The Neckline was Unique

As I began to rebuild my wardrobe with clothes that flattered my shape, I learned more about the retailers near where I live and work. It helps to know when they move clothes to sale racks….what day racks are filled from the Marshall’s delivery (Monday for me) ….to know that on Tuesday’s anyone over 55 can get a discount at Ross….etc. etc. So, yesterday, I knew to stop by my Stein Mart to check the sale racks. I am a “Preferred Customer” there and get coupons through the mail and email. I found an Adrienne Vittadini top on the sale rack. Adrienne Vittadini is a designer known for quality and often found at places like Nordstrom’s. The top was my favorite green and a soft, thick sweater knit; but it had a funky neckline. It had gone from $30 down to $15 and with my coupon was going to be $11.

I really think the neckline is what landed it on the sale rack because the knit and the color are so beautiful, but something inside told me that it would look great with a jacket and it was worth giving it a try. In a transition season like fall, a sleeveless layering top under a great jacket makes for a comfortable look…the days can really heat up in Texas. I’m so glad I took it home because I really like it.

This morning I had to meet a former student at La Madeleine for lunch and follow that with grocery shopping. So I put on a pair of dark denim; the sale top; a Khaki jacket; some caramel pointy toed flats and a patterned bangle with the different browns. I actually paid $2 for the earrings in a summer clearance sale at a boutique my 24 year old daughter likes. I could’ve gone without the bangle and done the leopard shoes instead, but I will save that for another day. The neckline gives the same effect as a V-neck, but was more interesting and unique. It really opened up my face. All in all, the shirt was worth the stop and the risk!

Accessories could go either way!

The fit of the knit is very flattering under a


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