Of course, right from the beginning there was a challenge. First, the coffee maker was broken! (headache coming on) Next, the forecast was 92 sizzling degrees… with high humidity. (headache growing) Warm weather in South Texas goes on and on and on for a really long time, so it’s easy to get weary of those warm weather clothes! Do I really have to wear them????  Actually,  long term forecast says: La Nina Winter, warm & Dry!

Today is also a teacher workday (without students day.) So, I chose to go with my dark denim and wear a fun jacket that I have not reached for since last May. This cotton jacket is from Chico’s and I love the artsy print and flattering seams.  All of the accessories have been purchased in the last year. In fact, Chico’s tried to sell me a complimentary bracelet stack for over $40 when I bought the jacket. At that time, I decided to go by Avenue and select a very similar silver and black stack for only $7. But, I did go for the Chico’s studs….nice touch with a statement necklace. Despite the lack of caffeine, the mirror made me smile, and I began to feel better.

Shoes: Target Ballet Slippers

   But, this budgeting thing covers many areas (not just fashion)…so I drove past two Starbuck’s knowing there was coffee at work!  Of course, when I arrived both coffee makers were not usable…one without pots, the other without coffee!

So, holding my head, I opened all of the usual emails offering coupons from my favorite retailers…. Ugh, where’s the coffee?? I had already decided to just delete them for awhile without reading….even though I may be deleting incredible savings opportunities. These sent me running from the computer to stake out a coffee location until the supplies arrived.

Bracelets only $7.00!

Once I was caffeinated….the day got better and I received many kudos on the jacket.  After work though, I had to take the freelance funds and pay off my account at Kohl’s.  Normally, that is no big deal…but, normally, if my eye catches something I like, I might be able to buy it!  Today, though, Kohl’s items will begin my first WISH LIST.  The WISH LIST will be items that if I had the money, I might purchase, but now recommend for those of you with discretionary funds…..

Today’s Wish List (I did not buy!)
Simply Vera Wang Jacket
$88 full price

Apt. Nine Sweater,
Great blue Color,
Tiny buttons on a fitted sleeve
V Neck for slimming
Sorry, bad Picture!
Vibrant Red outdoor sweater by
Chaps.  Cute, casual look
with jeans!

As I approached the scarves, I had to walk faster, but I made it out!!

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