Recently, I threw on a long Boho, military green skirt, denim jacket, and the scarf pictured to the left.  I was really surprised at the attention the scarf received…so many, young and older, were attracted to the color scheme in the scarf (which I picked up in September at Marshall’s). Someone asked me how I learned to put colors together.  In the past seven years, style shows and magazines have helped; but, honestly, I have always used art as an inspiration for color in fashion.  Sometimes I will look at works of art and suddenly see how an outfit could be put together with the same color scheme.

Last month, some of our students were asked to paticipate in a gallery showing at art360, a new gallery here in San Antonio.  When I looked at some of the pieces prepared just for this show, I saw so many potential outfit schemes.  See what you think……..


A student once asked me, HOW MANY SCARVES DO YOU HAVE?
When I look at these paintings, I think…..not enough!

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