walk into strength and dignity is accepting our bodies…completely…and where we are in life. Now, just to be perfectly clear, I massage the neck nightly with a great tightening cream….but I agree that I look better in a V neck, open collared shirt…and I love the statement necklaces, though they might just be calling attention to this area of my body.

If you want a fun day, hit the resale shops….they are a great place to find statement pieces of jewelry.

Next entry? Statement rings and things……

Top Left: Chicos; Top Right and Bottom Left: Stein Mart; Dana Buchman orange: Kohl’s


  1. I have all of exactly ONE statement necklace in
    my "collection." I've been working on my accessories, but find at 56 I AM self-conscious of my neck. I didn't quite realize it until I started snapping photos for my blog.

  2. Ahh yes, the lizard neck—I thought it was bad 5 years ago!!!!!No more chokers for me~

    I love to see big, artistic necklaces! I'm an earring person so I usually make a statement with that accessory. I have a larger bust, so longer necklaces drive me crazy.

    Looking forward to tomorrows post–

  3. These necklaces are amazing! I love the one from chicos. While I'm not a huge fan of Chicos clothese, their jewelry is just wonderful. I found your blog from a comment you made on Fashion over Fifty. I love it! Now, I'm just gonna have to follow you! ~Serene

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