When Life Gives You Lemons!

     Changing my style helped me to become a new more confident woman. It also helped me discover something I love: shopping. One of the comments on this blog said, “You sound like a serious shopper.” (http://fashionoverfifty.blogspot.com/) That’s putting it mildly. Treasure hunting for affordable fashion has become my hobby for the past seven years. My closest friends, my daughter, and I love a day when we can eat out and hit the stores. I do not believe I am a shopaholic, by any means, but I do enjoy the sport!

So, I write with great sadness that I must hang up the shopping shoes for a while….maybe even, a long while. My family is living the headlines….

We are paying on at least two college loans with a third coming up next fall.

My teacher’s salary (especially in private school) is a pittance

My husband was laid off over a year ago and now does contract work, so we hold our breath from contract to contract.

Yes, we have a mortgage

My 85 year old mother is currently living with us.

I have used my monthly freelance writing check to treat myself with bargains. But, it looks like those funds are needed on a larger scale.

I was really whiny at first, but now I have decided to use this blog for therapy to help me get through this difficult financial time. Beginning, Monday October 25, I am going to challenge myself to see how many different outfits I can fashion from the clothes currently in my closet. Each day must be a completely different look and I cannot buy anything…not even a $2 resale item!

I promise if I get weak and give in, I will confess. However, I plan to log all of the temptations and WISH LIST ITEMS here.  The ultimate goal is to see how far my creativity goes or how far my will power goes….which one will go first???  Every outfit, every day must be different.

So, tomorrow it begins….the NO SHOPPING CHALLENGE!

How Many Outfits Lie Within These Doors??


  1. I actually look forward to these posts! I'm sorry for the challenging times, but they do have a way of bringing out the creative qualities in a person.

    Don't forget that clothing swaps can be a free way to update one's wardrobe.

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