Rings and Things

I caught Gigi off guard!

Gigi showed up at work today in this fabulous outfit. Everything about it made a statement. She found the black patent heels at MJM Designer Shoes this past weekend and she said they were only $20 and amazingly comfortable. Her statement necklace was showing just below an incredible sweater!

A great necklace hides below!

But, I digress. I promised rings and things. My absolute favorite look is a V- neck T, underneath a great fitted jacket, with a scarf and fabulous earrings. My earrings come in all sizes. I will go smaller if the other accessories are big or attention-grabbers. But, I do love a big earring every now and then. Again, it depends on the style and statement you personally desire to make. I have to remind myself to tone it down, but some of you may need to step out of your comfort zone and experience the wild side of accessories….it can be fun! I try to put together a total look every day which includes attention to detail from head to toe. But, it’s worth it!

My current favorite big statements!
This is from a Premiere Jewelry Party..
Black & White Bling!

Found this at a resale shop and
I love it!

My favorite statement studs. The antique blue ones (left) were
my mother’s. She called them moon rocks and they



  1. I've got a pair of danglies I'm breaking out next week, though you'll see, if you look, that I'm fond of "found" items.

    I need to become braver with the accessories.

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