Day Two: No Shopping Challenge
“Remember, man does not live on bread alone: sometimes he needs a little buttering up!” 
-John C. Maxwell
Day #2 Look!

Today is definitely a new day! Since I am currently out of “bread” the buttering up of the ladies who read this blog has been such a blessing!! Thank you all, for your encouragement and ideas! Keep them coming, please……

I feel much better today…though the autumn heat continues. As I reached for one of my many jackets , I grabbed first this navy blue, thin cardigan. I purchased the sweater at a Macy’s Red Apple Sale maybe three years ago and know I have not worn it in over a year.  For weather like today…. It feels great! Not hot at all. The pants are a casual cotton twill from Lane Bryant; the pointy toed flats from Target (again); and the green sleeveless sweater and amazing scarf are both items I have mentioned in recent posts.

To complete the look….a large bronze watch from Target; a bronze cuff from Kohl’s; bronze Stein Mart earrings; and unseen is a thin, bronze headband!!

Since this is the second day for Target shoes, I would like to tell you that I find most of their shoes very comfortable (and I am picky!); stylish, and affordable. I have three pair that I wear often…you have just seen two of them!!


Naturally, the day had its temptations.  When I opened the mail, there was an envelope announcing my upgrade in shopping status at Stein Mart..woo hoo, more coupons, private sales, perks….like offering a an ice cream cake to someone who just started a diet!!  Also, I received a mailer from Talbot’s which leads to the next WISH LIST.

WISH LIST (a gift certificate from here would be nice)

The Talbot’s mailer promoted some of the prettiest styles I have seen in a long time.  Beautiful fabrics (love cashmere), feminine details, soft colors….true strength in classy femininty.  Check out the collection at

Love the detail on these V Necks!
Femininty is so strong!

There jewelry is gorgeous!

Love those trousers!
This purse was my last official purchase!
I love it…good way
to go out!
Ahhh, Shopping, good night sweetheart!

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